View Full Version : Patch Notes - Dracocolatly Day - Sept 27, 2016

Mr. E
09-23-2016, 10:45 AM
Weekly Updates

Event: From Sept 27 through Oct 3, all daily bonuses are active EVERY DAY!
Sales: From Sept 27 through Oct 10 save 66% when buying extra rows of inventory directly from the inventory UI!
Top Chaos Chest loot this week is the SS Draconic Ship!


The new dragon mount designed by community member TeeKayM, Dracocolatl, the Mellower, is now available to craft!
Players will need to locate Dracocolatl in the Candoria biome and defeat it to obtain Candorian Dragon Egg Fragments. Collect enough and you can craft this new dragon!
Be careful, Dracocolatl is a BEAST, many Trovians died to get this information.
This mount gives +5% health regeneration, +1000 maximum health and +50 magic find!


Autumn has Arrived! The Autumn Piņatas are now on the store!

New Costume Packs
Upgrade your look with 3 new cosmetic packs! (Note that if you've already collected any item in the Pack, you will not be granted another)

The Bossy Devil Look is for the demonic overlord in everyone.
The Garden Livin' Look is bugtastic and fresh from the garden.
The Soul Rancher Look... well, who doesn't sometimes want to experiment with undead soul reaping?

Community Created Content

Three new Jurassic Jungle Lairs from stedms!
New Jurassic Jungle swamp Dungeon from Screamheart!

Class Updates / Fixes

The stun part of the Dino Tamer ultimate ability, 'Dino Mount' has been changed to be weaker when used in PvP
Damage from the Neon Ninja empowered class gem ability, 'Heuristic Haxstar' should now stack correctly.
Fixed the damage reduction of the Tomb Raiser ability, 'Banshee's Boon' to correctly reduce damage by 90% (the tooltip always said 90%, but the ability was previously only reducing by 75%).
Corrected certain Revenant Class Gems descriptions to remove the incorrect statement "does not taunt". Aegis Assaulty taunts just fine, thank you very much.
Adjusted the cooldown sound for the Ice Sage's gem power.
Updated the description on the Beckon Banshee Tomb Raiser gems.
Updated the description on the Lunar Luncer ability 'Lunacy' to reflect the actual reduced damage.

Additional Updates

Added a "Collapse All"/"Expand All" button to the collections UI
Expanded space in the Marketplace for a second line for the item name
When splitting a stack of items, you can now press Enter instead of having to click Move.
The Omni Recipe item now unlocks the White Die and Black Die recipes.
In Collections, Marketplace search button now only appears on items that can be listed in the Marketplace.
The charge up attack used by the tribal humanoids in the Jurassic Jungle should now hit for much less.

Bug Fixes

The Archeoceratops should now drop the correct trophy.
Removed some invisible plants in the canopy layer of Primal Preserve.
Fixed a bug where the Dino Tamer didn't contribute to the weekly Total Power Rank contest.
Anuran Trog Chiefs should now drop the proper trophy when defeated.
The Style Surprise should now properly give styles from the Jurassic Jungle!
Fix for a crash that could happen on start up.
Corrected height placement of dungeons in metaforge. They now match the in-game dungeon height exactly.
Fixed a bug where Patron Bonuses could apply twice in some situations.
Fix bug in Character sheet where some abilities didn't display or it displayed a previous class's ability.
Fix World chat channel being assigned to wrong numbered slot after changing worlds.
Fixed a bug with the catalog generator.
Club and Officer chests now show correct text when interacted with.
Fixed a bug with the currency display on the Marketplace.
Fixed the off-center icons in the Claims UI.

Edited patch notes on 9/27 to add the new costume packs.