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  1. PTS Bug Reports - A Helpful Template (Read Before Posting A Bug)
  2. PTS - Testing Info
  3. PTS Patch Notes - Into The Deep - 8/26/2019
  4. Unable to access tab 2/3/4 in personal chest
  5. Lifesteal vs Special Enemies
  6. club numbers
  7. Cannot water plants
  8. Trove Club Adventures have been improved?
  9. Bugs with store, expertise threads
  10. PTS Personal Chest tab 2,3 an 4 have to unlock after every login
  11. PTS Personal Chest tab 2,3 and 4 have to unlock after every login
  12. Timmense, the Powerful Pontoon Leviathan
  13. PTS 4th "Gem & Gear Improvement" missing in Builder's Crafting Bench
  14. Can I?
  15. Bug: Infinite Class Gem Keys
  16. Possible oversight: Fragile Tendril Torch does loot collect into old Arena Coins
  17. Small oversight on quest text for "Mine Infinium Ore"
  18. Bug: Club Quest rewards not rebalanced properly
  19. Suggestion: Seperate summoning and remove NPC Permission for clubs
  20. Light against the new leviathans - FIY
  21. lvl 10 clubs on PTS
  22. Oversight: Torches can be saved bayond their expire time
  23. leviathans
  24. BUG: /exportaccount does not work
  25. PTS Patch Notes - 8/30/2019
  26. Completing Club Adventures and crafting Clubits have a chance to spawn a Club Pinata.
  27. sticky issue with gardening "club activities"
  28. Collect Gem Boxes
  29. Geodian Protection Fund Donation crafting station?
  30. legendary npcs
  31. Is there any way to display incomming damage?
  32. BUG: Pixel does not work correctly
  33. BUG: Luminopolis Biomes can look like Neon City Biomes
  34. OVERSIGHT: Leviathan dungeons can easily be permanently locked for all players
  35. (Possible) OVERSIGHT: You can use Orign Portal Potion while fighting Leviathans
  36. OVERSIGHT: Blocks, that Leviathans can not destroy
  37. OVERSIGHT: U9 and U10 Leviathans can not attack players
  38. The Adventures Update Polish
  39. Tame egg adjustment for egg fragments?
  40. (✪ω✪) Can't complete Expertise Quest ''Complete a Geode Topside Outpost Adventure''.
  41. PTS Patch Notes - 9/05/2019
  42. Donation boxes ! keys
  43. PTS Patch Notes - 10/8/2019
  44. Devs : need something in club worlds
  45. Sigil tooltip is still wrong
  46. The idea of fighting leviathans is flawed
  47. PTS Patch Notes - 11/05/2019
  48. limited
  49. PTS Patch Notes - 11/14/2019
  50. Bug in the shop
  51. PTS Patch Notes - 11/21/2019
  52. PLS FIX /exportaccount
  53. Server not working
  54. why are the pts servers down??
  55. I can't join PTS
  56. how do i update pts