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07-22-2016, 01:26 AM
WTS superior and pristine banner. Any superior is 5k (except sniper's, it's 10k) and any pristine is 20k (except sniper's, it's 40k). Have following banners:

Sniper's Fostflake (stats: CD)
Sniper's Angrybug (stats: AS+ER)
Sniper's Radiance (stats: AS+ER)
Sniper's Radiance (stats: PD+MD)
Helping Hand's Pistols (stats: CD)
Helping Hand's Skulls (stats: CD)
Helping Hand's Frostflake (stats: PD+MD)
Tank's Frostflake (stats: CD)
Tank's Skulls (stats: PD+MD)
All-Rounder's Angrybug (stats: CD) x2
All-Rounder's Angrybug (stats: AS+ER)
All-Rounder's Skulls (stats: PD+MD)
Flag-Runner's Angrybug (stats: CD)

Sniper's Skulls (stats: CD)
Team Player's Skulls (stats: CD)
Team Player's Pistols (stats: AS+ER)
Tank's Radiance(stats: AS+ER)
All-Rounder's Skulls (stats: MH%)

Prices are not negotiated!

You can contact me either in-game (SashaX) or, if I appear to be offline, via forum (post a comment here or mail me).
I'll keep this thread updated.

07-23-2016, 03:29 AM
I'd like to purchase your Pristine Sniper's Frostflake.

I'll try to contact you in-game when I log on, or you can reach me at GuyUpInTheClouds.

07-26-2016, 09:34 AM
Just a bump.

08-01-2016, 06:35 AM
Another bump.