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  1. Game Crashes
  2. Lunar Lancer Bugs
  3. How to report bugs
  4. Bug/Glitch Reports and Suggestions List [To be Updated]
  5. Unable to use all available Club slots
  6. The "Place a block in your building Hotbar and next time you look it is gone" Bug.
  7. Trove 2K+ Resolution Problems
  8. List of Bugs and Steps to Reproduce
  9. /welcome screen has mind of its own
  10. Blocks disappear from hotbar while building.
  11. Tomb Raiser ultimate sometimes not activating.
  12. Leaderboard <my position> button extends too much
  13. Looting build mode quantity from inventory
  14. Rejuenation station fails to refill while flasking
  15. Lunar Lancer's 1 and 2 abilities frequently fail.
  16. Buggy gun placement (Autumn Styles)
  17. Invisible weapons after /bow
  18. Custum FOV doesn't save when changing worlds
  19. TIME SAG ice crash model FPS issues
  20. Transparent blocks don't render on the same costumes
  21. Random damage in DOTM altar on the floor
  22. Rainbow Chaser hat style - incorrect positioning
  23. Resolution scaling
  24. VFX for Dragon mounts Missing
  25. Birds of paradise - Wings are not aligned properly
  26. Trove PVP: Powerup related bug
  27. [ABILITY ISSUE] Ice sage FREEZE on titans + VIDEO
  28. Store icon hover effect
  29. Pattern on club list rows
  30. Game's sound isn't working?
  31. Challenges
  32. No Dragon Coin Challange
  33. vc_redist bug
  34. Game Crashing on Loading player
  35. Broken map in pvp
  36. Typo on Shady Shroom Spores Description
  37. Game crashed and lost items
  38. Can not read the words on iMac
  39. Rename Tag Not Working
  40. Magna Tectonia Bud doesn't Grow
  41. Mac Camera Spinning Bug
  42. Issue in market
  43. Sea of Regret in specific areas of Sea of Tranquility
  44. Shadow Hunter Aiming bug
  45. Losing everything glitch?!
  46. [ABILITY ISSUE] Ice sage - ICE CRASH on Dream Monster
  47. My level is glitched
  48. Lunar Lancer "Blessing Of The Moon" being negated at random
  49. Mouse Jumping Arround
  50. max hp stats bug?
  51. Impossible to have a challenge
  52. %MaxHP on Stats Screen
  53. RAF Mastery Differing?
  54. Dracolyte can turn into Dragon as long as they want
  55. Lunar lancer can turn into Lunacy ? too long i dunno
  56. Shadow hunter arrow dont work sometime
  57. Shadow hunter arrow dont work sometime
  58. Is this a Bug?
  59. Lil' PuP Ally
  60. Bug Revenant
  61. Dracolite and Lunar Lancer transformation bug (no, this is not about mount)
  62. Stellar Drops Not Tradable
  63. leaderboards doesn't work
  64. Mantle of Power Gems crashing
  65. Confirmed Market Problem among Mac client users
  66. BUG Shadow Hunter
  67. Mastery going crazy
  68. getting xp at level 20 even though i dont have expansion?
  69. No drops from chests?
  70. Shadow Shards doesn't drop
  71. Game Crash
  72. A bug with the head start and ppl that didnt buy the pack
  73. Did not get contents of maniac pack after purchase
  74. Can't open gem UI
  75. Cannot Forge new Items
  76. Not getting daily chaos chest
  77. Crit Hit
  78. Myco Medic Costume bug
  79. Gunslinger 50% +- Shots not registering
  80. Derpy Hub Torches
  81. Club and Officer Chests labled "COMMUNITY CHEST"
  82. Chloromancer Bug
  83. Hit Registration Worst than ever
  84. Tutorial Objectives
  85. Patron icon bug
  86. My account please..
  87. patron cubit reward error
  88. Matery Issues
  89. friend riding boat on ground.
