View Full Version : [WTT ] My 70x "Chaos Chests" for 1x "Jade Clover Journal/Tome"

07-16-2016, 09:01 PM
2 days ago the Journal was about 135kf on Market. On next day there was a Journal for 70 Chaos Chests aka 140kf. I was too late to buy it. When I had seen it an other player bought it, just as any other "flops" like Shadow Crystals for 5f each. Was too late to buy them there too.

Well, yesterday night all 12 Journals which were about 140kf had been sold. It is incredible.

Actually it starts again on 165kf and I cannot afford it, really!!

I want to trade my 75 Chaos Chests for a Jade Clover Journal within next few days.

Add me on Steam, so we can immediately trade: