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  1. Pirate Captain gains energy regen when hitting a new level.
  2. gunslinger bug
  3. Battle Broker / Battle Arena merchants SERIOUSLY problem
  4. Go Shopping Quest
  5. Steam dlc
  6. Mouse flying around?
  7. I can't see anything in leaderboard!!!
  8. BUG Tomb Raiser
  9. Bug with new skill of Candy Barbarian
  10. Neon City Castle not giving hourly dragon coin challenge credit.
  11. [Bad Command] The Trove Command That Can Cause Damage To Your Computer
  12. Gunslinger falling down even while constantly hitting enemies
  13. Dracolyte visual bug
  14. Unable to Socket Empowered Gem with the same Power
  15. Flying Bug
  16. Wooden (bronze) trove in shop
  17. Magic find dont trigger...
  18. prowling shadow not working with pirate captain
  19. Pirate Captain - Abilities not receiving enemies defeated credit
  20. Shadow Hunter sound glitch
  21. Power rank exploit
  22. Shift Key
  23. Club Chest and Officer Chest showing wrong UI Label
  24. Game crashes on start-up (please help)
  25. Plsssss Help
  26. Forging difficulties...
  27. 0 Item in Building Inventory
  28. I don't know if bug or what
  29. Text glitch
  30. 2 bugs that needs fixing
  31. PLZ fix this bug on mac
  32. [solved] Trove constantly crashing
  33. [BUGS] flying and chat menu
  34. Duplication Glitch
  35. Market Bug
  36. I can't download an update from glyph!
  37. I have crafted 3 azulian souls but I add just 2
  38. Gunslinger class gem not letting him float
  39. Treasure Isles merchant ships count as islands in map generation?
  40. Hits&Heals won't register.
  41. Haunted Isles dungeon bug (no purple portal)
  42. Dracolyte Bug Disabling Damage and Abilities
  43. gunslinger shots not working
  44. Forever Loading in Contests
  45. Tomes don't gain exp from anything but dungeon completion.
  46. A Bug of Pirate Captain
  47. Please fix /dnd
  48. Did not get Class Gem from Contest
  49. [BUG] /dnd and /hide don't block spam invites?
  50. Incorrect titles on officer chests and club chests
  51. Accidentally invaded a Shadow Tower
  52. Got a bug!
  53. The PTS server is OFFLINE!
  54. Purchase failed
  55. Are now usless???
  56. Bug with mastery
  57. 0 cubits
  58. Missing Chaos Factor and Store issues
  59. Daughter of The Moon Shadow Tower didn't receive rewards. Completed STs out of order
  60. Crash After 30/40 min
  61. free gem box error <Purchase failed: unknown error completing your purchase... >
  62. All credits and cubits gone :o
  63. Want my credits
  64. Don't get daily cubits
  65. class coin bug
  66. neon-ninja class gem doesn't work
  67. Invetonry Expander Bug
  68. Bug Found in Store!
  69. didn't receive my ingame currency
  70. class coin not working
  71. Can't get dragon cache after finishing challenge!!!
  72. Steam purchases close when trying to buy packs from the store
  73. Ice Sage Ultimate & Daughter of the Moon
  74. Random Crashing
  75. Tomb raiser irregular minions spawning
  76. Chat Channels Won't Change
  77. glyph bug?
  78. Memory Leak Of Hell
  79. HELP my items are lost :(
  80. Class coin bug
  81. Bug with saltwater sam shop
  82. Challenge
  83. fae trickster teleport bug
  84. Missing dragon coins
  85. Not Getting Dailey Chaos Chest
  86. boomerang skill not reducing cooldowns
  87. Faulty terrain generation
  88. Neon Dragon Soul bug
  89. Boomeranger / Lunar lancer / Candy barb | PD bonus damage
  90. Tomb Raiser Grave Goliath Bug
  91. Black Screen
  92. Mastery gain bug
  93. Inconsistent loot from dungeon boss chests
  94. Scintilla, Spark of the Sky grants 100 movement speed while flying instead of 105.
  95. Not receiving Chaos Chests ?
  96. Claim system bug
  97. ICE SAGE needs her new Gem ability to be SPAMMABLE!
  98. Trove crashing on startup.
  99. My speed of downloading new update goes from 1 MB to 0/KBS per second!
  100. PvP bug
  101. the Sistem of Gems Sucks much >:,v
  102. I lost flux
  103. Health Loss Bug
  104. Lag Problems
  105. Mount (Dragon Unlocking) Bug
  106. Explosive Epilogue & Pirate Turret
  107. Adventure to Build mode.
  108. Gunslinger bug
  109. Game is closing
  110. Cannot buy Legendary Tome: Dragon with Cubits
  111. Dragon unlock BUG!! (dont give me the last badge)
  112. crafting bug bone dragoun soul
  113. Starlight Dragon Soul Bug
  114. Dragon Bug
  115. Help! Cannot Update!
  116. Cornerstone Gone
  117. Greater Dragon Cache purchase bug
  118. A bug about crashing and lagging that I hate so much.
  119. Essentials Pack Bug
  120. I don't get dragon coins
  121. ST Portals Disappearing upon Entry
  122. 'complete a challenge' stuck
  123. block spread glitch
  124. ST Bug:Going Through Shadow Tower Portals
  125. not getting souls from ST
  126. PVP MAP: Giant Hole. No this isn't the "falling through the ground" bug
  127. Pyrodisc bug on Dracolyte
  128. Dracolyte can't act, stuck when ult is ending
  129. Starlight Dragon souls not going through?
  130. Character stops doing damage and can't use potions
  131. Tradable Patron Pass Glitch/Bug
  132. Tradable Patron Pass Glitch/Bug
  133. Lunar Lancer Ultimate bug?
  134. I did not have any gem with class key gem
  135. buying a $29.99 pack glitch
  136. Mantle of Power packs
  137. Camera/Mouse Bug (auto rotating?)
  138. my club list is bugged!!!!!!!
