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  1. Shadow hunter bugs
  2. Linking to Xbox
  3. Accidentally deleted 10 Pearls. (Xbox One)
  4. wtff
  5. I lost my rings
  6. Will anything purchased on Xbox One carry to PC?
  7. stream codes on console
  8. Beta Bonus Dragon Locked
  9. Is there a way to check Credit Purchases
  10. Club Rosters
  11. Login Issues
  12. Did not receive Items
  13. Patron
  14. Bought credits on Xbox never got patron
  15. Empowered Gems Bugged
  16. All my credits are gone.
  17. Class coin gone
  18. Customer service
  19. Club world probleem
  20. can you restart trove xbox account
  21. I kick myself out of my club
  22. left my own club
  23. Sound - Glitch/Bug - Dragonfire Peaks
  24. Items not showing in inventory e.g. Flux, Eyes
  25. Lost class gem
  26. missingitems
  27. Unable to put in code
  28. Refer A Friend
  29. Friend having issues connecting.
  30. Streamer Dream Code Issue
  31. "Temporary character load error"
  32. In Game pack's
  33. Lost credits and patron after 1/31/17 patch
  34. Lost items!
  35. Buy pack Gem' maniac edition
  36. DEVS please read!!
  37. Hi trion please help.
  38. I can NOT move..........-____-
  39. Store Purchase not working. 2-7-17
  40. Game Lagging
  41. profile swapping
  42. Market place
  43. Can't play game, don't know why.
  44. Patron benefits not working?
  45. Missing blue empowered gem
  46. Free gem booster and empowered question.
  47. Need Xbox one "profile restriction" help
  48. Lost my empowered gem
  49. Xbox One Auth Server Problem
  50. I was unsockiting my empowered gem and it vanished
  51. Credits not put in account
  52. Patron ran out how?
  53. Three hours of gameplay lost!!!
  54. Power rank falls suddenly within same character class
  55. Question about Xbox Gold?
  56. @Fasti - Dropped all my money on an item your game has that doesn't work.