  90. Bug with Club Chests
  91. Avatar of Flame animation lock
  92. game crashing with gems
  93. Lost Mastery points after MoP update.
  94. Unsure if this is an intended feature or not...
  95. Challenge Issue
  96. Shadow hunter - Can't use anything
  97. Mastery Problems!
  98. A few bugs and annoying things I've noticed.
  99. Pirate Captain Ultimate
  100. Faster Swing Speed
  101. No Longer Spawn to New World
  102. Lampooning Lambshade - VFX not aligned properly.
  103. PvP Trophy Kill dates don't follow Server Time
  104. Inventory Full
  105. Market Place Bug
  106. Mastery Bar GLITCH! Effecting 80-99% of Trove Players!
  107. Tomb raiser gem
  108. 4k screen Gem UI Crash
  109. Patron Pass didn't work!
  110. Death Defying seems broken since hotfix
  111. Impossible to play, illegible characters. [MAC]
  112. not adding mastery points
  113. mad steamrager bug
  114. Tomb Raiser's Class Gem
  115. Cursed Skylands : Necrologic Teleportation
  116. Boomer base attack doing n o damage
  117. PvP bug
  118. Tutorial Quest Bug?
  119. Tomb Raiser's Banshee's Boon
  120. Stellar drop is untradable?
  121. I cant upgrade items ????
  122. unknow crash start
  123. primordial lava drake bug
  124. Joining group chat room bug e.g trade or other /join chat room
  125. Gem's Maximum HP Buff Is Not Functioning Correctly!
  126. I have 741 magic find (with patron) and drops only s1 and rare s2 itens
  127. Radical Rainbow Wings (VFX) Bug
  128. Mastery Points?
  129. Looting items BUG
  130. Tome XP gain still on old XP values
  131. Mastery Rank
  132. Can't use martketplace (New problem, not mac)
  133. Trove crash at launch
  134. DOTM walk alone bug
  135. Ping Problems
  136. Lancer 's Blessing of the Moon isn't working
  137. Draco ultimate mining bug?
  138. Major Lighting Bug (Please Fix Fast)
  139. Ping Issues
  140. Box bug
  141. Shadow Hunter possible bug with Shadow Blitz (unsure if it's intended)
  142. Found two Bugs in Trove
  143. Extra life pack/mastery rank
  144. Mouse glitch
  145. Memory leak problem
  146. all bugs that i found
  147. Skill Cooldown Bug (Exploit) (OP) (Game changer)
  148. Dragon caches
  149. Quest not completed glitch
  150. Magic Find Bug?!?! (Help Me)
  151. Really important bug
  152. Forge and quest bugs
  153. A bug in the trade
  154. Trove Pirate Captain Class Gem bug
  155. Mobs falling through the floor
  156. Shadow Tower and new challenge system is broken!
  157. Candy Barbarian Scoop n' Gloop Exploit !!!!
  158. candy barbarian EIS-CROM CONE not working some times
  159. Marketplace Bug?
  160. Class Bug
  161. Upgrading failing
  162. Error 1013 - Waiting for Patch
  163. Glyph Error
  164. RingCrafting boxes disappearing.
  165. Knight - Charge Bug
  166. Lunar Lancer Flasks
  167. Forge Bug
  168. Joinme, little ghost
  169. Pirate Captain deals less damage with the class gem turrets
  170. Neon Ninja fires shining star multiple times
  171. Top times for Hardmode Daughter of the Moon gives purple, not Ultra.
  172. Terraforming bug
  173. Lunar Lancer minor bug
  174. Mastery Issue
  175. Bugs that I found (Minors)
  176. Knight- Dash bug
  177. Ice Sage Icicle Class Bug
  178. Draco Class Lockup
  179. Patron icon glitch
  180. yorrin has a 1in7 chance of shooting downwards
  181. Clublist Bug!!
  182. TOW RNG Karma was reset?
  183. Free Gemdust Boxes Bug
  184. Store Gem Box Bug
  185. [NN] Bug or change? Class gem shuriken
  186. Error loading character
  187. Boomeranger's Skills Disappearing
  188. Cubits and Store
  189. Putting in payment method for free items.
  190. Tomes bugged
  191. Leaderboard Contest Bug
  192. Lunar Lancer Lunacy bug
  193. Let's collect all VFX mistakes into one topic.
  194. Might be a bug but i'm not sure
  195. Ice Sage Class Gem Colldown Sound
  196. Gunner Passive Bug
  197. Bug When Changing Driver from Driectx to OpenGL
  198. Texture Banner Bug
  199. Bug after Crash
  200. Lag
  201. Invite bug
  202. MOP BUG: Neon Ninja class gem abilty hits not regestering
  203. Death in Sky Realm on Spawn
  204. a bug with the pyrodisc gem ability dmg scaling only off of physical dmg
  205. What is this? Can i fix it?
  206. bug for stellar drop (non-tradable)
  207. Dragons Not Giving 10% Critical Hit
  208. Crashes!!! Everywhere!!!
  209. Not getting what was written in power pack
  210. [BUG] Gem Stat hidden
  211. Sound bug on PTS
  212. Dragonball bug
  213. Spawn point in Cursed Skylands
  214. Īce Sages new Gem Ability
  215. NN MS build w/ gems.
  216. Name bug
  217. Sh skill bugg
  218. Gunslinger class gem not flying?
  219. Candy Barbarian bug
  220. Chloromancer Glitch?
  221. Free Class Coin Didnt unlock class I selected
  222. gem dust boxes
  223. Lunar lancer and chests
  224. bug for stellar (DROP) non-tradable
  225. Portal Bug
  226. Double dush Bug :P
  227. Glitch boat
  228. Candoria's Boss
  229. passive gem are active on chest
  230. Glitched Fae Trickster basic attack
  231. auth server down?
  232. AFK mining bug
  233. Nonexistent People in Sky Realm
  234. Jump number decreased
  235. Chest Duping
  236. Stuck in tutorial
  237. Louder Sound Stack on Gunslinger Ultimate
  238. cursed skull Dungeons in cursed skyland sometimes gets screwed when monsters falls
  239. Multiple Goliaths on Tomb Raiser
  240. Primordial Water Dragon not giving block drops
  241. Bug
  242. Attack bugs
  243. Camera bug
  244. Tank Turtle Projectile Bug
  245. Boat Orientation Bug
  246. Neon Ninja Reboot Skin Animation
  247. My Main Cornerstone Disappeared
  248. Sound bug with added crash bug
  249. FPS on opengl suddenly dropped too low to handle the game, switched to directx
  250. cannot terraform in my club