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  1. Welcome!
  2. Play on the same serve with people on the Xbox
  3. Quick question about Open Beta
  4. ps4 uk release time
  5. server issues
  6. To all newcomers - a few tips and tricks to get started.
  7. Beta starting time
  8. Beta starting time
  9. Transfer from PC?
  10. EU Trove
  11. trove in brazil
  12. Didn't get my 5days patron from starter pack!
  13. Problems with Trove on ps4
  14. Trove PS4 not in some countries
  15. EU ps 4
  16. PS4 Split Screen?
  17. Constant Crashes on the Hub
  18. How to download?
  19. When are the "advanced" classes being seperated from the starters?
  20. Can we get a one time account transfer before launch?
  21. Beta Rewards
  22. Why cound I not use my Pc acount on my Ps4
  23. Name change?
  24. Trophies Question
  25. About the PS4 Beta Store
  26. Video/Visual Settings
  27. Trove - Account Region.
  28. Wanna join up!
  29. on console beta can i use my pc account
  30. Plz Add
  31. streaming on ps4
  32. Please add a platinum trophy!? :D
  33. Personal chest
  34. Fishing in Sky Realm
  35. Looking for member for our club,
  36. Club invite???? How?
  37. Trove Ps4 on Latin America South
  38. Class Coins DONT give major xp Coins
  39. Why won't we be able to transfer PC characters?
  40. Honestly can't see myself bothering on ps4
  41. Bug
  42. Are US and EU Servers Split on PS4
  43. Shadow hunter is broken
  44. Beta end time?
  45. Cant use loot collector on ps4. Not sure is its bugged.
  46. Cant buy the 30 pack at the store.
  47. An outgoing message to all players asking "Why can't we transfer our PC characters??"
  48. Trove PS4 edition : Changing the way we set amounts of items :
  49. Link account
  50. Suggestion: Use Controller Rumble for Fishing
  51. Can't equip gema
  52. Found something ingame I can't find on google?
  53. Hard mode spike walker
  54. leader board contest
  55. Trove PS4 edition : how to play with friends from other countries :
  56. Stuck on World: Login Successful screen
  57. Trove Ps4 Italy
  58. Streamer Dreamer (Console Edition)
  59. Can't find trove on PS4
  60. Club issues
  61. Can't buy "time limited" pack on ps4 ?
  62. I can't do an Objective
  63. Sky portal dissaperd
  64. Please help, i wanna buy credits but..
  65. Can't Buy credits or packs
  66. ICE SAGE suggestion
  67. Trove Frequently Asked Questions - Read this before posting
  68. I can't join my friend...
  69. Console Version Patch Notes Please! & Some Suggestions
  70. wen i link my account it dosent load my progress
  71. Trove Beta on Playstation 4 | Release EUW?
  72. trove on ps4 in the netherlands
  73. Make it easier for use to trade large specific amounts of stacked items
  74. Trove trading ps4
  75. Suggestion
  76. Yo geezys its me Cal/suum now on ps4 with some bug notes.
  77. Question about Get Crafty update and Winter Event on console
  78. Unignore feature
  79. Making that Flux !!!!
  80. Where is the Gen Sampler Pack in the psn store...
  81. Trove in PS4
  82. Why cant i play for PC
  83. level 18, level 8 gear.
