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  1. Submitting PS4 Bug Reports
  2. no game
  3. So hyped for Trove in PS4!!!
  4. cant play
  5. PS4 Known Issues
  6. Starter Pack not giving patron!
  7. Feedback for Beta - UI Scaling?
  8. Game Crash
  9. Trophies not working?
  10. EU Trove
  11. Shadowhunter Passive Not working
  12. PS4 collector
  13. Playstation 4 Dragon crucible menu bugged
  14. Forge glitch
  15. PS4 Store Glitch
  16. PS4 servers down?
  17. Trove Join Friends Report.
  18. linked account
  19. PS4 Build Mode HUD Glitch
  20. No Trove in the PSN Store
  21. [Bug] Empty Club List
  22. Loot Collector Issue
  23. Club bug?
  24. Chloromancer troubles
  25. Problems
  26. Can't fish in adventure worlds.
  27. Craft UI text scrolls dowward
  28. The Great Fishing conspiracy!!!!
  29. Bugged friends list (ps4)
  30. Keyboard Bug
  31. Major Framerate issues
  32. Trove Install missing after another crash
  33. Error code CE-34878-0
  34. Game crashes when anyone tried to enter our club (8 bit) including members.
  35. Trove PS4 edition : Market Bug :
  36. Trove PS4 edition : Loot Collector Bug :
  37. Trove PS4 edition : Teleporting Bug :
  38. Store crashing game
  39. Tutorial quest line stuck; Go Shopping
  40. The "Gather 3 Trovians at this location" Dungeon doesn't work!
  41. Dec. 19 2016 Club bug
  42. Fixed Visual Bugs My *** (With proof)
  43. I got kicked out my own club
  44. PvP God Mode exploit
  45. Not a bug - PS4 players cannot submit issues on this forum.
  46. Crafting an item from any crafting station causes menu issue.
  47. Cannot scroll the chat box to see older entries.
  48. Re-gemerator not working
  49. Game Breaking PS4 Glitch.
  50. PS4 Empowered gem Bug
  51. [PS4] Bugs List as of 19/12/16
  52. Very small but annoying bugs
  53. Very small but annoying bugs
  54. Club World Roster BUGGED
  55. Kicked off joining club world. Now unable to re-enter game after 6 hours still
  56. Trove Store Issues with Purchasing [PS4]
  57. Dying while moving in a direction causes the character to move by itself upon respawn
  58. Trying to buy an item with insufficient funds causes the text "SOLD" to appear
  59. Unable to fish in club world
  60. Accents or special characters are not supported
  61. Min/Max amount button prompt doesnt show in UI when splitting or moving a stack.
  62. Contests tab is not showing any contests, or contests are not working.
  63. There are no emotes in the Emotes menu.
  64. Pressing R1 and X together when trying to move an item leads to multiple issues
  65. The scroll button prompt on Store items is incorrect or there is no function to it.
  66. Shadow hunter is passiveless
  67. Wont log in!
  68. Marketplace glitch cant buy anything
  69. Not really a bug but a slight oversight
  70. Mouse not working
  71. Ps4 ignore list
  72. Loot Pick Up/Fishing
  73. "failed to connect session"
  74. Whats Troves Chat char limit [PS4]
  75. Profanity filter is broken
  76. Shadow Hunter bug. No shadow marks
  77. World login finished
  78. Um... I don't have something in just made
  79. Bought $19.99 credits and got nothing wow
  80. Refer a Friend Bug (Maybe)
  81. Need dev confirmation on issue: Cornerstones being wiped.
  82. Loot collector/crafting broken.
  83. Day 2 still didnt recieve my $19.99 credits
  84. Club Island Graphical Bug
  85. PS4 Trove Freezing
  86. possible duplication glitch
  87. cant login.patron being wasted
  88. Fishing then trying to go through portal
  89. Crashing is conflicting with patron time.
  90. Graphical or Geometry visual glitches
  91. bugs that I have found.
  92. Stuck at "AS: Login" screen
  93. Heart o Phone BS Spam
  94. Club Spotlight Bugged.
  95. Clubs crashing game when entered.(PS4)
  96. Gem unsocket bug
  97. Stuck at title screen, refuses to load the world
  98. Unable to login on my main account.
  99. Various Bugs/Glitches I've Experienced
  100. invisible block outlines staying around everywhere
  101. Have to delete and re add friend to join them
  102. Consistent Crashing
  103. Particle Effects Dropping
  104. Trion please help get my stellar gems back...
  105. Unable to log in
  106. cannot socket 3rd empowered gem
  107. Club bug
  108. Wrost Bugs YET!!
  109. Cant access club
  110. Cannot Fish in Flowing Liquids
  111. Unable TO LOG IN
  112. Help plz i want to play this game
  113. Im BLEW
  114. Im BLEW
  115. Marketplace can't select item to purchase
  116. PS4 Marketplace Glitch
  117. Shadow Hunter Passive isnt working
  118. Need support help!
  119. Travel to club then crash. Now I can't login to my PS4 Trove account!
  120. XP boosts on PS4 are broken
  121. Magic find not working
  122. haven't received my credits twice
  123. Bug for ShadowHunter players PLEASE FIX
  124. Ps4 bug report, hourly quest problem
  125. 2nd time losing a gem....
