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  1. PTS Bug Reports - A Helpful Template (Read Before Posting A Bug)
  2. PTS - Testing Info
  3. PTS Patch Notes - Trove Geode - May 18, 2018
  4. PTS Known Issues - Trove Geode
  5. [Feedback] Content is not enjoyable
  6. Visual Bug with the class menu and sub-classes.
  7. Bomber Royale Mode Water Exploit
  8. Quest complete bug
  9. Revenant Rework
  10. PTS Opening Text Mispelling
  11. Rings In Water
  12. Existing Arena Coins
  13. PTS Patch Notes - May 18, 2018 Part 2
  14. reliquary bug
  15. My feedback on this new update.
  16. Quest bug report
  17. Go outside Geode-Sanctuary
  18. Decorations are full of errors
  19. Crystallogy
  20. Trove/Geode/Total Mastery Leaderboards
  21. Suggestion: Dead end lairs
  22. NPC Chat bug
  23. Bronze egg pickup bug
  24. PTS Patch Notes - May 19, 2018
  25. Some small suggestions
  26. [Feedback] I actually like this.
  27. Stuck on Reliquary/Egg Adventure? Post here!
  28. [bug]
  29. bug: geode mounts not loot collectable
  30. [Suggestion] Make Shaper's Star Keys loot collect back into Titan Souls.
  31. Blue Name is To Dark?
  32. Bomber royal feedback and possible bugs
  33. some little error to need be fix
  34. [Suggestion] This update could use a few minor changes
  35. [Bug] Crystallogy mounts are tradeable
  36. Wtf?
  37. [Bug] Grappling hook can be used to fly towards a previously grappled point
  38. [Bug] Using rocket boots really close to the ground makes them not cost energy
  39. Will there be a way to start a Bomber Royale match early for testing?
  40. Geode Proyect, feed back
  41. [Feedback and Suggestions] Cave Exploration and Crystallogy
  42. [Bug] Reliquary settings reset every trip.
  43. Rarity of Cave Birds
  44. The mass feedback post
  45. [Feedback] Geode Update Tier 1-2
  46. [Feedback Thread] Revenant rework
  47. Shapers Stars Removal for Equipment Upgrades Feedback