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  1. Battle Box time with Patron
  2. Gem help.
  3. Blocky Bonus not appearing
  4. Lusterous boxes
  5. Longer time for rampage alerts!
  6. hi im buying dimond and dragon souls
  7. buying gold souls paying up to 25000 flux
  8. hi my club dimond drag is recruting pm supersniper2018 on xbox for invite
  9. Misuse of Luxion
  10. New block shapes
  11. Store Costumes
  12. Non-craftable blocks?
  13. Dracolyte minion damage
  14. Bin neu brauche Hilfe - I am new I need help
  15. Weekly bonus rotation
  16. cornerstone lava...
  17. Dragon Fragment Flux
  18. Leveling Stellar Gear?
  19. FASTI: Rubberbanding has become far to frequent
  20. Cant login
  21. is it true the dayspring is being removed?
  22. Crystal pin drops
  23. @Fastti
  24. Soda Powered Class???
  25. IP blocked
  26. Rerolling second stat (Help please! )
  27. Game not starting
  28. ControlNPC needs to be split!
  29. My account is not linked properly
  30. Please let us customize all quickchat slots
  31. Interesting club mount idea.
  32. Arcanium Steamboat
  33. What to do with xp beyond level 30 - Suggestion
  34. Binding Darkness
  35. Show own username above head?
  36. Major amount of missing styles. Paid and non.
  37. Customizable Text color for item retrieval
  38. SS Trovian boat and Trove Topper style
  39. Rampage/World Boss Trophy Idea
  40. October update fixed crashes?
  41. Shadow's Eve Hub Decorations
  42. No bounce bombs in br
  43. hi im looking for people to grind the shadow towers for titan and luner souls
  44. U10 PC & Console separation...
  46. Autumn pin sale
  47. Re-Gemerator
  48. Damage
  49. Luxion completely useless to its original idea
  50. Connection Time out on Xbox one
  51. @fasti I cant enter to trove it Said Connection Time out
  52. @Fasti. A club world has been broken. Over 24 hrs and no response. Anywhere.
  53. Price check on stellar rings
  54. Console Crystal Combat Date?
  55. Soo...about U10?
  56. @Fasti u10? Please be honest.
  57. State of the servers
  58. A thank-you & a criticism. Cornerstones & "flying" mounts.
  59. Is Xbox servers down too ??
  60. An idea for a club building addition
  61. Support is non existent for this game
  62. Where have the rampages all gone
  63. The Crystal Combat Update is here! Here's how to earn your quick flux!
  64. Game needs a way to restore accidentally deleted items
  65. World Map is now extremely dark and hard to see
  66. Why can't stacks of credit pouches be sold anymore?
  67. U10 Tomb Raiser help.
  68. Suggestion: Hotkey to swap gear/weapons
  69. Accidently Deleted a Maxed out re-rolled gem
  70. 5 star dungeons end with 19 secs left
  71. How do you interact with the autopay checkmark?
  72. Luxion Loot
  73. @Devs - K10 Farms
  74. Lesser Geodian Topside Cache Loot
  75. A simple request that I think everyone can agree too
  76. Mouse and keyboard support
  77. Cosmic dust sink
  78. Suggestion: Tome Priority and auto swapping
  79. @Fasti: Where are the Romancing and Shamrockin Pins
  80. Suggestion: Bring back tactile feedback for fishing
  81. Tiny T-Rex
  82. Future of Trove? Short and sweet
  83. For the sake of avoiding regret
  84. Would you quit Trove?