View Full Version : Turkeytopia Edition Patch - November 21, 2016

11-19-2016, 11:56 AM

There is a special series of objectives granting 5 gem booster boxes, an Empowered Gem box, 2 Battle Boxes, 5 Re-gemerators, a Ninth Life, and 25 Dragonite! But act quick; these only last for 2 weeks.
The Wings of Unexpected Ascension are back! Any player who has purchased anything ever can get a free pair of turkey wings in the Store. If this is not you... there will never be a better deal!
Shadow turkeys have invaded. These are now the normal invaders and can also be found in the Dragonfire Peaks. Defeat them, collect the box, and craft all new turkey themed mounts.
The Hub has been redecorated for the Turkeytopia festivities!


Language selection priority is now given to the Settings menu instead of Glyph.

Club Permissions

Zone Restrictions now applied to existing zones when terraforming.
Fix for higher-ranks not being able to modify zones whose permissions had allowed lower ranking club members to modify the zone.
Restrict ranks that can terraform to Officer and Leader.

Store Changes

Three great new Packs are now in the store. The Dark Dungeoneer, Firey Fighter, and Celestial Champion will give you style as well as power.
These packs are designed for new players, so act now if you want them because they'll be disappearing in a future patch for existing players!

Item Renames

Recipe: Tolling Bell -> renamed to Recipe: Dangling Doorbell
Recipe: Draconic Lantern -> renamed to Recipe: Dragon Lantern
Recipe: Robot Egg -> renamed to Botnik Egg
Recipe: Sweepy Shroomling -> renamed to Beddy Sweepy Shroomling
Recipe: Monitor -> renamed to NED Display
Recipe: Permafrost Tundra Snow Cube -> renamed to Permafrost Snow Cube
Roboclock Radio -> renamed to Circadian Cadencer
Techie Table Segment -> renamed to Tech Table Segment
Metal Window Frame -> renamed to Optics-Enhanced Partition

Additional Updates

Daily dragonite rewards now expire after 24 hours.
Fix copies of placeable object previews reappearing in worlds if you'd left that world while in build mode.
Removed exploit tied to a combat effect that is granted with the Candy Barbarian class gem.
Supersampling settings no longer affect projectile targeting.
Lil Pup has had his mastery removed. The Skyfire Crown has moved to the Stash Exclusive category and can now be unlocked using Super Style Stashes.
The mastery contest now gives 300 pinatas to each of the top 10 instead of 999 to top 1.
Snare VFX removed from Neon Ninja's Shadow Flip.