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  1. crystal bow can not have magic find
  2. Bug in gem upgrade function
  3. Crystal Items not returning Pearls when de-conned
  4. So long and thanks for the fish.
  5. 5 star dungeon caches
  6. Star Bar is missing
  7. No daily reset
  8. Knight CG bug?
  9. EU server needs some love!
  10. Bug de Hz
  11. Can't exit collection challenge to Geode topside
  12. A plot bugou
  13. I bought a rename tag and it didn't function
  14. My hp dropped by 28k when I logged on today and I think it's a glitch
  15. Incorrect Text for 5-Star Dungeon Reward Claims (Gold & Silver)
  16. Dead spots in-game
  17. Cornerstone Bug
  18. no drops from shaper star plz help
  19. Continued connection problems.
  20. About Lesser Geodian Topside Cache
  21. Club world /c bug
  22. I can't upgrade my crystal bow
  23. Gem fixture bug
  24. Cant get Trimach the Ancient
  25. cant login my ps4 account in my windows account
  26. Starglint Shooters cannot be traded
  27. Club Portals at the Trove Hub Portal
  28. Starglint Spear
  29. I can't buy a pack.
  30. Berserk Battler allows access to u10 with less than 2,125 Light
  31. Where is Trion/Gamigo SUPPORT ?!?!?! Fix My Club Fixture !!!!!
  32. problem with cosmic gems triggering ability's in cornerstone
  33. TWB (Terrain Warp Bug)
  34. Crashing when in market (Mac)
  35. slow loading screen
  36. Craft bug
  37. Marketplace bug
  38. Ice Sage's Ice Crash animation gone?
  39. Bomber royale spectator mode
  40. cant play trove
  41. Collection Challenge: Awaiting Resurrection...
  42. I don´t got my Thumper core
  43. Lesser Geodian Caches not showing up in inventory
  44. Vanguardian stuck on trial mode after purchase.
  45. Boomeranger's Boomerang makes so many miss catch
  46. Lustrous Gem Box Slant
  47. Stats lowered/reset overnight
  48. Broken Rally of Heroes
  49. Cant hit enemy (too small hitbox) (https://youtu.be/B1z7ZhbkntE)
  50. One-shotting Giant Clam Things (Geode u10)
  51. Missing tome i should have.
  52. Game Crash by changing world...
  53. 5* missing a boss util the timer is done.
  54. 5* Not Receiving Reward
  55. I did not receive my free dragon effigy and other items when the servers were down
  56. Zonerestrict not following borders on map
  57. Stats dropped?
  58. Vanguardian - Eyebeam
  59. Stuck in fishing mode even after respawn in same world
  60. I do not receive items from the store (N) in promotions 333 dragon coin
  61. I do not receive 250 Dragon Coin Boost that I bought in Store.
  62. Bug in mastery rang
  63. Cornerstone remove!
  64. Stability in 2nd slot on stellar
  65. Mac Mojave Trove Crashing Every 30 sec to 5-8 minutes
  66. marketplace bug?
