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  1. Market Sale
  2. I didn´t get my free dragon effigy or other loot..
  3. Screenshots please!
  4. Personal Pop Parade No Special Music
  5. Potions aren't showing time left
  6. Shadow Titans disappear upon impact
  7. (VFX Issue, not a bug) Unable to see Race challenge ring
  8. Cubits
  9. Geode- Quest help
  10. Cubits glitch?
  11. Can't claim things in the marketplace
  12. Weekly leaderboards
  13. Game crashes then starts spawning me in the void
  14. Not recieving flux from market
  15. Cornerstone under construction
  16. Bomb Royale Water bug (wont disappear)
  17. Crash when accessing Collections
  18. Camera movement bug
  19. Golden Dragon Effigy for the down time compensation
  20. Geode gas glitch
  21. Weekly rewards: color name
  22. Racing Challenge Problem
  23. Racing challenges unplayable with bloom on
  24. [BUG] Game crashes when typing in search field in Collections (Y)
  25. Gem Loot Collected
  26. Freeze the game
  27. Auto-Quit game
  28. The problem with the Megafulx tank
  29. My house is gone
  30. Bomber Royale islands map bug - waterfall remains after everything disappears.
  31. white background
  32. [◙Bug] Waiting for resurection
  33. Loot minimum rarity setting doesn't stop lesser rarity items
  34. Appear Offline and dnd...still getting invites (& not from friends)
  35. Favorites Menu Title is empty for companions
  36. Trove store not working.
  37. Club channel number keeps increasing
  38. Cornerstone is nonexistent
  39. [Bug géode] gage de reliquaire.
  40. 650+ Mastery Wing Sigils Missing From Character Page (maybe)
  41. my house
  42. F12 Screenshot causes Crash - Steam Edition
  43. Bovine Buildmaster Bug?
  44. Geode Bug !!! Help me
  45. Can't buy the "Vanduardian super pack" (PC)
  46. Losing item when I right-click on it
  47. No daily rewards
  48. Glitch
  49. geode glitch main quest
  50. Didn't get my rewards
  51. Didnt get my Hearty Party Pack 1
  52. Problematic Visual Issues
  53. Steam Mods Don't Works!
  54. Full gas at tier 4 in geode cave
  55. Cornerstone missing
  56. Minor Bug: Awaiting Resurrection Textbox Staying on Screen
  57. Pretty sure lustrous gem boxes still bugged
  58. Kek
  59. Potions removed it self after 5 mins?
  60. Patron players missing something.
  61. gunslinger drop in attack speed
  62. Many stuff dissapeared of my personal chest
  63. Bag die
  64. club number is c1645
  65. Mastery bar dissappeared
  66. Dino tamer's bug
  67. Just won a 24 minute long bomb royale
  68. Excessive lighting surrounding some Qubriks
  69. problems after 24-hour prophylaxis
  70. Not Recieving any Chaos Chests
  71. Does anyone else experience crashes when changing maps?
  72. Missing dragon fragment
  73. Shadow self VFX bug
  74. Missing 5K Plasmic
  75. Missing Chaos Chest
  76. Absolute D'hevistation Treasure Isles/Lost Isles
  77. Absolute D'hevistation #8/8 Kill a Dark Fae Queen (3) Quest Window missing
  78. Credit Pouch Scam
  79. Spawn
  80. No Avenging Arbiter costume hat
  81. Getting physically stuck due to a flawed ST design.
  82. Prime uber world
  83. Issue with Lustrous Gem Boxes
  84. Golden Hoard spear not in collections
  85. Always Crashing
  86. [Bug] Class change in deathmatch PvP leaves you unable to attack or use abilities
  87. [Bug] Minigame maps getting extra Jumps from the newest dragons
  88. Geode problem
  89. I can enter in my Vault Club
  90. Thumper Ore Detection Bug for Tiers 3-5 ore
  91. [PC] Bug Mobs - Pirrot Lords Free Adventurine/Club XP Farming
  92. Class and Mastery Level Display Bug
  93. I can't have the money of my sold object
  94. Red name
  95. Character stats bug
  96. PRIMARY CLUB changing
  97. Cannot join a 5th Club
  98. I can not move the view
  99. Problem with Dragon Coin dungeon.
  100. PVP Bug Glitch
  101. [Bug] Detached Wing
  102. [Bug] Lunar Lancer grappling not working sometimes
  103. Ambarine Shapestone Club Quest
  104. Fog In Race Challenge Too Heavy
  105. multiple re-spawns points in my club world
  106. Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 didn't work in Trove?
  107. Rev Button Press Macro
  108. Icesage class gem
  109. Attack range anomalies
  110. Club spawn point override
  111. Slotting things on hotbar for Geode or normal mode removing itself
  112. cornerstone bug
  113. Locked mount
  114. Immortal Grave Goliath
  115. Tutorial Step to Loot Collect Crashes Game
  116. Crafted Blocks Don't Show up in Inv
  117. Can't use allie Hungry Hydrakken Hatchling bought from Luxion
  118. [Audio] Hub return minor memory leak?
