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  1. Couple Questions
  2. Magic Find being lost
  3. Linking accounts
  4. Miners trove missing from inventory??
  5. Water effects
  6. Account linking issue
  7. patched it so that u can't sell or trade lunar and titan souls must read
  8. Mastery leaderboard is still bugged
  9. Server Attack?
  10. Treasure isles vendor - No PEARLS
  11. GEM leveling struggle is a ridiculous burden
  12. Any sign of party animal pinatas?
  13. Hard DOTM
  14. Implementation of Refer a Friend
  15. Pvp needs a rework
  16. Floating people in my club world and in ST sometimes?
  17. Xbox One - Patch in Certification
  18. Maintenance
  19. My Club Just been disroyed
  20. Trove Xbox losing lots of players
  21. Xbox dragon crucible still won't work for me after patch!
  22. Chaos Core Crafter
  23. Trove Needs Group Queue For PvP
  24. a builders question about griefers
  25. Look img for female gamer friend.
  26. Ban Feature.. plz..
  27. Suggestion: Locked Gems
  28. Accidently Deleted My First Stellar -- Needing Response to My Ticket
  29. Didn't receive Double Dragon Pack After Online Purchase
  30. New rings?
  31. what fish?
  32. Buy flux online
  33. Im a bit annoyed that i found this out
  34. Can't connect
  35. How many days of Patron left?
  36. Anyone have prevailing cool head
  37. Bought item pack did not receive items
  38. Support wait line
  39. When can we expect to see PC patch?
  40. Patron time left?
  41. New user. Please help
  42. Paid for item DID NOT RECEIVE
  43. Regemerators?
  44. Ticket issues!
  45. Personal Chest pages
  46. Pirate captain mechanic change
  47. I will try and put this as lightly as possible
  48. Dragonite compensation
  49. 1 suggestion and 1 discussion about mounts.
  50. Change the title screen of the game and make the resoulution bigger
  51. Can't connect to server.
  52. When will Dino tamer come to xbox?
  53. Please make a way to ban players from club world
  54. RIFT Trovian Cube Quest
  55. Wheres the ore???
  56. Mega Update
  57. ice sage in PvP class balancing
  58. in PvP it is a MUST to use the sniper banner/ice sage/ pirate captain
  59. Patron Subscriptions
  60. Looking for some friendly guidance
  61. I need help
  62. xbox freedom rewards
  63. every one should want to be a part of this
  64. 150 free dragon coins? Freedom rewards program
  65. Piņata Dragon Uncraftable
  66. Shadow Tower leaderboard times...?
  67. Multi jumps ruinning most dungeons?
  68. Requesting help w/ Hard ST...
  69. Freedom Rewards Help
  70. My thanks for a week ended SO WELL.
  71. Does anyone help w/ the Ultra Shadow Tower?
  72. Haven't received any more FREEdom Rewards since 5/8
  73. Server issues?
  74. I can't log in! Please help
  75. Griefed and Gear Stolen
  76. Deleted 8* radiant spear:(
  77. Rant/Praise mostly ranting thread
  78. No access to in game store?
  79. Tomb Raiser Help?
  80. Homeworld Heart styles
  81. Shadow key fragments from higher Uber gates...
  82. cant log in
  83. Please post any and al suggestions from the community to improve trove for consoles !
  84. Tradeable Patron Passes?
  85. Missing credits
  86. Pc Mods for Xbox?!
  87. Creating weapons mods
  88. How to Improve and rebuild the Knight Class ... Suggestions from the Community
  89. Xbox One Contests and Unexpected Restart
  90. Titan Boss Suggestions for the Devs to look over!
  91. Class Gender and species idle animation differences...the game kind of needs them.
  92. Megalithic update date confirmed
  93. Audio Bugs Not Getting Fixed?
  94. DDE drop rate
  95. Tradeable chaos chest question
  96. Will Spirit Spears be fixed in Megalithic Update?
  97. Huge kill zone party today 6/27/17 dont miss it
  98. Thank you devs
  99. Is it really that hard?
  100. Gem Maniac Pack
  101. Trove XBOX LIVE Code
  102. Trovian Carpet code
  103. Didn't receive store purchases.
  104. Random Question
  105. Connection Timed out message (XBOX ONE)
  106. *HELP* Patron Daily
  107. Building/Testing Minigames?
  108. Their may be a large problem for Gem re-rolling on consoles, Fasti please view/read
  109. Trove Raid and cinematic Trailer idea for the devs to look over
  110. linking PC account to xbox one
  111. Lookin for props because of low self esteem
  112. Trove live stream 7/14/17 - SGOD
  113. Trove Livestream feat. AesopCity
  114. racing challenges to hard for terrible tier 3 and 4 rewards
  115. Trove Console Players and Streamers get shafted..
  116. troves neon ninja class needs a power ranger costume
  117. a few additions I'd like to see added into the game to improve it
  118. Fishing question
  119. Party Today7/17/17 at 7pm est at KILL ZONE
  120. Top tips on making a top club on trove
  122. loot collecting pinata coins
  123. how can i invite others on xbox?
