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  1. Unable to login on PS4
  2. Trading posts on ps4
  3. hello dear bugs defect issue
  4. How long does support take to respond
  5. Keyboard and mouse
  6. An error has occerred Ps4 problem
  7. lag bug connected with ganslingerom
  8. Creator Code HELP
  9. Club world disconnects everyone
  10. streamer dream
  11. No streamer dream
  12. Delete item swapped for equipped
  13. Marketplace took my flux, but I didn't get the item
  14. my account
  15. IMPORTANT: Cannot buy anything in Europe!!!!
  16. Unable to join player
  17. ***Patch Bug***
  18. PS4 Profanity filter still broken. LOL
  19. Very important!!! Usa dlc purchase on european region account!!!
  20. Loosing 4000 power rank
  21. Accidentally deleted 1400 fragments of wonder
  22. Accidentally deleted 1400 fragments of wonder
  23. Ps4 Marketplace price ROUNDING UP
  24. Seriously
  25. Failed to join session.
  26. PS4 Screen Adjustment.
  27. Lag is getting worse
  28. You cannot join this player.
  29. I brought quad forged, 4 of them on market and lost my money and didn't get items?
  30. Can anybody tell me how? (WEIRD)?
  31. What can Golden Keys open....
  32. Refer-a-friend is broken; will it be fixed?
  33. Chaos and Enchanted Forge
  34. LS: Recieved login response
  35. Question
  36. I see my forum username still applies like 2 years later.
  37. Trove Regions restriction removed?
  38. Resolved - Trove PS4 EU Login Issues - February 12, 2017
  39. Glyph Account (Trion)/@server
  40. Account Linking
  41. Character cannot log in
  42. Accidentally ignored and not appearing on ignore list
  43. Store error, cant buy anything!!
  44. "Failed to join session" error
  45. Help devs do something plz
  46. Patron not active
  47. Game won't load
  48. Lag, map would only load 100meters per 10 seconds or so.
  49. accidentally clicked report
  50. PS4 Trove Aus Server Status?
  51. Cant buy stuff on marketplace
  52. Massive lag and game loading taking too much time
  53. Stuck in a hole
  54. Radiant weapon dissapeared?!
  55. Broke down a stellar empowered gem by mistake.
  56. Awful customer support services
  57. Problem whit Drakeling ally.
  58. Cannot join/invite my friend (both online)
  59. Only one who can't log in?
  60. Trove Doesn't Fit in my Screen
  61. Mecha Draco Costume Lag?
  62. Trove command line update?
  63. launch
  64. How do i restore my account?
  65. PS4 New Character
  66. St. Quebsliks, and suggestion
  67. How to claim items when use a redeem code on PS4?
  68. Malaysia Playstation Store cannot be found
  69. Unable to connect to Sky Realm. "Acces denied to specific world"
  70. Purchase
  71. logged on and I'm not in my own club.
  72. Unlinking PSN account?
  73. Club World Glitched for over 24 hours
  74. What do I do when it won't let me login to trove on PS4
  75. No response from support
  76. Anyone else having problems inviting people to your club?
  77. Not getting what I pay for in store
  78. Stuck out of Trove!!!
  79. Failed to join session
  80. Class Gem Key
  81. My weekly contest price missing
  82. Purchased and Claimed dragon coins not showing up in inventory
  83. I can't remove an object from the marketplace
  84. Think I made a mistake with claims
  85. Accidentally deleted my stellar gun help me
  86. Party animal on ps4
  87. Ps4 problem conection blocked my ip
  88. Issue with remote play on Vita
  89. Glitch
  90. ask4support
  91. Marketplace Suggestion
  92. A question on optimal ssettings
  93. Error logging in, after visiting club world
  94. They really need to fix this issue.
  95. Twitch Giveaway Prize Never Received
  96. Help
  97. I Have Been Waiting A Week For Support.
  98. If I redeem a code on pc and my account is link to PS4 do I still get it on ps4
  99. How do I get my club back???
  100. I cant collect items in market
  101. Bought subscription on my phone didn't realize untill after it only applied to PC
  102. Consecutive Days
  103. regional issues
  104. i cant get into the skyrealm
  105. Serious login issue
  106. Culb world problem
  107. Accidentally terraformed entire club!
  108. Very serious club issue
  109. Sky realm portal issue
  110. Stuck on log in finished
  111. Credits and dragon caches
  112. Inability to sign-in
  113. Credits and dragon caches #2
  114. I just accidentally destroyed a stack of shadow air gem boxes.
  115. Missing credits and gem boxes:(
  116. Stuck on login
  117. Login: World Finished, Froze logging in, Etc. Temporary fix for most if not all...
  118. Ps4 problem link account
  119. Can't put purifying dragon flame up for sale on marketplace
  120. PS4 - Bought 24.99 pack was charged for credit bundles I did not purchase?
  121. PS4 (Failed to join session)
  122. Revenant spirit spears damage glitch
  123. I cant join on the trove server
  124. Unable to login on PS4
  125. Are Troves servers down or something?
  126. need a little help with items.