  119. Club quest bug or intended defeat ancient Dracoliches ?
  120. cant join 5 club
  121. Missing Class Changer
  122. Club President Status Changed
  123. Trove Marketplace Selling several items for 10% of the total original price
  124. Bug from adventures potion
  125. Pls Help Me
  126. BUG: Glyph Crash and Trove Crash
  127. UI Tooltip Cutoff Bug
  128. Searching crashes client
  129. F1 crash
  130. Trove crashes when i open the reliquary revealer table
  131. Glyph adds showing posts/news from July 31st and August 7th.
  132. I lost an item
  133. Club Rename Tag Bug!
  134. Cronerstone Bug !
  135. Club positioning broken. Secondary club not movable!!
  136. xp bar glitch
  137. mastery tome bug
  138. Revenant Anti-Death Passive Applying in Bomber Royale
  139. Changing Classes in Minigames (Arena PvP, Coins, Racing) Locks out Abilities from Use
  140. Geode Caves Exploding Plants don't Explode Occasionally
  141. Not Recieving Rewards for Shadow Towers
  142. cant jump or use flasks while moving to the right
  143. No Audio
  144. Automatic club system has failed
  145. Bug no mundo que ganha gema do ar e precisa de 900 de poder
  146. Beaucoup Bombs
  147. [HELP] My house completly disappeared
  148. Revenant Glitch almost 1shot everything
  149. Camera Spinning
  150. lost item
  151. I cannot level up.
  152. Can't progress because missing Thumper core
  153. Crashed while clciking on exit in coin collection challange
  154. don't come daily rewards (не приходят ежедневные награды)
  155. Trove crash when i change my mount
  156. revenant bug exploit
  157. My house disappeared
  158. revenant bug exploit
  159. weekly glim contests
  160. Turkeytopia giant turkey statue framework
  161. Cant get pack via Steam
  162. You have received the maximum rewards from this type of adventure for today-Halloween
  163. Select Few Wings Not Working WIth Fae Subclass
  164. Cant get pack via Steam again
  165. my house is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's Unbelievable!!!!!
  166. Market Claiming Bug
  167. My revenant will not attack
  168. Shadow Gem box drop by ?
  169. All UI menus keep scrolling to top
  170. log in if you are stuck at opening loading screen
  171. Issues reguarding generation of equipment from vendor(s)
  172. Not getting Club XP
  173. Compiling / Updating / Features Help
  174. Lodestars on Bronze Eggs
  175. Trove Team Letter
  176. Mastery Points for latest update.
  177. Helpp
  178. Collection challenge generation error
  179. Building bug
  180. Account
  181. Where's the Cinnabar?
  182. Finishing UM DOTM and getting no Titan Souls even if I open the chest.
  183. Teleporting between shadow tower floors
  184. Double Eggs in Tier 5 Lairs
  185. How to navigate Inventory with a controller on PC?
  186. Problem Open Money/coin class inicial
  187. Primary Club Changed on its own?
  188. New Chaos Chest Top Loot "Automatic Frigate" BUGGED
  189. @Fasti Crafting the Automatic Frigate is glitched
  190. A recieving bug.
  191. didn't receive double reward from purchase
  192. bomber royale leveling bug
  193. Bug with gems upgrade
  194. Boomeranger collection skin bug.
  195. Didn't receive dragon rewards
  196. (pc) mount bovine buildmaster
  197. Massive Club Re-roll along with the 'maintenence' >
  198. ID got reset
  199. Revenant Issue
  200. Golden hoard Dragon soul bug
  201. Dragon Luxarion BUG
  202. PTS export not working
  203. Berseker Emblem bug (Gun slinger)
  204. Marketplace bug (pts-us) server
  205. Obscene Cornerstone
  206. Upload tmod error code 8 【上传tmod错误 错误代码8】我来自中国!
  207. gen bug in pts
  208. My Empowered gem boxes from the end of the week i dident get them
  209. End-User -Agreement-Form-Ending-Use Bug
  210. Crash
  211. export sur le pts
  212. @fasti separating pc and console
  213. Out of scale
  214. not claiming flux on marketplace (no mods installed)
  215. Trove Servers very unstable @Fasti it's urgent...
  216. My fully pearled stellar gear turned into a resplendent
  217. Club XP Freeze
  218. Botanical Blaster Pack (Bug Mount)
  219. bug (luxion)
  220. Small but Annoying bug: Opulent Dragon Egg Fragments
  221. Purchased item from Luxion but did not receive
  222. Weekly rewards
  223. Hang the translator! - Flaws on Trove's German homepage
  224. Cornerstone Disappeared
  225. Trove Lost my Patron
  226. Bugs in Crystal Combat
  227. No rewards for Challenge
  228. Item disappear
  229. No translation
  230. Bug with Golden Gem Key Mission - 12-18-18
  231. Use a Golden Gem key Mistake
  232. Crystal weapon mf
  233. Not receiving reward from 5 star
  234. Water Stellar Gem (use golden gem key)
  235. Opulance Fixture and Elemental worlds
  236. Lost Club world (appearently)
  237. Crystal Bow missing magic find stat!
  238. Van Guard Bug Can't upgrade crystal fist
  239. Water Stellar Gem (use golden gem key)
  240. Controller issues in Game
  241. 5 Star Rewards Are Bugged
  242. log in issue
  243. Lava texture on Dragon Crucible bugged
  244. Unable to loot collect Aura: Cosmic Cranium
  245. We have hit a new low
  246. Got a weird HTML error in the tutorial.
  247. rev spikes
  248. @fasti Please address this statement
  249. Gem cracking
  250. Water Stellar Gem (use golden gem key)