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  1. Welcome!
  2. Trove Xbox
  3. No xbox version
  4. When will we be able to download Trove (EU)
  5. Can't connect?
  6. Trove for Europe download???
  7. Nice Beta
  8. I didnt get my credits
  9. beta character loss?
  10. Trove Nation - Xbox One Club
  11. Did not get my patron
  12. Performance
  13. Console Club World Zones & Permissions
  14. Question about fishing?
  15. Will there be any way for linking accounts from PC to console?
  16. Xbox Starter Pack - Items Delayed
  17. Trove In Chile??
  18. Pls trove in chile pls
  19. Very laggy
  20. Badge bug
  21. Suggestion
  22. Region Lock. cant purchase game packs for Beta dragon
  23. Will we be able to transfer PC items and characters?
  24. Please make a Trove forum app
  25. LB/RB feels backwards
  26. Can't remove socketed gems
  27. Some stuff
  28. Gem maniac pack
  29. Club Management Bug
  30. Xbox Achievements not registering
  31. UPDATED - Xbox One - Delayed Purchase Delivery
  32. Does the beta Dragon come to pc?
  33. Stacking and Unstacking on Xbox One
  34. How do i claim twitch reward on xbox?
  35. Farming Group in Ubers and Shadow Tower
  36. Fishing inside CS from face flow
  37. Cant buy stuff properly on market
  38. Error purchase
  39. Updating Your Posts
  40. Console bugs
  41. Screen Scroll Out + How Do I Create Club? I Forgot.
  42. Qubesly soultrap dissapeared?!
  43. Can't unsocket gems
  44. Mexico
  45. Xbox : revenant RB skill
  46. Xbox Suggestion
  47. When the French version on console ( A quand la version francais sur console )
  48. Question's About The End of Xbox Beta
  49. Why does it keep saying maintence
  50. Cant login at all right now???
  51. in-game chat bug?
  52. Can I use my pc account on Xbox 1
  53. The game is droping frames?
  54. Dark Whisper Bug
  55. Suggestions for xbox and PS4
  56. Club Asablod - swedish!
  57. Region lock until beta end?
  58. Beta not available anymore?
  59. Get dragon Beta
  60. Contests?
  61. Patron suggestion
  62. Maintrance?
  63. Cant buy credits in the Mexican store
  64. Can't upgrade my ringcrafting skill
  65. Failed to get as authentication token?
  66. Club Member List
  67. Other Bugs and Issues
  68. Pirate that Sales Pearls???
  69. Can you invite players from public chat?
  70. Golden Key
  71. Trove Frequently Asked Questions - Read this before posting
  72. How Do I Get My Carpet?
  73. Probably Another Emblem Thread
  74. Xbox One Lost Chaos Chest They Disappeared
  75. Xbox live gold
  76. Will EXTRA LIFE pack be available on XBOX in the future?
  77. Magic Find. Does it do anything on xbox?
  78. Awful Connection Lag and Disconnecting
  79. What version is Trove running compared to pc?
  80. Unsocket gem
  81. Field of View Slider please!
  82. Lack of information for the player? Xbox One.
  83. Forming parties in PVE and espesially PVP
  84. Top right corner
  85. Customize your HUD.
  86. Moving items
  87. Dino tamer?
  88. Planned update list? Does it exist?
  89. How to remove restrictions
  90. Dragon Egg Disappeared
  91. PC Rift and referral to make it to xbox one?
  92. Nothing from starter pack
  93. When are xbox players planed to get pc updates
  94. Will developers add chat admins or game master's to xbox1?
  95. Forum access?
  96. Xbox One Epic Builds - Cubic Creations
  97. Trove... can we get an explanation on magic find from you?
  98. Gliding bug
  99. Button layout
  100. Buying Albarin Voice of dawn for 200 chaos chest and 500k flux
  101. Club "Hispanos" gente que hable espaņol
  102. "failed to join session"