  127. Problem getting on game
  128. No class key?
  129. Accidently left my club !
  130. stuck on (Go Shopping) quest
  131. Cant connect to server game says cant connect:
  132. Connection Timed Out
  133. Unlinking my Account
  134. Empowered gem
  135. HELP Theres A Storm Coming (Literally)
  136. Quick Question
  137. Penta souls
  138. Mastery 100, but no increase in CF
  139. Club disappeared
  140. Accidentally deleted my fully leveled, fully pearled stellar spear
  141. The Failed to join session plague
  142. Dont got the new aura
  143. account linking problems
  144. My stellar equipment just vanished wtf?
  145. My empowered stellar gem disappeared?
  146. My empowered stellar gem disappeared?
  147. Xbox password reset number 1[888]-[787]-[9274] Xbox password support {1}888-787:9274
  148. Go Shopping Mission doesnt Work .....
  149. Very big problem
  150. My market is glitched
  151. Trove freezes at Entering world
  152. Quick Question PvP
  153. Club not showing up
  154. Club issue/hacking problem?
  155. Items in packs.
  156. Server may be down for maintenance
  157. Dragon packs
  158. It's not letting me login
  159. Can't shoot my dragon
  160. Is it possible to transfer from ps4 to pc?
  161. Aura glich
  162. Failed to join session
  163. The Gathering Light quest chain 7/9 Bug
  164. Trove Crashing every hour and sometimes multiple times an hour.
  165. Game not letting me list Pearls of Wisdom in marketplace.
  166. Consistently crashing and reinstalling application
  167. Leaderbord wont give reward
  168. Login Error please help
  169. Account got reset
  170. Ps4 link code
  171. Errors, big and small.
  172. Issues with new update
  173. latency errors and freezes
  174. Dragon souls not showing up
  175. Quests aren't showing up.
  176. screwed out of class gem
  177. Failed to join session
  178. How to open the september event chest for 18 daily log-on coins? (eng name unknown)
  179. Loot collected my stellars in mistake
  180. Can't use "club invite" tab
  181. I need help
  182. Chest and Boxes Bonus BAr
  183. Kicked from own club
  184. question about buying credits
  185. Objectives disappeared after Shadow Eve competed
  186. Missing mount
  187. grey grass in forbidden spires and Jurassic jungle
  188. Physical damage has decreased after update
  189. I can't receive items purchased from the PlayStation store
  190. FPS problem Ps4
  191. Items that I've claimed from Marketplace disappearing
  192. Auth server down PS4
  193. How long does it take untill my trion worlds support ticket is handled?
  194. PS4 Console Commands screw-up, please help.
  195. Trove "Waiting For Session"
  196. Constantly crashing in Adventure Worlds on PS4 since update
  197. Dragon coins disappearing from account
  198. Inviting club members
  199. El juegos se crasheo justo mientras abria un cofre con la llave de gema de clase
  200. Cannot login past AS: Login Or World :Login
  201. Clubworld take over ?
  202. Please help. Wanting to transfer progress
  203. Tutorial Trophy
  204. Someone promoted himself to club president on my club
  205. Accidentally deleted 417 Uber 9 prime world gem boxes! Help!
  206. Ps4 and Pc linking account
  207. Can not surpass login screen
  208. Cant join different regions
  209. Unable to login
  210. Waiting for session
  211. Waiting for session
  212. Items glitched can't put them on market Plz fix!
  213. Hard Crashing loading into uber zones
  214. when i load into trove my ps4 freezes and i have to wait plz help
  215. Failed to get authentication token
  216. Stay Subclassy! Trophy ??? 🏆
  217. New update improvement or disaster!!!
  218. temporary error loading the character
  219. Unable to loot item
  220. Linking my ingame trove account from steam with my ps4
  221. Linked PS4!!!
  222. Items missing from inventory
  223. item deleted (by mistake) because of lag (can u get it back?)
  224. reliquary bug
  225. Unyielding Emblem not in the Store?
  226. "Connection timed out" on Waiting for Session
  227. Credit Pouch not tradable on the market
  228. Hours Played on Trove
  229. Are you blocking me?
  230. Server Issues
  231. I need Help,moderators/helper pls help
  232. Patron bar Alert plz this is a piss off
  233. Huge server lag, rollerbanding to everywhere
  234. Dev giveaway question...
  235. How in the world Do i disable the Geode DLC quest line?
  236. Cant login to trove ps4
  237. Radiant Problem
  238. Destroyed a Fierce Cosmic gym by accident
  239. When will Bomber Royale give PvP XP for Battle Levels? Can't find Others to help
  240. Read this if experiencing technical issues in Trove
  241. Cannot connect to ps4 servers been 4 months
  242. PS4 us servers are down
  243. IP ban bug?
  244. Auth Server issue
  245. log in issues
  246. I forgot my email that was linked to my ps4
  247. Deleted over 600k flux..
  248. Report player calles Arc_Faith
  249. Game bugged sunfest quest !!!!!!!!!!!
  250. Forges?