  139. Chat is not working correctly -
  140. [BUG] Combat Text
  141. Video Settings Slider Names
  142. [BUG] Duplicated bonus from Lunar New year dragon
  143. Weird names when I teleported to a friend
  144. New update = new bugs ;/
  145. Forge glitch
  146. Ringcrafting Bug
  147. Fly + Shift don't work
  148. i cant buy pack 19'99 gem empowered.
  149. Leaderboards are Currently Unavailable?
  150. My Gem Booster Box Karma Bar Is Jammed!
  151. Max Health Gem Lvl Up Bug
  152. The World Was Not Found.
  153. Character Rolled Back over challenge
  154. Glyph Launcher Glitch
  155. Can't Dodge While Flying Bug
  156. leaderboards Bug
  157. Challenge (Dragon) Text disappearing
  158. Movement Bug with X-box 360 controller
  159. Lunar lancer clone bug
  160. [BUG]Strings showing
  161. Max lvl gem bug i guess....
  162. Are the contest rewards still bugged?
  163. PvP Power-Up Cube Bug?
  164. problem with payment methods
  165. Missing magic find
  166. Store steam ( MAC ) BUG
  167. Best Patch Ever *NOT!
  168. Glyph Client Unlimited Update loop
  169. Classes disappearing
  170. Chat Box Glitch
  171. I need help the game glitch!!!!!!!!
  172. 3th july patch gamebreaking bug.
  173. Updates keep failing: Error retrieving data
  174. Missing Cornerstone
  175. dungeon chest bug
  176. lagg trading post
  177. Bug - Neophyte Wings
  178. No shadow shards!
  179. Damage Text doesn't face the character
  180. Wings bug
  181. Game Crashing at Loading Screen
  182. trial class zone bug
  183. [BUG] Item is Gone
  184. Missing PR since last patch
  185. Empowered Gem Crit Damage Issue
  186. [BUG] Karma Radiant Gem Dust Returns
  187. School of Fish normal trophy stacks and resets weight
  188. Selling on Marketplace during PvP Queue causes crash
  189. infinite health regen
  190. Ancient Dragon Badge
  191. Tomb Raiser skills
  192. Forge upgrades
  193. Chest Confusion
  194. Club gone
  195. Dungeon Range Too Small
  196. Random Gear (equipment) swaps with inventory items
  197. Obsidian Total Days Badge Missing From Menu
  198. These two bugs are about to make me quit. PC/GS classes
  199. Terraformer bug glitch
  200. ALL PvP games...
  201. Settings visual bug
  202. Lag screws Neon Ninja
  203. Lunar Lancer passive bug
  204. I'm stuck in EU worlds.
  205. Maybe a bug
  206. Changed DirectX to OpenGL, says I need OpenGL 3.0 to run Trove.
  207. Trading Post Bug - Swapping Gear When Right Clicking to Place In Trade
  208. [CHAT BUG] Entering A PvP Portal While Sending A Message
  209. Tome Experience Bug?
  210. Fun with Side drafts!
  211. Gem box drop rate
  212. Shadow Tower Bug
  213. Shores of the Everbug
  214. disappearing flux
  215. trove store free
  216. Hub tower design mistake.
  217. Several problems
  218. 2 years no fix-dungeon radius
  219. PVP[pvp map chunks do not load leads to death and infinite fight]
  220. BUG: Dodge out of flying fails
  221. Patch Deleted My Cubits
  222. TroveUpdateBug?
  223. You're Out of Date
  224. I can't connect
  225. You're out of date?
  226. [GUNSLINGER] Class Gem Ability needs FX tone down
  227. Download issue
  228. Credits/Cubits purchase buttons are not consistent in Flasks tab of Store
  229. gem upgrade bonus stat bug
  230. Store Problem
  231. Two bugs here
  232. Dying in club world
  233. /DND mode not working
  234. Disturb Mode
  235. Combat Text Displaying Oddly
  236. Trash wrong item ,i need my gear back!
  237. Developer response
  238. Lost Isles dungeons lost?
  239. Unable to complete the purchase
  240. Lost item bug !
  241. Pearl Glitch
  242. Fishing glitch/bug?
  243. Hits not registering.
  244. Stats display problem for gems
  245. Weird mouse bug
  246. [BUG] Shadow Hunters Arrow of the Goddess + Radiant Arrow
  247. [BUG] On level up Pirate Captain gains ER or does he?
  248. Regarding Lunar Dragon passives.
  249. What's with the Damage Display Billboarding? [And I guide to increase your dmg 9x]
  250. /Hide not working properly!