  126. Can't Access Club World
  127. Failed to join session?
  128. Starlight Dragon problem
  129. Treasure Isle Terraformer Bug
  130. Yay another bug! Gg
  131. Socket gem bug
  132. Can't socket Empowered Gem I just bought in a pack from Store!!!
  133. Emblems not working
  134. Ps4: some friends not showing up online
  135. Club World Battle Arenas Broken
  136. Patch broke everything.
  137. FPS Loss after update.
  138. Marketplace still bugged.
  139. Club Roster (No members showing up)
  140. Shadow Hunter's Shadowmark
  141. Fire damage from lava causes the sound effect to play continuously.
  142. Revenant's Spirit Spears ability does not work
  143. PS Vita Remote Play Control
  144. market
  145. My user name is on playstation is K802iT
  146. Cornerstone won't load
  147. Switching classes in PvP will increase your health and damage exponentially
  148. Golden Keys and Chests
  149. Refer-a-friend
  150. Empowered water gem slot broken on my Shadow Hunter
  151. Lost a radiant Empowered gem
  152. Minor terraforming bug
  153. I'm unable to fish in flowing liquid.
  154. Market
  155. FPS Issues
  156. Marketplace
  157. bought items in marketplace lost the flux didnt get the items
  158. Because of laggy servers my flux is gone.
  159. Trove market taking flux with out giving me the items
  160. please can i help me i have the LSreceived login response in ps4
  161. Failed to join session
  162. Dear Devs fishing bug console ps4 eu
  163. 'Free' extra market slots?
  164. Chloromancer Ult misfire
  165. Crashing when releasing to revive.
  166. Bugs on PS4
  167. Multiple purchases on the PS store
  168. Shadow hunter trap bug, or Enemy ui bug?
  169. Gema bugada
  170. Bugged Gem
  171. world login finish
  172. Bug ps4
  173. Cornerstone Completely Cleaned out
  174. Can't get anymore class gems
  175. Marketplace buying bug
  176. Neon Ninja Shadow Flip visual bug
  177. Canadian store prices at the euro
  178. Neon Ninja (FIX)?
  179. My Stellar Empowered Gems Are Gone
  180. Used a class coin and didn't get the class.....
  181. I lost my 5 star and 8 pearl Stellar hat after going through a portal.
  182. Tutorial kinda bugged
  183. Gem missing
  184. Give me refund!!
  185. Club World Login Finished Bug
  186. Joining wont work
  187. Pr from dragons not applying properly
  188. login bug
  189. Opening map in club world, snow biomes laggy
  190. cant buy a a pack of the PS Store
  191. Torch Sound Effect Remains / Replaces Biome Environmental Sound
  192. Lunar Lancer Standard Attack / Sweeping Attack Does No Damage
  193. Trove and friends portal bug
  194. Did not recieve patron
  195. Empowered gem bugs
  196. Gem missing
  197. Massive lag -- game unable to load worlds
  198. Crash trying to enter club
  199. Unusual Club world bug
  200. Mecha-Dracolyte costume freezing my game...
  201. Shadow Tag
  202. Boomer bomb bug
  203. Dracolyte ultimate bug
  204. Health pots won't work.
  205. Item quality bug
  206. Bugs and problems.
  207. Club & Chat Bugs
  208. Five heart portals of the starting hub monopolized by the same club
  209. Flux is vanishing and I can not buy things in the market place with glim!
  210. Shadow Hunter Ultimate Broken
  211. After launch marketplace bug
  212. Mastery Leaderboards
  213. Class Coin Bug
  214. New Shadow Mark Bug
  215. Gem enthusiast pack. No tome
  216. Unable to collect from Marketplace
  217. /joinme is broken
  218. Complete PS4 freeze requiring unplug
  219. No one can build in my club world.
  220. Cant place my cornerstone anywhere....
  221. PvP Que Bug
  222. Lost penta forged shadow souls
  223. Not able to trade a tradable item
  224. First login failed
  225. Club World Trap + Error
  226. PlaystationŽStore pack 3250 and Flux! does not work
  227. Inventory transfer between pages
  228. Trove Mastery leaderboard hotfix
  229. Mastery leaderboard
  230. Mastery Leaderboards Bug Report
  231. Shadow tower won't Reset
  232. Decoration recipe bug
  233. Class contest
  234. Insane lag on raining
  235. Can'i join to the server
  236. Double dragon pack not added to my account
  237. club not loading
  238. Frequent crashing with the hourly store deal refresh.
  239. Neon Ninja class gem bug
  240. Double dragon pack
  241. Unable to join session?
  242. New Inventory not letting me sell pentas
  243. pack
  244. Dracolyte - Ultimate Timer triggering on entry into Shadow Tower levels
  245. Trying to get into sky realm
  246. Issue Joining Friends In-Game
  247. Failed to join session
  248. INVENTORY BUGGING OUT! EU Trove - IGN: YSL_Thuggies
  249. cannot enter the game!!!
  250. The /joinme command