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  1. Submitting Xbox One Bug Reports
  2. transfers?
  3. Nice Beta
  4. Xbox One Purchase Issue
  5. Achievement Bug
  6. Xbox One Bugs - Known Issues
  7. Chat commands not working
  8. Marketplace item highlighting bug
  9. Shadow Hunter passive not working on Xbox One
  10. Sound Glitch
  11. Cant press Y and shoot at the same time
  12. Crafting Blocks
  13. Crafting Bug
  14. Xbox one link account bug
  15. The club is bugged
  16. Bugs :)
  17. Shadow Tower Invite Bug
  18. Club is still bugged
  19. Crafting Blocks Bug
  20. Tree inside cornerstone lot
  21. Failed Login
  22. Errors detected so far
  23. Can't remove gems
  24. Can't Build/Mine
  25. Few bugs and some feedback so far
  26. Club Management Bug
  27. Posting on Forums with Level 2 Mastery
  28. I got a code from the twitch stream and redeemed it but never got it
  29. Club commands
  30. Several Bugs i found so far, a few big ones honestly.
  31. Fishing glitch
  32. Club Map
  33. Club World PVP Portals
  34. Hub club world portals
  35. Xbox One Bugs
  36. Chaos Chest did not give loot
  37. Marketplace Bug
  38. Full inventory when really isnt
  39. Cant go anywhere but hub?
  40. Flux Disappeared From Club
  41. Re-generator destroying empowered gems.
  42. Left and right tabs on screen dimming incorrectly
  43. Crafting menus only let you craft once then stick to first item
  44. When entering pvp your stats are not normalised
  45. Unable to type in number when choosing stack size
  46. Clubs showing incorrect amount of members online
  47. Bugs I have come across
  48. Fishing Bug Prevents One from Getting Deep Sea Merthing
  49. Marketplaces interface glitches out
  50. Club Members not showing up on roster.
  51. Empowered Fire Gem Dissappeared From Inventoy
  52. Scam bug
  53. Shadow Hunter Mark Display.
  54. Bug Gem Life Points
  55. Fishing Bugs
  56. Cannot Unsocket Empowered Gen
  57. Unable to cancel fishing
  58. Cant Play
  59. Deleting gems on character
  60. Audio settings
  61. Credits removed when buying 15 day patron but not receiving it
  62. Kicked to Hub
  63. Few known bugs myself and other are having.
  64. Upgrading an item too fast crashes the game.
  65. Pirate Captain first mate going invisible.
  66. Game settings do not save.
  67. Audio bugs
  68. Random crashes
  69. Weird consistent sound ambience
  70. Trade window not functioning properly in marketplace
  71. Tomb Raiser ultimate issue Xbox One S
  72. Dragon Egg Disappeared
  73. Can not join any hub worlds.
  74. Wont load any Uber Worlds.
  75. Primordial Dragons Xbox crafting flux issue
  76. Internet shuts off randomly when I play trove.
  77. Crafting interface locks up after anything is crafted
  78. Candy Barbarian issues
  79. Trove Quest
  80. Settings will not save, work around?
  81. Azulian dragon souls.
  82. Community Chest Items Disappearing
  83. Empowered Gems Disappearing
  84. Lost Items
  85. Controller Vibration Bug (Issues)
  86. Pirate Captain Doubloon Pickup (Bug)
  87. Cannot remove socketed gems (bug?)
  88. Marketplace cannot see item descriptions! (bug)
  89. Candy Barbarian Gum Drop Issues
  90. PC and xbox link not getting any of my pc items i have
  91. Empowered Gem despawned on Xbox
  92. Class gems
  93. shadow marks
  94. Cannot equip Empowered Gems
  95. Not getting equipment higher than lvl 8
  96. Emblems
  97. Build Mode Cursor Glitch
  98. Crafting Blocks Name Glitch
  99. shadow hunter broken
  100. Uber-3 Portal glitch
  101. Community marketplace scrolling bug
  102. Dragon Glitch
  103. Crafting Bug
  104. Trove game on Xbox 1 is rotatting on its own. UNPLAYABLE!
  105. Audio messed up then goes away
  106. Losing a level 15 radiant yellow empowered gem
  107. Neon Ninja Class Gem Bug
  108. no credits or items after buying
  109. Cornerstone not loading
  110. Dying While Joining Shadow Towers
  111. update "Xbox One Open Beta Known Issues"
  112. You can only buy stuff on page 1 in the Marketplace
  113. Golden key doesn't work?
  114. inventory wipe
  115. Achievements not activating
  116. Text scrolling to the bottom when crafting
  117. While Deleting items BUG
  118. team of 5 Shadow tower out of map bug
  119. Club world not created
  120. Streamer Dream Codes :(
  121. Bugged when cancelling fishing in dungeons.
  122. mobs not appearing they been shadowmarked but are
  123. Empowered gem disappeared
  124. Pack lost.
  125. Fishing bug on trove with class change
  126. Neon Ninja Hackstar bug
  127. Queue times affecting the entire game?
  128. In a world to long, or to far from the start point.
  129. Revenant Cancel Spirit Storm Bug
  130. Save Point - Goundhog Day Revisted
  131. Shadow Towers
  132. Doesnt load portals
  133. Game Not Loading
  134. Lagging Audio?
  135. Bugged Badges
  136. Untradable Class Coin from Readded Starter Pack does NOT convert to XP Coin
  137. Mushrooms won't grow on xbox
  138. Shadow hunters passive not marking enemies on Xbox one
  139. Emblems not activating
  140. Trove is not working
  141. Can not advance tutorial portals even though i am above the power rating
  142. The Shadow hunter's passive is not working :(
  143. Audio setting not being remembered
  144. text moving while crafting.
