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  1. Gem boxes are opening annoyingly slow since release patch
  2. Lunar Lancer Issues Ive noticed
  3. Failed to join session
  4. Purchase not received
  5. Black map bug
  6. World not found?
  7. Ps4 double dragon pack
  8. Bug with empowered Gem
  9. ps4 cant unlink bug trove
  10. fishing rod glitch + /help command error
  11. Locked out, again. Rediculous.
  12. Playing friends from different countries not aloud?
  13. Dreaded 0 damage revenant attack
  14. Need help geting my stellar back
  15. Devs, We need answers. Post here Everyone
  16. Received login response.
  17. Gems
  18. Glitched items inventory
  19. Stability Patch?
  20. /Joinme command hasnt been working for awhile now
  21. Low fps since update to fix crashing
  22. Not being able to scroll chat
  23. Cannot Use Pearls of Wisdom
  24. Still incredibly nerfed Loot pool
  25. Permafrost recipes not showing?
  26. Can't i buy from store
  27. Club Glitch (MUST FIX RIGHT AWAY)
  28. 3 Bugs I've Found
  29. Pirate captain battle trophies?
  30. Glitches inventory?
  31. Patron Error
  32. Connection failed U8 U9...
  33. PS4 Server Connection Failed. -Lost Items-
  34. contest bug
  35. PS4 Trove isnt working
  36. Empowered Gem Bug
  37. Fallo de entrar a club y no poder volver a entrar al juego
  38. Ps4 marketplace bug
  39. Free gem dust boxes
  40. Weird bug in club world after terraforming (PS4)
  41. Crashed During Forging
  42. Can still hear Lava Sound after getting set on fire and moving away from it
  43. Bugs and problems.
  44. Can't log in
  45. Log in issues
  46. Glitch buying items and not giving what it says it would
  47. Log in failure
  48. I can't even log into the game...
  49. Game breaking bug!!! Plz read and fix this asap!!!!!
  50. Can't get Shadow key fragments.
  51. Help Devs Gm Help
  52. Culb world
  53. Log in freezing
  54. Dude again!?!? This needs fixed i need compensation with flux, send it in the claiims
  55. Are referrals fixed/implemented yet?
  56. Knight Bug?
  57. Losing all your cubits!
  58. Class coin didn't work
  59. Bug makes Game Unplayable
  60. Chaos Factor Coin Not Received.
  62. Bulldozer Bug
  63. Issue while entering Sky portal..
  64. Crashing and Framerate issues on PS4 (non-pro)
  65. I found a volcane biome in the hub
  66. Timeout Linking new account
  67. Plz fix this soon
  68. Crashes
  69. Tomb Raiser Bug
  70. Can't log in club world for pass week now and idk what to do someone plz help me
  71. Deleted Stellar Hat
  72. i didnt receive my mastery item
  73. Penta forged shadow soul
  74. Plz fix this soon
  75. Can't sell items in the marketplace
  76. Radiant Cache Reward Missing.
  77. Empowered Gem Boxes
  78. sky realm
  79. Broken pearls
  80. Revenant spirit spears dont work
  81. Trove Account Creation Security and Validation Concerns
  82. Class Gem Key Missing
  83. Consecutive Days Broken!!
  84. club world map bug
  85. Club world rollback
  86. Ps4 crashes - 2 kinds
  87. Newest update made lag worse than ever before on ps4
  88. Trove Bug won't let me socket My Empowered Water Gem
  89. Penta souls bugged cant sell trade NOTHING
  90. Help me huge game error
  91. Weekly bonus is screwy.
  92. Trove PS4 servers
  93. I cant log into trove on my PS4
  94. 2 bugged Marketplace claims still buggy..