  124. Griffon Talisman
  125. Need information on allies
  126. Mount wings vs. Character wings
  127. Terraforming Questions
  128. Helpful Suggestion regarding Events the Eclipse update and Plot progression
  129. Tomorrow's my birthday I had an idea regarding everyone's b-day
  130. the event ally has bad stats could do with a buff
  131. Lost class gem key
  132. How do I sell lesser dragon caches?
  133. Kind of an old topic, but need help (Free Dragon Coins Event, May-June)
  134. Help our club is under attack!
  135. New ally suggestion Jawbreakerous the Candy Barbarian Qubesly
  136. Need Ultra Shadow Carey please
  137. Fun Police and Wings of Shadowy Descent
  138. Radiant deleted
  139. XBox Live Family account
  140. Ideas for the Eclipse update for the Devs to look over
  141. Trove mods for Xbox
  142. A Rare fish that is just to rare
  143. Attn: Fasti. Question!
  144. Trion please vive me a job
  145. Fishing bots
  146. New Class: Druid
  147. Dragon Ascending MF Guide
  148. Trove doesn't care about bots
  149. New Eclipse Packs in the Store
  150. PVP Suggestion
  151. Dragon effigy post eclipse.
  152. console suggestions for trove
  153. Chaos Chest Rotation
  154. Eclipse update - what's with the timing?
  155. Please Fix
  156. What happened to shadow tower difficulty? Seriously?
  157. Shadow tower difficulty
  158. My thoughts on the new update....
  159. Shadow tower new difficult and keys, why have you do that?
  160. Some Suggestions For Eclipse
  161. I'm done
  162. Hey NumbSkull, Do You Feel Numb Yet?
  163. Support is absolutely clueless!
  164. What are the max stats a gem can have at 100% ?
  165. Auras
  166. Gem Forge Bugs
  167. Reduced Gem Quality Update
  168. 1 day patron pass
  169. Suggested improvements to the Eclipse update
  170. Gem Stat Boost Not Worth The Cost
  171. Transition from regret to tranquility
  172. Trove blocking my IP unofficially
  173. lunar souls
  174. Gem booster boxes ?
  175. Getting shafted on hot fix
  176. mount ideas for trove and an ally
  177. Shadow Tower PR requirement/rewards should be Increased to match new difficulty.
  178. Can we get a proper explanation of what each stat actually does please?
  179. Gem Rerolling NOT WORKING AT ALL help
  180. Trove Live Stream every day at Kill Zone
  181. Devs Ruined Economy
  182. Wyntegra, Galenor's Pride Farming - A Cold Journey
  183. How to Restore Trove's Economy
  184. Brand new event, "Jackpot Friday's"~
  185. Desired improvements (After Eclipse Update)
  186. please put Karma bars on Empowered & Stellar gem boxes,devs ty.
  187. New Feature (Chaos Towers)
  188. 2 Ideas for trove Trying to be creative
  189. Stellar and Rads drop rate changes??
  190. Improvements / New Event To Trove To Bring More Players In!
  191. Dragon Fragment Drops
  192. seasons
  193. Trove update 11/14/17
  194. New help
  195. 11/14/17 SGOD stellar giveaways, minigames and races. Hello from Jabrudy
  196. weekly battle arena games won contests is stupud
  197. Arena: my complaints and greivances
  198. DEVS Please Read This - best idea ever
  199. The new tethering system 11/14/2017 update
  200. Account Exporting between Console and PC
  201. Not Happy with unfair to console players
  202. Help with Talismans???
  203. Mastery caps
  204. We Need PK System In Trove And Better PvP SYSTEM
  205. suggested improvements for the game
  206. Leechers stealing boss loot
  207. Improvements that could be made!
  208. Needing a helping hand
  209. Gems
  210. Club leaderboards?
  211. Gunslinger "Say CHEESE!"
  212. P2W!! Player Ruling leaderboards.
  213. RNG need to be looked at.
  214. I can't choose what to make with my clubits in my club
  215. Effigy of Flowing Elixirs?
  216. Where to see weekly bonuses?
  217. Dragon Fragment Looting Rewards
  218. What is this? Mod? Bot? Something else?
  219. Can you reset a characters stats?
  220. Christmas update
  221. All consoles need full game version not only pc
  222. Is this actually in the game?
  223. Pixel art help
  224. Give us end game . Bored of this game
  225. Please add different way to get prisms of light
  226. Ideas for gameplay
  227. Live stream reward
  228. lasermancy
  229. Specific Dragon Fragment - Legendary Tomes
  230. Fishing in Tutorial World
  231. Can club members work in harmony?
  232. Any one notice the duplicate Color?
  233. Why I think a lot of people quit.
  234. What does the Xbox community think of this?
  235. Magic Find needs to be revamped and SOONER than Later!Also where are the beta allies?
  236. Why are class gem keys so exclusive?
  237. how can i get good at building
  238. Store not working
  239. I should be happy about this however Im Not.
  240. Gem Day is broken
  241. Corn Rollio Expertise Thread
  242. Price of inventory expansion increase
  243. Old Streamer Dream Codes
  244. I don't think the Vanguardian Class counts toward total PR...
  245. Trion Scams Detected
  246. Free Blocky game mount?
  247. Looking to buy Jumping Jadefin
  248. LED-Lit Lionfish help!
  249. Question on Arena Flatteners
  250. Extra life unlockables help?