  145. Marketplace only lets you buy from first tab.
  146. Game Crashing
  147. Club List incomplete
  148. [XBOX] Problem with the reception of my purchase
  149. Unable to fish in blocks inside cornerstone
  150. Lava Sound Bug
  151. Sky and Shadow portals disappeared after crafting
  152. Please fix shadow hunter
  153. Bug that freezes you in place.
  154. PvP is horrifically broken.
  155. All of the Pirates of the Treasure Isles vendors have Jelly Knight only
  156. Flux disappears whenever I move it or gain it
  157. Recipe to craft Azulian Dragon souls using coins is missing.
  158. Created Club World missing
  159. Chocolate fishing (Cocoa Cascade) does not work on Xbox One.
  160. Users are able to catch rare fish with the Lady of the Lady fishing rod.
  161. A list of bugs ive found so far
  162. Free store items
  163. Sound geeking out
  164. weird fisheye currently unattainable please respond
  165. Fishing
  166. Things missing after crafting
  167. Friends are offline
  168. Dragonfire sound until reload
  169. Xbox One: ALL Pirates of the Treasure Isles vendors only sell Jelly Knight
  170. Club members not on roster / world, say, guild chat only available
  171. Item Disappearing in character screen
  172. Disappearing items.
  173. Please hot fix the market
  174. Items dissappeared after crash
  175. hit detection is attrocious
  176. Lost item from chaos chest.
  177. Daily Log In Bug
  178. Move inventory items function works only sporadically or not at all
  179. Skylands Broken
  180. Player Paralysis
  181. Lost unsocked empowered gem
  182. Key Fragments Broken
  183. bug club membre
  184. Xbox Preview Program not able to connect to to game
  185. Missing class coin.
  186. Not logging in Xbox one
  187. Market needs to be foxed!!!
  188. Loot Collected Legendary Dargon after hatching.
  189. Only able to buy stuff off the first page of the market!
  190. Power rank falls suddenly within same character class
  191. @Fasti - Dropped all my money on an item your game has that doesn't work.
  192. Club Member Promotion Bug
  193. Flask bug
  194. Revenant spirit spears no damage
  195. Sound is nerve wracking!
  196. Inventory Issue: Items not being picked up
  197. Lost all unsocketed gems
  198. Screen Dims/Darkens in storage.
  199. Can not sort/move items (Y) button does not work!
  200. Credit Transaction Issue
  201. Empowered gem was deleted
  202. Fishing Rod Swap
  203. Bot xbox one club world!!!???
  204. Stinging Curse Empower Gem Issues
  205. Random Sound Issues
  206. Hours of Game Play Lost
  207. Prefect Penguin not so Perfect
  208. Problem with gardening. Sponges are broken.
  209. Inventory Being Deleted After Relog
  210. Bought gem sampler pack, didn't get tome
  211. Water looks like garbage?
  212. Mastery Bug?
  213. Lunar souls, Titan souls are PURCHASABLE ON MARKETPLACE
  214. Chaos chest still tradable, so are souls and patron is now untradeable
  215. Dragon Crucible - Can't use Dragon Souls
  216. Mecha-Dracolyte Costume Audio Still Broken
  217. Item Style List Duplicated
  218. Persisting lava sound bug still not fixed, despite trion acknowledging it months ago
  219. Emblem Issue
  220. Unable to collect materials
  221. "you need a lure to fish" error when not fishing
  222. Opening chests, loot disapears
  223. Bugged Contest Leaderboards, Command issues and cornerstone lag
  224. Fps issues on login
  225. Boomeranger Boomerang Return
  226. Unable to join
  227. Can not make dragon souls
  228. Problem moving items to inventory. Probably a known issue.
  229. Minor/major issues post release. Any issues of your own? Post below.
  230. Lost my class coin
  231. cant terraform since proper launch
  232. /clearcornerstone broken!!
  233. market can't claim my sell
  234. Dragon Coins and golden souls are invisible im my chest
  235. Bought the fiery fighter pack received nothing
  236. I have found a bug
  237. invintory dragon soul error
  238. missing purchesd cherectors
  239. Failed to Connect
  240. Club Card Vanished, Club didn't Create!!!
  241. Class PR contests
  242. Ultimate Ability cooldown
  243. Button Input Not Working Correctly - With Video
  244. Unable to join Sky Realm
  245. Huge issue!!!!! Needs fixing
  246. Connection issue
  247. sky realm bug
  248. Shadow Tower Connectivity Problems
  249. Portal bug found.
  250. Cant Sell&target pentas