  95. Item bug needs to be fixed bad.
  96. Lag freeze bug
  97. Received login response 04/06/2017
  98. Login Timeout when Attempting to use existing Trove Account
  99. Loading image fits Display Area and not resolution.
  100. Club world to world login: finished
  101. My banner is gone...
  102. Can't sell shapestone
  103. Ps4 Crash
  104. Contest error (not showing up)
  105. Auth Server Broken
  106. Servers down
  107. CANT PLAY ON PS4 help plz
  108. Can't craft Palashien Mount
  109. Cant sell
  110. Cant log in. "Failed to join session"
  111. Ps4 dino event reward bug
  112. Bug took my stuff!!
  113. The game took my money didnt give my credits, and now my cubits are gone to wth
  114. Class coins desconstrucinting
  115. Ce-34878-0 error
  116. Club failure / delete
  117. PS4 extreme lag (on a pro even) in specific area in club.
  118. Cornerstone not loading
  119. Didnt receive class gem key for weekly class rank
  120. Dino Tamer bug
  121. my patron pass is finished before reset
  122. Blackscreen/class key gone
  123. Trove ps4 cant places radiant souls on market place
  124. Still getting crashes
  125. Regeminators being consumed without warning
  126. My Cornerstone items are gone!
  127. MIni-game bug
  128. Help my market place items got deleted and are no where to be found
  129. Fulguras is all sorts of messed up
  130. Not receiving re-gemerators
  131. "Failed to join session" Lockout error
  132. Cant place items on marketplace it's bugged out!!!!!
  133. Stuck at World: Login Finished
  134. Didnt receive credits
  135. Royal Ranger costume bug
  136. Lost Connection to game server when entering hub
  137. Weekly deal not showing up
  138. Cant join a friend
  139. Xp potion is bugged
  140. It's been months and the chaos chests I sold a dragon tiger for are still glitched
  141. Can't post items in marketplace, can't socket an empowered air gem on Dracolyte.
  142. I deleted a relic but it deleted my radiant instead someone pls help
  143. Premium Collectables uncraftable in the Chaos Core Crafter.Cuz of flux, says 15k. PS4
  144. Purifying Dragon Flames
  145. Inventory bug
  146. Meteorite fragment glitch
  147. Cant do anything with my golden souls
  148. Player movement continues in menus
  149. Doubler tout vos cubits et patron day
  150. Club Crashing
  151. Trying to do something with robotic salvage: Just goes to flux
  152. Linking Alt Accounts on ps4 Crashed my game WTF??!!?
  153. Crashing
  154. World Loading
  155. Can't access to club world
  156. Cant enter glitch
  157. Marketplace trouble
  158. A bug with a sale auction house chest
  159. A bug with aura
  160. Unable to Sell Radiant Souls on MP
  161. Log in bug
  162. The Gathering Light quest chain 7/9 Bug
  163. Wings of wizardry glitch
  164. Cornestorn?
  165. <PS4> Revenant: Guardian Golem Costume Crashes
  166. PS4 system lagg from trove crash
  167. Log in bug
  168. Club bugged by a 'rest-mode jerk'
  169. <PS4> Trouble With Yellowy Orange
  170. A SOLO FIX for the club world bug =)
  171. I Got Hacked
  172. When I tried joining a club that didn't exist
  173. Credits and Deals tab not showing up at store
  174. [BIG PROBLEM] Flask Death-Defying Vial disabled emblems
  175. [Collections Reward] Social Badges - Gold Badge: 25 Friends Added do not get
  176. Login Lockout
  177. Bugged Club world crash when haresting
  178. Item bug for marketplace trade post and chest
  179. Crashing and hubbed
  180. Missing million in items
  181. Can't sell pearls in marketplace ps4
  182. So many issues....
  183. Shadow Lobby Bug
  184. Darknik dreadnaught crash bug-ish
  185. bugs on trove
  186. ST Crash/Freeze on Dreadnought
  187. Crafted a class and its still a trail
  188. Dreadnought
  189. Dreadnaught
  190. Connection problem to authentication servers
  191. <PS4> Biome Recipe Items not Crafting
  192. Trove crashed after buy something
  193. Unable to send report after darknik dreadnought freeze
  194. Hangups when changing worlds
  195. Patron
  196. xp pvp 48xp ....
  197. Coin reward D coins
  198. Uber 9 prime world not dropping gem boxes?
  199. Loging in bug
  200. Glim "glitch" (patch this fast)
  201. Loging in bug
  202. Patch the glim glitch already
  203. Meteor Chase Rewards
  204. Attacks doing no damage?
  205. ST chat not working in respawn
  206. Bug - Connection to Trove Server
  207. Help
  208. Some trophies don't drop
  209. Account problems after crash, and buggy support website
  210. Can't sell my shapestone
  211. 30 deal
  212. Troubles in the marketplace
  213. 2/10 on the this weeks quest
  214. Bug in "Find rhe source of their power
  215. Keep crashng every 10 minutes
  216. Gunslinger main attack bug(?
  217. PS4 Hard Freeze
  218. Constantly lagging and crashing
  219. Trove - blue screened of death my ps4???
  220. Constant rubber banding and lag.
  221. Did not receive mount Sabaddar mount on PS4
  222. Lost my cornerstone. Was replaced with a random tree on an empty plot.
  223. Shadow Tower POrtal Fail Disconect Crash Kicked back to hub
  224. Can't Sell, Trade, or Move Steed Feed
  225. Cornerstone disapeared Whate to do
  226. Bugged Store
  227. no leaderboards claims
  228. Cornerstone gone
  229. Cornerstone reset for no reason !
  230. Gourdzilla pack sale & the Free Musical mount
  231. can not place certain items in marketplace
  232. Missing mounts
  233. No rewards after Racing challenges
  234. Crash right when you start the game (100% tested)
  235. Wing Issue
  236. CE-34878-0 every hour
  237. Chaos Crafter Issue
  238. Buenas Ancient Scale
  239. Leaderboard bugged.
  240. Not Recieving Adventurine from Quests
  241. Primary club glitch
  242. Club Roster Numbers Incorrect?
  243. Consecutive days logged in days tracker
  244. Glitch where some beta players did not receive the free Dragon (Stellar Rings Update)
  245. Ps4 primary club isssue
  246. Entire Game Break
  247. Club bomb permission
  248. No reward from dungeon chest
  249. Cannot remove rally of heroes even though I do not have any heroes.
  250. Club donations not showing up