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07-26-2016, 08:44 PM
Ever wondered about all the fallen heroes in the mist of battle? Some stories will be remembered, others who have been forgotten amongst the ashes of the planet. One story is told as myth. When in reality it truly happened.

Chapter 1

It has been centuries since the beginning the 'Age of Dragon'. Where Dragon riding, taming and breeding were all a very common thing. Many think the Dragon co-evolved with us, them needing us, as we needed them. However, that is never the case. Before much of any records were taken they were ancient, destructive battles between Dragons and the Living. It became a common occurrence amongst Warriors & Mages slay these Dragons that defied their own way of living and going on about their very own lives. Some Warriors stood out amongst the crowd of growing 'Hunters', some with more unique power...armor...technology....Strength...Each varied amongst the crowds. One 'Hunter' stood out amongst the Warriors, One that would now be a myth, one that is now just a story. They say his shield could stop the even most ferocious dragons breath, the sharpest of claws, the most deadliest of bites. His armor was not made of just Primordial Metal Plates but also spikes that would pierce at the slightest of touches and graces.. People looked up to him as almost a god, one that would save them of these most trouble times. They were rumors...chatter amongst the farmers and city dwellers that this 'Hero' wasn't actually a Hero, No one ever saw him without his helmet off...Some say he didn't even have one attached but none dare say anything to him as it would not end in there favor. This Myth Legend was all true...Slayer of the Dragons...Hero Among Many. This unfortunate Hero had absence of a body but the Soul of any brave Hero....

Chapter 2

This Hero lived to slay many Dragons...Almost making the essential population become rare and harder to track down. The slaying of Dragons grew tiresome for him, It wasn't a sport...It wasn't in defence...They we're hiding from him. This all was about our survival, now it's all about the Dragons Survival. This is what the commoners wanted....No more dragons...Peaceful living. Our Hero grew to appreciate the Dragons...Wearing their bones as a Honor, not showing off their defeat nor showing his status in the World of Hunting. He grew fond of them...His entire mindset changed when he came across a Dragon...with no scales...no flesh...nothing to it except the bones. The Hero questioned how this was possible but knew this rare sighting has never been heard of in his time of Slaying. The Dragon didn't try and burn the very metal that was said to be upon his body, It almost looked as if it was staring into his very own soul...The Hero was glaring back at the dragon...ready to jump at any moments notice of aggression towards him from the dragon.....

Chapter 3

Q&A (These will change, depending on what is asked.)

Q1.)Where did you get the idea for this story that is going to be mutli-chaptered?

A.) Well, To be honest, I don't know where I came up with this idea for this. I grew attracted to the Bone Dragon and the way his Weapons & Looks appeared. They sparked the creativity that is somewhere inside of me....xD

Q2.) Is this all being built somewhere?

A.) All this & more could & will be built at Natures Beauty (Owned & Created by Natur3d, Me) This consists of dragons, Castles, This 'Mythical' Hero. ;)

Q3.) When can you expect more chapters to come out? We want moar!

A.) Well, I get random creativity boosts and this is what one of my boosts came out too. This Story. Most of it goes to my building and ideas but this boost came out to be a story. So I would expect more whenever another one of these boosts happen again! :D

Q4.) Is there anywhere to keep track of possible new builds or updates?

A.) Sure is! You can either check out the Club Post.
SImply by clicking me (http://forums.trovegame.com/showthread.php?105170-Natures-Beauty-Bone-Themed-Frigga-s-Fjord-Lore-Area)

Q5.) I have a bunch of constructive criticism, some things that don't seem exactly right? I don't wanna be harsh but I wanna be helpful!

A.) Well your in luck! I love to hear anyones input about the story or my builds! So feel free to say...as long as you don't crush my dreams and future! ;)