  67. Didn't receive name colour change
  68. Don't get the daily reset for cubits/quest
  69. Broken Drak-O-Lantern Dragon Egg
  70. Rewards not coming
  71. Lesser geodian topside cache bug
  72. lost items when i moved to another world
  73. Start Bar & Daily Bonus DCs didn't appear!
  74. ST Boss health covered by Compass
  75. Loading Glyph update
  76. Uncollectable loot/drops
  77. Mouse Is Glitchy
  78. Somethings wrong
  79. Zonerestrict gone faulty
  80. Bug after maintenance
  81. Unable to enter club "The Camelot" through command /joinworld
  82. Left handed mousebinds are a bit glitchy in the UI.
  83. dragon bug
  84. Can't open club & officer chest in any of 4 private clubworlds.
  85. Missing Metamatter Tome
  86. something isn't right
  87. Bug change name
  88. Berserk helps to get to U10
  89. Bug with Club and Officers vaults
  90. Thallasion mount fireball explosion sound doesn't display
  91. Neon ninja crafting bug
  92. Lesser Dragon Cache Karma Bar Bug
  93. Bug Club
  94. White Hot Wings BUG!
  95. Dormant Lightning egg does not deconstruct
  96. unlimited number of outpost
  97. Craft a class and it stay in trial mode
  98. Candy Barb Leap Bug
  99. Water destroys others' plants within cornerstones
  100. Loot bug?
  101. Atlas dont work
  102. Bug from the update 6 february
  103. Cornerstone Bug
  104. Outside the caves - geode
  105. Messed up textures from mod
  106. Mouse bug
  107. Diggsly's shadow giving wrong daily quest
  108. Not receiving diggsly token after completing challenge
  109. cy and saguine dragon dan terrapin bug
  110. Can't finish a ST
  111. Gold/Silver 5 Star Dungeon Reward
  112. Club Merchant after feb 12th patch
  113. bug, help pls
  114. Are Tier7 subclass bonuses working correctly?
  115. T3 Travelling Merchant Fixture does not give 300 Clubits
  116. GAS Enhancer
  117. Crashing issues Club autopay update
  118. shadow keys dont work
  119. problem with store
  120. A bug deleted my home
  121. I do not see the text!
  122. Club autopay dont work right
  123. Club XP stops before daily limit - Club XP stops 1/2 way to daily cap
  124. Heart-a-phone I did not get my red name
  125. Primary club changed to club namej which I am not even a part of
  126. Geode Caves Bug
  127. Primary club changed to another when i joined a club world
  128. Trove causes paladins to crash
  129. Cannot rearrange some clubs in club list UI
  130. Quest Bug
  131. Shop tabs wont show
  132. Rally of Heros Club Fixture bugged
  133. Crystal Spear Drops but doesn't get looted
  134. Dreamolyte
  135. Crystalline cores bug
  136. auto-promotion in club
  137. Ultimate Bug - Dracolyte
  138. Ice Sage Class Gem Bug
  139. Constant disconnects on world-changing.
  140. [BUG] Crash when filtering collections
  141. My house is gone
  142. "You have 3 egg(s) is ready to be hatched!"
  143. FAILED to purchase credits from game store
  144. [BUG] Revenant
  145. Primary club change by themselves.
  146. 5 Star Dungeon is not giving reward
  147. Missing rejuvenation station?
  148. o preço dos itens em dinheiro da minha loja esta muito elevado
  149. Utilisez une Clé pour gemme d'or
  150. St. Qubeslick 2019 Clover Seeds and Lucky Stars not working in clubs.
  151. Cannot buy in the shop
  152. Terraforming + bonus build = Bug
  153. Bomber Royale
  154. Chaos Forge randomizes second stat
  155. Didn't get bomber royale 2 tome
  156. Why my Screen a white?
  157. Glyph launcer Store error 401 Unauthorized
  158. Bomber Royale shortcut
  159. Dino Tamer ability Dino Mount works only half the time.
  160. Did not get the resources I bought from marketplace
  161. I Cant Change My Email
  162. I Dont Remenber My 2 Secret Pass Help Me!!
  163. Config file isn't created while running the game first time
  164. Did not get all rewards of weekly contests
  165. Quest 'Use a Golden Gem Key' Bug.
  166. Bug "chromacycle item"
  167. Frozen liquids in one of the clubs
  168. credit pouch
  169. Bug with cornestone
  170. Unable to Enter PTS-US for multiple days
  171. Reliquary Duplication
  172. Buggggggg Secret Pass
  173. Think figured out chat club numbers error
  174. Ghost Flux
  175. "Unable to complete your purchase"
  176. My life and my power rank have decreased.
  177. Leaderboards are broken after servers came back online
  178. Did not receive Free Class Coin upon real currency purchase
  179. Stuck under void now not only can i not play i went from 12 flask to 10
  180. Bug the fish Octobus-Drone in ST
  181. Inventory gone? New update? am I missing something?
  182. Weekly Contests' Rewards
  183. Tomb Raisers minions doesn’t trigger some empowered gems
  184. My club have a problem with Mount Menagerie
  185. HP max bug
  186. my patron wont work and i just bought a 3 month
  187. Getting Stellar Gems in U9 Igneous Islands as an "Uncommon" drop
  188. Hello... Shop Problem