  84. How get dragon?
  85. Cornerstone No more?
  86. I need help with Pinata and DOTM
  87. I bought $19.99 credits so where is it?
  88. Annoying audio files being played out of place
  89. Doesnt even let me log in
  90. neon ninja visual glitch
  91. Revanant spirit spears do no damage?
  92. All the bugsss !!!
  93. Trading and Forging
  94. Revenant
  95. Can I play with friends from US in the UK
  96. When does the Open Beta end for Trove on the PS4
  97. No 3rd tab on inventory on PS4?
  98. Please help, Starter Pack has vanished
  99. PS4 Epic Builds - Cubic Creations
  100. Golden Keys
  101. Problem with hub club portals
  102. User generated media error
  103. Club World Wiped
  104. trove beta question
  105. Renaming?
  106. Does PS4 get the new pug ally
  107. Keyboard, what am I doing wrong?
  108. Ewe - Control change suggestion for PS4 beta
  109. I cant find the Game on PS4
  110. Need help with fishing please!
  111. Money Making ??
  112. Can't log in to trove for some reason
  113. Class gem help
  114. Looking for Club (EU)
  115. Missing Mounts
  116. Trion Creator Code HELP
  117. My expierience with trove, the glitches i found
  118. Feedback for the Chat Box
  119. i cant join the servers
  120. Patron points
  121. Can a crewbie tell us already when consoles will get the dinotamer?
  122. Fishing in Cornerstones?
  123. Club Worlds
  124. How come patron on ps4 doesnt get live chat support
  125. Mods
  126. account transfer
  127. Profanity filter broken
  128. Cant enter club world
  129. Trove For Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC
  130. Over 10 buisness days and not a single reply...
  131. Extra class coin on pc but not on console
  132. Cornerstone Show Off
  133. Ps4 trove gems missing
  134. Trion please help get my stellar gems back...
  135. Cannot socket 3rd empowred gem
  136. join a 10K+ pr only club
  137. Stuck on World:login finished
  138. Really need an option to disable bombs in Club worlds.
  139. PS4 Dupers
  140. PS4 shadow gear prices?
  141. Magic Find is weird
  142. I am a bit new
  143. I need someone to add me on PS4 to invite me
  144. I need someone to add me then invite me
  145. Didn't receive my credits
  146. Bonus xp week
  147. Anyone wanna play?
  148. Joining on a friend
  149. Mouse Support?
  150. Class gem
  151. Buying personal chest space with cubits
  152. Patron Membership
  153. question.
  154. We need a gear Marketplace
  155. Plz FIIIIIIIXXXXX!!!!!
  156. Refer a friend badge on PS4?
  157. So about the ps4 patch...
  158. Love the game, looking forward to more content.
  159. Careful who u trust
  160. big lags and slow loading world map in game PS4
  161. Been experiencing glitches help!
  162. How do I link my console account to Trovesaurus?
  163. Resetting cornerstone (ps4) a few questions
  164. Check Patron Time Remaining?
  165. Party Animals
  166. Possible 60fps in the future?
  167. Nerf Candy Barbarian please
  168. Console Character Transfer
  169. Trove in PSN italy
  170. equipment stats
  171. Revenant boken??
  172. Builder looking for a club
  173. Can't login in anyone else having problems?
  174. So, what do you like to mine?
  175. biig question
  176. Know what grinds my gears?
  177. I'm in a queue? Are you?
  178. S
  179. Remove the region lock
  180. Neon ninja
  181. Emblems can't be unequipped and the ones I have don't work
  182. Post-Update lag during Weather
  183. Ps4 Marketplace price ROUNDING UP
  184. Update on the stability patch,
  185. Test your patches!! So much fail.
  186. Last night after patch
  187. Chat commands that improve performance?
  188. Emblems i paid for don't work
  189. Can i change my forum name?
  190. Help on ps4
  191. Flasks not registering?
  192. Scrolling through stacks
  193. Chat scrolling - COME ON WITH THIS THING
  194. Dear Trove devs. :)
  195. Some requests!
  196. This game needs so much work.
  197. Doubt
  198. Refer-a-friend on PS4
  199. Beta drake?
  200. Refund
  201. [PS4] Buy> Radiant GUN (slinger)
  202. Cant Enter Game Failed To Join Session
  203. Diseon stats
  204. Known Trolls and Hideouts
  205. Thanks
  206. Can I (living in US) play Trove on PS4 with friends from Germany?
  207. Have i just lost over 200k on the marketplace?
  208. Update 4 - PS4 Marketplace Issues - February 8, 2017
  209. ghost items, missing skills and reel emotes failing.
  210. Chaos and Enchanted Forge
  211. Need help. All I need is an invite to a game world.
  212. Club questions
  213. I boght Patron with money but dont have it.
  214. Dragon's missing stat boosts
  215. Marketplace bug
  216. Buying stellar gear
  217. how to???
  218. Money for trove
  219. Invader/Giant Farm Examples
  220. Tips and tricks for classes, feel free to post any tips for any classes!
  221. Accidentally deleting stuff
  222. Cant see & buy packs in store
  223. Dear Devs "Bug" (ps4_
  224. Arena in club
  225. Trove bosses
  226. Valentine gem boxes.
  227. Join my clubworld on ps4 ( EU )
  228. Wierd portal dpawned in uber 3
  229. Shadow Hunter Arrow of the Goddess and shadow mark
  230. streamer dreamer code help
  231. Soooooo you drop a patch this morning
  232. Trove beta ending
  233. Pink Cookiephant rarity
  234. Things to love about Trove!
  235. Help after 20
  236. I've been stuck at 8812 PR for a while now
  237. Donations?
  238. Lost 1200 credits
  239. Stuck in Login glitch, someone invite please?
  240. Any details on full game release?
  241. Mag Rail: Stop rails
  242. Stuck at Level 15
  243. Gunslinger costumes
  244. Club World Management /zonerestrict
  245. Daily Holiday Login Rewards
  246. Tomb Raiser advice?
  247. QoL mods
  248. Any one else having trouble logging in?
  249. Ice Sage needs to be reworked and boosted.
  250. Impressions and Suggestions