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  1. Is this a bug, Or did trion just lie to me?
  2. Made alt account got banned
  3. Server connection and crashing
  4. Shop slot price
  5. Sound playing too fast
  6. Trove refer class coin glitch
  7. "Badge(s): Friends Added" tooltip is miscalculating (on the generous side)
  8. General Movement Problems
  9. Multi-thread Beta Feedback and Bugs
  10. Fae Trickster projectile hit detection
  11. Entered a different player's shadow tower
  12. mouse spazzing out
  13. Vfx auras on weapons broken
  14. Sound bug?
  15. Game broken.
  16. Blinding clouds again?!
  17. Dino Tamer Dino MountBugg
  18. Icons missing
  19. Gem icons missing in Player menu.
  20. "Nobody" Zone Restrict stopped showing or dissapeared on my map.
  21. [Bug] world chat and st chat swapping colors?
  22. (Achievements/Collections) New Prehistoric recipes not found in Collections
  23. Total PR Bug
  24. Can't heal when holding the Dino Tamer net!
  25. Game Crashes (Multitheard enable)
  26. Brazilian Portuguese Translation Bugs
  27. crafting things?
  28. Vfx not showing when above building blocks?
  29. Dino biome bugs
  30. Dino Bugs (patch day bugs)
  31. Class Coin Didn't Unlock Class
  32. Chat bugs??
  33. Leaderboards showing wierd things.
  34. Some images not showing up with Multithreading enabled.
  35. Major Game-breaking Bugs
  36. World Chat and Say Chat
  37. Loading Friends
  38. Bug of the new biome wall trophy.
  39. my ally is "stuck" in the Purr-ate captain appearance.
  40. i cant invite anyone.
  41. Jungle Recipe dungeon can drop Cursed Recipe
  42. /say chat now acts like 'normal' chats.
  43. BUG REPORT with losing connection when pressing ctrl+escape
  44. Rubberbanding is back like never before!
  45. Invisible Gems Bug
  46. Dino Tamer Ult Visual Bug
  47. Power rank gems not showing correct value
  48. Stellar aura crown of flames bug
  49. Archeosaurus dropped Therizinosaurus trophy.
  50. Mining bug persisting
  51. Jurassic Biomes: Enemy charge-up attacks hit like trucks!
  52. Huge connection issues today
  53. /zonerestrict changes don't show up until a reload
  54. Unable to gather water with sponges..
  55. Can't play the game anymore...
  56. Trove closes automatically!
  57. Wrong tooltip on Meteorite Fragments
  58. Laser Crash
  59. Weapon just disappeared!
  60. Officer Can't change /zonerestrict
  61. Crappy Commands
  62. Marketplace Icon
  63. Trove Showing Intro Cutscene Every Time I Open It?
  64. Broken alpha world
  65. Mining Bug - since update
  66. Bug or New Currency?
  67. Cancelling /sortinventory still sorts.
  68. Lack of loading progress in bottom left.
  69. VFX Bug for Auras
  70. essentials pack
  71. Dino Tamer power rank doesn´t count for total Power rank
  72. Shadow Tower Bug
  73. Style surprises not unlocking jurassic jungle styles
  74. Screenshots not working
  75. Crashing when mining (Now with subtitles! :D )
  76. Bugged gem on double lvl up using jade clover, no PR gain
  77. Can't Connect to Auth Servers
  78. On Sale or Not On Sale?
  79. Mouse sensitivity issues
  80. Unpickable item spawned, then fell through the floor.
  81. Cornerstone deleted for the 3rd time
  82. New Jurassic Teophies bugged.
  83. "Dark Whispers" passive visual bug (Shadow Hunter)
  84. Since last update all trove sounds are speed up
  85. Game Loading bug
  86. Vial of Unleashed Power "Phantom Consumption"
  87. Neon Ninja Class gem bug
  88. Candoria - gumdrops - no longer give blocks when mining
  89. Mimic Blocks not working
  90. Strange Mouse Bug
  91. Name Right Click
  92. wrong biome recipe
  93. cant go to hub world
  94. Hub teleport bug
  95. Dungeon Glitch
  96. Pvp bug
  97. Saurian Swamp 'grass' counts as dirt
  98. Primal Preserve Terraformer Canopy
  99. Crown Of Flames Bugging out?
  100. Trove bugs etc
  101. How To Fix Mouse Lag Problem And Freeze In Trove!
  102. Scintilla's Flying buff doesn't affect other players
  103. Healing potion (flask) count bug
  104. Obsidian Total Day Logged In Badge Not Granted
  105. Bug: Chloromancer and Flasks
  106. Shard Day "bug"?
  107. bug: /joinme
  108. Offline invites
  109. Chaos Rotation not changing for some people?!?!?!?!
  110. My trove keeps Crashing! plz help!
  111. Chronomancer Cubesly Bug or Misinformation
  112. Hellbug Invasion Drops Nothing!
  113. Dragon Coin & Lesser Dragon Cache Glitch
  114. health regen on the dino tamer class halved?
  115. no blocks for you !
