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  1. Crash crash crashiecrash, hardcrash, hardcrash, crash crash crash.
  2. Crash when I login
  3. Club World - Weird Immortal Rock Glitch in Club World
  4. BUG REPORT: Radiant Shards misrepresented as Radiant Sovereigns
  5. Signs glitching out
  6. Hot break Nov 28
  7. Market Daily Bonus from Travelling Club Merhant Fixture never resets
  8. Club tags
  9. Club pr leaderboard
  10. Bug Report: Lunar Lancer Transformation Glitch
  11. Hard freezing my console
  12. Tutorial Trophy is glitched.
  13. clubworld signs bug.
  14. Experience Cap and what you should know...
  15. Bug name clubs not resolve trove
  16. Portal Bug [Effects All Drowned Portals]
  17. Primary club removed after this mornings patch
  18. bug graphique sur ps4
  19. Can't sell move or trade steed feed.
  20. Workbench Sign Bug
  21. Options Menu Bug (Leaderboard "Stats" Tab)
  22. Options Menu Bug: Add On (Favorites Tab)
  23. Texturs and model glitching and mutating
  24. Golden ticket chests karma not working!
  25. Shadow portals ! [ps4]
  26. /zonerestrict basic not working
  27. Crafting bench syncronization off
  28. Stuck in bug
  29. Let’s just say the whole game is broken.
  30. Club bugs
  31. Can't sell certain things in the marketplace
  32. Cannot Invite Hyphenated Users to Club
  33. Ps4 new inventory bug
  34. bug that crashes the game any time i join any world
  35. Frame Bug
  36. My flux Wont trade
  37. Chest/Inventory Bug
  38. Cannot sell on marketplace
  39. can't resell an item
  40. Purchases not being delivered
  41. PVP Power Up Glitch
  42. Pack Brumalia
  43. cant log on trove and i keep getting timed out, pls fix your crappy servers
  44. Freeze crash during first tutorial, monsters vanish and break the quest.
  45. Issues with loot pool
  46. Sold somthing in marketplace
  47. Multiple issues with abilities, loading, and game crashing
  48. Obtaining 100 neon dragon souls and can not retrieve spirit of lambent badge.
  49. Abilities that activate cool down but not actually activate
  50. Bosses and enemies teleport to and from me
  51. I purchased credits but did not receive them please help.
  52. Losing my flux and my egg fragments
  53. Fixture glitch
  54. Consecutive days max
  55. Game crashed as i put my flux in trading deal then restarted and all flux was gone
  56. I can not join my friends
  57. Bug - Club Names Below Players in the Game
  58. Stuck in world log-in when I try to enter in a clubworld
  59. XXX Boys: No member can enter club for last 2 days
  60. Trove Free Item Glitch
  61. Signs wont return to inventory when destroyed
  62. Club spawn is malfunctioning
  63. Cannot see club names under anyones name
  64. Sudden drop reduction
  65. Droped loot levels
  66. Cannot Place new Fixtures
  67. weird inventory bug
  68. Items Not going through
  69. Club issues
  70. Deals tab and free class key
  71. New drop reduction issue
  72. Day bonus bug
  73. Club Fixture Broken
  74. Knight Ultimate Broken
  75. the dragon for linking your account
  76. Trophy bug?
  77. I cant join my friend session. He is onlinr and at me is saying he is not but he is
  78. Unable to list glacial shards on marketplace.
  79. New Player Rewards did not change at reset.
  80. Laevantis W-4 Not in Playstation Store
  81. Error with new deal
  82. I can't sell specific things in the marketplace
  83. Club Name is not showing under player name
  84. Please fix it
  85. Flux glitch
  86. Ps4 Crash Hotfix
  87. Magic find not working proprerly.
  88. Did not recieve all items in Twitch Prime Pack.
  89. PS4 Error Code CE-34878-0
  90. Golden chaos chest
  91. Bug deleting previous build (gamebreaking for builders like me)
  92. Severely reduced drops resurfaced
  93. Won't load a club world
  94. Can't use starting Credit
  95. my ps4 frezes when i load into the game plz fix
  96. Cannot purchase the Botanical Blaster pack in Store.
  97. Club xp progress can be seen only for primary club
  98. Trove - Bug report: can't sell items in the market place
  99. Club bonuses not working properly again
  100. Rally of Heroes Bugged
  101. Rally of heros bugged after accidental delete.
  102. Login bug
  103. Marketplace rip off
  104. Missing marketplace items
  105. Issue with power solitaire ring
  106. Various bugs with new update
  107. Too mush bug on ps4 -_-
  108. cant invite people on ps4
  109. Errors Galore
  110. Bugs A Plenty Since Hero`s Update
  111. PS4 Graphics Issues - Updated 4/11/2018
  112. Update TRASHED Trove!
  113. Bugs at trove since heros update
  114. Graphic Glitches After Hero's Patch.
  115. Game freezes and crashes when I look at the Greater Neon Caches
  116. Game crash very often
  117. Van r2 main attack
  118. Beacon placement is backwards
  119. Textures glitches and constantly crashing.
  120. Glitches, freezing game,attlas lag
  121. Trove Heroes bugs
  122. Graphical Bug
  123. Textures glitches w/ a link to a video.
  124. Why this Freeze game or Lag game?
  125. Unplayable
  126. Crashes, Graphical Errors, Glitchy/Laggy
  127. Same issues as everyone else. Graphics and server lag
  128. The New Neon City, stinks!!!!!
  129. Ps4 graphical issues
  130. Vang breaking clubs
  131. 2 big bugs!