  57. Can't craft primordial dragons
  58. Purchasing
  59. Celestial Champion pack no longer available in store
  60. Weird Tv "Stain" glitch
  61. Club Arena bug?
  62. Connection issues - unable to change worlds
  63. Quest
  64. Trovian Tumbler Promo?
  65. Gems disappear after unsocket
  66. Need to contact a game manager
  67. Crafted but did not get my Purifying dragon flames
  68. Launch update broke Magic find on Dragons
  69. No Global Chat
  70. I can't agree to the EULA
  71. Can't claim free dragon!
  72. I bought a pack TWICE and got NOTHING in return
  73. CornerstoneClear Command deleted wrong cornerstone!!
  74. Bug+Bugs an no support
  75. Profile cant log in
  76. No credits
  77. Can not collect sold items from marketplace!
  78. Loosing items
  79. Beta dragon
  80. missing daily chaos chests
  81. i bought a pack from the in game store an didnt get everything i payed for
  82. Lost progress and items.
  83. Purchased Credits And Did Not Recieve Them.
  84. Please help me new user
  85. refunded credits but still showing
  86. Ticket issue!
  87. Items Ordered Vanished
  88. Maximum frustratiotions!
  89. Marketplace needs a Fix or shut it down!
  90. Failed to connect to game server
  91. Accidentally Deleted Radiant Bow
  92. Can't connect to server.
  93. Accidentally deleted a stellar
  94. Maniac pack Xbox One
  95. No one can see my chats
  96. Starter pack xbox one gone
  97. Emblem not working
  98. All items in market place disappeared
  99. Bought essential pack but no tomes received!
  100. Can't log into glyph account or forums from home network
  101. Can't log onto Trove
  102. Bought items but didn't show up ?
  103. My flux and other items are gone
  104. Twitch livestream reward
  105. Login rejected due to duplicate name
  106. Can't link my Glyph account to Xbox
  107. please help i lost my 1p 5* stellar face that i payed alot of flux for
  108. Purchased items disappeared after closing game
  109. Items Gone
  110. Haven't been able to get on in 2 months.
  111. No longer owner of my club / no owner at all
  112. Golden souls
  113. Lost my gem
  114. XBOX ONE Reset settings to default?
  115. credits not showing up
  116. Connection Timed out message (XBOX ONE)
  117. My xbox one account was hack
  118. Empowered gem glitch
  119. 30 day patriot only last me 15 days
  120. Spring Blooms not growing
  121. Login rejected due to duplicate name
  122. Did not receive correct revenant rewards
  123. Failed
  124. Failing to sign in
  125. My Golden Souls
  126. Failed to connect to Auth server. Again, and Again, and Again.
  127. "Not Enough Inventory"
  128. glyph settings location
  129. LS: Login finished -> connection timed out (XBOX ONE)
  130. Reset account?
  131. Possible in-game bug. Unable to invite members to club!
  132. Box open help please trove
  133. Not accumulating much ore
  134. Lost my gem
  135. Trove is still unplayable
  136. Finding the correct block styles.
  137. Help!
  138. Purchase 29.99 credits and have not resive them
  139. Bought $10 in credits and still hasn't shown up
  140. Club lost all members
  141. Didnt get my mastery 90 Cycle of the Master
  142. Prismatic Lasercorn issue?
  143. Unable to set primary club
  144. "Unable to connect to Auth servers" While other friends can login no problem?
  145. Trove Xbox One Login Problems
  146. Failed to connect to auth server.
  147. Lost cornerstone
  148. Can't log in
  149. My club demoted me after the update...
  150. Connection
  151. All consoles need full game version not only pc
  152. Connection timed out
  153. Not able to connect to Trove servers.
  154. Primary Club Changed out of nowhere
  155. Heros won't spawn
  156. Reward not received
  157. I was demoted...
  158. Daily login
  159. Cornerstone Gone
  160. Difficult Login Issues
  161. difficulty logining in to servers
  162. Shadow tower portal placing glitch
  163. Button glitched while deleting
  164. Cant login
  165. Missing items
  166. Connection Issues and Rubber Banding
  167. major trove loading/connection issues
  168. not enter
  169. Using new pets as skins? Can't loot collect my shaper stars.
  170. Stuck in Mainquest
  171. Not receiveing emails
  172. unyielding emblem
  173. Chaos chest not showing in inventory
  174. Lost items from market place
  175. All my allies are gone
  176. Primary club
  177. Cornerstone
  178. Transfer Content?
  179. server session timed out
  180. Cannot go into club since before xmas
  181. lost 2 npcs from rally of heroes
  182. Linked Accounts Classes Lost?
  183. can't play trove
  184. Read this if experiencing technical issues in Trove
  185. credits
  186. People get stuck logging in on xbox
  187. Connection issues
  188. Free dragon is gone
  189. User generated content is blocked
  190. Not receiving credits
  191. Not received purchase
  192. Please help!
  193. Help if at all possible please.
  194. This game is broke!
  195. Connection timed out not letting me play
  196. I need help.
  197. Didn't recieve radiant sovereigns
  198. trove unplayable (again)
  199. Since I can't play on my Mac anymore I would like to play on my xbox, but...
  200. I cant interact with my material
  201. Aligning Astrolobe not working
  202. I canít log in to the game. HELP
  203. I changed my gamertag now I canít play.
  204. Repeated disconnects from server. Need solution
  205. i didnt get my gems
  206. Store Purchase Failed But Took My Credits
  207. Purchase failure
  208. Marketplace
  209. Stuck on LS Login Finished
  210. bought credits and did not receive effigy.
  211. Bought chaos weekly deal, received nothing but sovereigns
  212. Can not put on a gem over another gem to break it
  213. My weapon styles for Bard aren't working correctly and other shenanigans.
  214. Account unlinks every time you exit the game