  116. Dino Tamer weapon's aura......bug or only a strange choice?
  117. U1 and below portals not restricted by club
  118. Cornerstones cannot spawn in the Primal Preserve.
  119. Pop Dance Pad wrong name
  120. iwant to re-fund my money back
  121. I got error #1016
  122. Problem with jumping
  123. Game UI not working (after update)
  124. Jerky Look Sensitivity
  125. Some classes still credit-locked
  126. Fishing in club worlds.
  127. my cornerstone doesnt load!
  128. weapons bug trove please reply
  129. Problems with the marketplace buttons in the collections menu
  130. Officers can't /zonerestrict anymore
  131. Can't change zone restrictions
  132. Market search isn't working (Mac)
  133. My Cornerstone is completely gone
  134. Runecrafting Description
  135. [COSTUME] Regal Rebel
  136. Sending Error Report Failures
  137. block dragon does not give pr
  138. Cornerstone Reset
  139. Club Kick Bug
  140. Total Days Logged bug
  141. Pvp bug
  142. Pvp bug
  143. Major lag getting back into club worlds.
  144. phase 4 : error initializing trove
  145. Oh the rubberbanding and jerk backs are real.
  146. Transported to other players shadow tower
  147. Loot icons scrambled or not appearing
  148. Missing all characters
  149. An Issue With The Tutorial at The Beginning of Game....
  150. [pt-br]:Denúncia de bug nas Torre Sombrias! // [en-us]:Bug report on Shadow Towers!
  151. Leaderboards shows wrong PR
  152. Vial of Unleashed Power Glitch?
  153. Drops
  154. Runecrafting Bench Tooltip Mistake
  155. Keys to shadow tower disappearing from inventory.
  156. Scroll wheel + collections = crash
  157. ST leaderboard for norm
  158. Being redirected to the Hub
  159. Issue with badges.
  160. Dracolyte Class Gem - Costume Bug
  161. Lost PR after the Patch 18000 -> 17850 ? ? ? ? ? ?
  162. [BUG] World Invites vs. Xbox controller
  163. Lost contest progress.
  164. Laser Crashes
  165. XP Contest, Boxes Opned Contest, and Pr Bug
  166. Neon Ninja Class Gem AFTER UPDATE
  167. Power Rank Bug? Dragon Buffs ? Gem's Wrong Stats In Gems?
  168. Error handler
  169. Cornerstone Names
  170. Trying to play Trove, game won't fit on screen
  171. Lost PR and Contest Ranks Post patch
  172. Right-mouse invite bug
  173. ST World changing glitch
  174. No patron points with the new cosmetic packs?
  175. can't but 1 pinata
  176. Unable to fish?
  177. Can't use anything in Glyph client
  178. Fae Panda's chin is not the correct color.
  179. PR Bug
  180. store purchase
  181. Stylish or Textured Block, which is it?
  182. Daily loot , chaos chest and cubits
  183. Please tell me why the contest numbers got reset on patch
  184. 2 Tanking Bugs that need fixing
  185. Minor cosmetic bug with chest icons
  186. Fishing Pole Infinite Energy Exploit
  187. [Bug] you can't invite people directly from chat
  188. Invisible mobs, Run and Gun, and Others
  189. Personal Chest glitch [Minor Issue]
  190. Market search from Y No results
  191. It says "You're out of Date! You need to update Trove to play!" on PTS
  192. Projectiles with multithreading
  193. Water Becomes Invisible
  194. I found heaven
  195. Everdark stygian sea
  196. Club Bug
  197. Audio Bug
  198. Eyes of Yorinn don't glow
  199. portals arent visible through glass
  200. Not receiving chaos chests
  201. Collections menu bug
  202. Kick players from club world!
  203. Gems are not updated by primordial dragons (visual glitch)
  204. Bug Error Report; Build Mode
  205. Building crashes
  206. I got dragon badge, but not ally
  207. misleading text in the trading post
  208. Boomeranger's Boomerang Bug and Bomb Suggestion
  209. Spooky ghost block.
  210. Common (rarity) items from loot boxes are smaller than others
  211. my stellar gear
  212. bugs of this week
  213. Azure Shrikes not dropping trophies?
  214. World expelling bug
  215. crashing post-patch
  216. Still unable to buy 1 Autumn Pinata with cubits
  217. In game flickering
  218. Can not kick from club even as Leader
  219. Can't terraform club
  220. Laser = Trove crash.
  221. Loot Collector Bug
  222. Some Auras not displaying properly
  223. Mouse Wheel / Middle CLick Crashing Trove
  224. Everdark portal effect just 2D
  225. Stellar Aura having a spaz on mag riders
  226. Join -> Crash.
  227. Cubits problem
  228. Crashing List
  229. 3250 Credits and Flux! Pack error...
  230. "Try Atlas Reactor for Empowered Gem Boxes!" Bug
  231. Scroll wheel shut down
  232. Collections 'Show in Marketplace' Button Doesn't Work
  233. Crashing.
  234. Strange fishing bug!
  235. Huge Problem!
  236. Badge bug/glitch ?
  237. Glitched/Bugged Map
  238. Real cornerstone slot 4 price?
  239. Days Logged in
  240. High Ping?????
  241. Tomb Raiser Ultimate bug
  242. Gem dust boxes
  243. laying block's while in flight or on a mount
  244. Ultimate skill bugs.
  245. Game Breaking Bug
  246. Can't Login
  247. Crash anytime in st
  248. Mount not showing
  249. Erro #1008 New Patch
  250. Type on mods option