  132. Adventure npc problem and invite glitched
  133. Game broke
  134. Problems
  135. I've got so so so so much lag 😴
  137. Can't place orange illumination station in cornerstone
  138. This game needs improvement
  139. Seriously trove, Fix your ****.
  140. Inviting does not work anymore
  141. Vanguardian breaks game
  142. St souls bugged
  143. Cryptocurrency Crafting Not at Resitor Workbench
  144. All of the Bugs and New Ideas I've Come Across
  145. PS4 Invite Issues
  146. Glyph support page broken?
  147. no glittery boxes?
  148. What happens to PS4 crash reports?
  149. Double Exp Potion Bug
  150. Can't login
  151. Broken chest drops
  152. Adventurine bonus broken
  153. Trove inventory bug
  154. Can't login eu server
  155. Broken store? Items in inventory when not bought?
  156. Bug gem’s class key
  157. Character And Mount Graphical Bugs On Trove PS4 ):
  158. My gem’s class was disapeard when I open the class gem’s chest
  159. bugs ive noticed
  160. The game is Crashing a lot.
  161. Connection Timed Out - Error
  162. Items not being recognized
  163. Monday double key fragment drop isn't working.
  164. Not recieved crafted mount
  165. Spring Sale not applied to Mega Mengaire 29.99 pack
  166. Spring sale bug
  167. Bugs on PS4 I have noticed before and after the update
  168. Credits & Items Granted Bug
  169. Next Fix Invites
  170. Severs still down?
  171. Recent duplication glitch
  172. To much credits taken away after fix
  173. Screwed out of a Shadow Tower Vault (Fix Lunar Lancer bug)
  174. Failed to connect to authentication server
  175. Enchanted wood unsellable
  176. Club quest not working
  177. landscrapper 8000t not working
  178. Club rename bug
  179. Can't enter worlds
  180. Ps4 error trading post.
  181. Unable to invite/join
  182. Club world problem
  183. Lapis luckbug not preventing the cracking
  184. Crashing in Store
  185. Invites still broken
  186. Graphic glitch when moving items
  187. Bug item
  188. dungeons not rewarding gemboxes
  189. battle arena leaderboards not counting
  190. Bug al craftear cosas
  191. Bug with Amperium Attack
  192. No Lustrous Gem Box
  193. @Fasti Blocky Bonus explaination
  194. Lost item
  195. In game style bug
  196. An update isn't available is it?
  197. Item bugged
  198. For those who cannot move or delete items
  199. marketplace bug
  200. Certain World Boss can break through the bottom of world.
  201. Daily Star Bar Error
  202. Crashing/freeezing
  203. neon city has so less recipe dungeons
  204. Ps4 club spawn bug
  205. Weekly rewards from leaderboards not awarded
  206. New Helicopter Mount
  207. Iggy Usage
  208. Club quest givers not showing when sleeping
  209. My fishing pole changed from candy to magma
  210. organic block peaceful dirt
  211. Shadow tower glitch
  212. mon niveau de combat est de 10 mais je n'ai rien reçu
  213. Two annoying bugs
  214. Trovian Triple Ace
  215. Dragon coin disappear
  216. New Heli Mount Movement and flying speed problems
  217. Can’t sell/trade pearls of wisdom
  218. Stole my money!!!
  219. Two bugs
  220. Failed to connect to auth server... AGAIN
  221. Marketplace bug
  222. Problème pour jouer entre amis
  223. Bug fragments of dragon
  224. Graphical Glitches
  225. impossible to get "glorious gladiator" trophy now.
  226. Glitched Golden Souls?
  227. New Beaucoup Bombs trophy not rewarded
  228. Failed Auth Server
  229. Empowered Gem not equiping...
  230. Dragon Coins Dissappearing
  231. Revenant bug with daughter of the moon normal
  232. Geode quest
  233. Lesser crystal cache's
  234. Personal chest broken
  235. Geode Crafting Bench Freeze
  236. Bugs caused by the “Hotbreak”
  237. Cant get battle xp
  238. Can't obtain certain items from chest
  239. I can’t sell my credit pouches that I bought yesterday on the market
  240. Stuck in geode when server disconnects (PS4)
  241. Credits and cubits missing, and store tabs not loading
  242. Can't do the quest "Go shopping"
  243. Problem with erased data in a period of time
  244. I accidentally deleted something for the geode quest
  245. NA Sever companion eggs in caves.
  246. Wide server crash!
  247. Waiting for Session
  248. Unable to login
  249. Can't log in
  250. Game keeps crashing on me!