  103. Australia - Xbox one Club
  104. Buying either a primordial or trove of wonder dragon. More details inside.
  105. Xbox Marketplace Bug
  106. Over due for a patch...
  107. Making a 10k+PR Club!
  108. Patron time
  109. Class Coin Looted
  110. Heart-a-Phones
  111. How do console players get the Azurian dragon mount?
  112. Trovesaurus Console Support Petition
  113. The ever growing problems
  114. PSA: Doing STs without losing your spot
  115. Class Coins
  116. Recruiting active members to join the club "Suicide Squad." Free Shadow tower runs.
  117. Will we ever be able to play our characters on the xbox?
  118. data not transfering to xbox from computer
  119. Welcome to Vitrovius
  120. Xbox one split screen
  121. Free Chloromancer Question
  122. Interface font size and
  123. Online Codes
  124. Settings - Vibrating controller
  125. needing gem info
  126. Update coming soon?
  127. Fishing pressurized gobfish
  128. Club world blocks
  129. Large Custom PVP 3v3 5v5 CTF TDM TESTing
  130. Best way to turn credits into Flux on Xbox?
  131. The laggggggggggggggggggggggg
  132. I Wish There Were Tutorials, Directions, and Explanations
  133. Splitting large amounts needs to be fixed
  134. What will come with the PC update?
  135. WTB Albairn Xbone
  136. Selling Ultra Shadow Tower Carries. XBOX1
  137. Controller vibration annoying
  138. Lunar New Year Dragon Egg sale
  139. Xbox Live 20℅ bonus XP?
  140. Bye bye emblems!
  141. The Knights of Hyrule
  142. 1 star Class gems
  143. Game crashes after every death
  144. Radiant Shard Farming
  145. Weekly Shadow Towers
  146. Empowered gem math
  147. Will characters from PC ever transfer over to Xbox?
  148. Gold sections on map.
  149. Rank #73 Shadow hunter quitting. Here's why
  150. Chloromancer Lunar Lancer or Candy Barbarian
  151. Need a turbo trigger controller
  152. Best way to turn Credits into Flux???
  153. Help Trove Won't Start
  154. Need A Active Organised club!!
  155. Knight love?
  156. Oserium- will i get banned for sending 4400 heart a phones?
  157. Trion, please postpone the Xbox One patch
  158. Please ban heart a phone spam! It's out of control! Can we get a message block?
  159. Everything is gone?
  160. Chat in trove
  161. Come to the Shadow Giant farm for free loot while you sit!
  162. Seriously, fix the random noises
  163. RE: Trionworlds Support
  164. Correct PR and LVL for U4, Still Not Strong Enough
  165. Just a couple suggestions I haven't seen yet
  166. cant access the server
  167. Linking account
  168. Shaztopia
  169. Game is far too pay to win to invest any more time into
  170. Trove daily cubic
  171. Pve incentive for PvP @ Trion
  172. Question about the free beta dragon.
  173. Put in vibration for fishing?
  174. 20K Health -- Power Rank 1,100
  175. Gold biome?
  176. Will there be any aisa server when Trove go live?
  177. Why isn't there a confirmation before you spend credits on an inventory expansion?
  178. What do I need more for 'Vengeful Piņata God'
  179. Region Block content still a thing. (For community manager please)
  180. Lost items
  181. Chaos Chests Question
  182. Beta Bug... Gem Removal
  183. Xbox One Group
  184. Suggestion for PS4 and Xbox One: Seasonal Events
  185. Gunna giveaway previously collected mounts and more
  186. Invader/Giant Farm Examples
  187. When are we getting the update?
  188. Please help recon o9, all help is welcome!!!
  189. Power Gem
  190. Club Bug?
  191. Complaints about Patches, Updates, Etc.
  192. Celestial Champion pack questions
  193. Hallllpppppppppppp
  194. V day event???? Wheres the xbox love??
  195. Leaderboards rigged...
  196. Hello discord server incredible just read
  197. Pearl Fails to Apply but is Still Consumed
  198. player max in clubs worlds?
  199. Can we get some help or clarification on the Return to Trove Valentine's celebration?
  200. my first note block song
  201. Is the Legendary Dragon Coin Tome that's in the Essentials Pack Tradable?
  202. Scythe Plays wants the ability to turn off SSAO. Can we get an audio settings save?
  203. Companion Messenger App?
  204. Someone please help me with the 8/9 quest
  205. Mouse Support
  206. Shadow tower hard carries?
  207. Party Animal for Dormant Pinata Dragon Egg?
  208. how do u make or join a club? on xbox one trove?
  209. Facebook Group
  210. An Ambitious Goal
  211. Failed to connect
  212. **Fasti*** Why we need Game Masters!
  213. Party animal
  214. Killzone looking for great builders
  215. A few questions about fishing
  216. Please remove heart-a-phone from leaderboard challenges or let us ignore them
  217. So much Trove hate. Let's bring the love!
  218. Club Directory and Questions
  219. honestly now
  220. Looking for friends that play Often
  221. Purchased a pack in store. Still havent Received it.
  222. My message to the DEV Team. XBOX ONE
  223. i want a ganda
  224. shadow tower hard
  225. shadow hunter build
  226. Questions about the launch patch.
  227. Fishing help needed. Deep Sea Merthing <20. Please help.
  228. Dealing with trade bots.
  229. Refer A Friend!
  230. Carry for hard daughter of the moon
  231. New Wow / medieval themed club
  232. Joined Console Beta. Currently Unable to get Ruffian Tumblr.
  233. Trove Console Loot Collector & Inventory Upgrade feedback.
  234. Potential Bug.
  235. What time is the patch live on the 14th?
  236. How do you deal with scammers in Trove?
  237. Launch Day for Consoles: No Tumbler Mount
  238. Mount Before Launch
  239. Hacked Contest Leaderboards??
  240. Collectiong dragon soul issues
  241. Delete character?
  242. The lagggggg
  243. Minor/major issues post release. Any issues of your own? Post below.
  244. I can't craft Dragon Souls, pls Help.
  245. Fae trickster is a joke
  246. Can you get Banned for refreshing your marketplace searches too much?
  247. Farming in u8 gem portals
  248. No Item Transfers?
  249. Mastery Contest Results?
  250. I'm top 100 for mastery and did not get my light chaos chests