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  1. Cannot complete quest dungeon!
  2. lighting bug on portals's base
  3. Horribly cheap servers for months on end.
  4. No damage again?
  5. Game crashes after collecting flux from sold items in the marketplace
  7. Trion says starry shmeep redeemed but i have no shmeep
  8. Free gem boxes stopped to appear...
  9. Dragon fireballs shooting down instead of forward
  10. [BUG] Mastery?!
  11. Aquilia the furred bug
  12. visual glitches with turtle tank
  13. [BUG]I don't have my reward of Sunday with the mantle of power
  14. With Pr:3360 in U9 farming xp
  15. With Pr:3360 in U9 farming xp
  16. Wing Bug !
  17. Wrong price
  18. Login Gifts! Sunday – Starry Shmeep mount
  19. Gunslinger's class gem kills passive
  20. Sheemp Mounts Bug
  21. I dont have the sheemp mount
  22. Health bar is bugged in PvP
  23. Worlds refuse to load after using a portal/hub teleport
  24. crit dmg not displaying correctly on gems
  25. Class Bugs and Annoyances
  26. [Bug] Chest localization
  27. Autumn pistol styles facing the wrong direction.
  28. Porbably Contest Bugs
  29. Bug
  30. Still Waiting
  31. Contest bug
  32. COntest Prizes
  33. Mantle Of Power Daily Login Gifts, Ninth Life Not Giving.
  34. Buggy patron icon in character sheet
  35. Boomer + Faster Projectile Gem
  36. SH with class gem can't destroy chest
  37. Contest Prizes Bugged?
  38. HELP I am stuck in the tutorial !!!
  39. Shadow Tower Portal Bug
  40. my quest is bugged
  41. Draco problems
  42. Questions?
  43. Don't receive my Rewards ...
  44. Movement speed on face/hat not applying correctly.
  45. Can i borrow a pen? (typo on chest)
  46. Fae auto atk bug returns.
  47. Club's blocks can't be destroyed
  48. 3 star dungeon sub-bosses bug
  49. Patron Mastery Levels
  50. Boomerang cooldown reduction
  51. My Trove name got mest up
  52. Chests, crafting benches completely gone from club world.
  53. Sound bug in worlds
  54. Keep hearing people takeing damage ....
  55. [BUG] Leaderboard Rewards for Dungeon Clears
  56. Missing R and T slots
  57. Mount Bug
  58. Random Bosses
  59. Tome not giving reward
  60. [Bug] Bosses spawn in wrong dungeons?
  61. Stacks of Flux gone, and gained a stack of glim?
  62. Market price does not register correctly
  63. Market Bug
  64. Last week rewards 10 glittering horseshoe ?????? it should be empowered gem box
  65. I haven't received my reward
  66. Princess prancy prance surestrike misplacement while flying.
  67. My torve is in Slo-mo for some reason
  68. Wonky sounds?
  69. Scintilla Fly Speed
  70. Gunslinger costume bug
  71. 4 bosses in a single dungeon?
  72. Crashing near startup
  73. [Bug] HUD - Health Values Off Center
  74. [BUG] Sometimes my character won't stop attacking
  75. Personal Chest Bug
  76. I can't find Magic Carpetapillar.
  77. There is the boss... and his bonus
  78. Market Search Bug
  79. And another bug after the client hotfix for sound.
  80. Canīt jump while moving
  81. Completed Dungeon not registering for Hourly Challenge
  82. Mastery RAnk over head bug
  83. Market Items Missing
  84. Severe Dracolyte bug, can anyone help me to reproduce this
  85. Collection localization bags
  86. candy barbarian EIS-CROM CONE not working (SOLVED)
  87. Minor Visual Bug
  88. [BUG] Gem on Double Level Up
  89. [BUG] Neon Dragon Stat
  90. The ship bug - crash
  91. [Possible Bug] Double level up not working as intended
  92. marketplace bug
  93. Possible Gunslinger bug - No lucky shots for certain levels?
  94. Find the error xD ^^'
  95. Dragon Coins
  96. Error with boxes opened contest rewards
  97. Fragment of Wonder Bug
  98. Portals went missing after relogging in club world.
  99. Did Not Recieve Reward
  100. Error screen Lead
  101. Hit Detection Bug
  102. Minor Bug with Critical Hit stat on gems
  103. Market Bug Checked - Can't find Items with the same name
  104. Bug contest "boxes opened this week"
  105. Cant find "bomb" in market
  106. Dragon coin, cache challenge
  107. bug with Terraformers? Blocks of sea of regret stay inside my Treasure Isle biomes
  108. Bawk Bomb too low dmg
  109. bug with Terraformers? Blocks of sea of regret stay inside my Treasure Isle biomes
  110. Loot not Dropping after Dungeon Completion
  111. Strange Market Bug
  112. Transit Portal Fall damage bug
  113. Shadow hunter and annoying sound.
  114. Crackling/Ringing noises everytime I play...
  115. Ice Sage "1" ability bug
  116. Shadow hunter and cursed skulls?
  117. Need help for a friend
  118. Bug with Gems
  119. Visual Damage Cap bug?
  120. BUG: Sky Realm PR inconsistancy.
  121. game loading wrong textures
  122. %Hp on gem dosent work
  123. surestrike stats only last 4 seconds
  124. Classes already buyed in past does not appear owned
  125. Everything is still crashing!!!
  126. [BUG] Projectile Redirection
  127. Game stuck at loading screen
  128. I ain't getting the Starlight dragon from the Allies
  129. Gunslinger gem ult stops floating effect
  130. [Minor Bug] - Light Emitting Sign Blocks?
  131. Enemy bugging in and out if terran
  132. MetaForager
  133. All crafting menus are empty
  134. PVP: Falling Through Arena Floor
  135. Lunar Lancer Bug that REALLY needs to be fixed.
  136. Contest Prizes change in Hub
  137. Tome xp bugged?
  138. PvP: Respawning Before Respawn Timer Expires
  139. Claimed weekly prices with full inventory. They are now lost.
  140. Missing Contest Reward
  141. [BUG] Sugar Crash with Class Gem is always active.
  142. Stellar Drop
  143. wrong contest reward
  144. Didn't get Lunar
  145. Contest Rewards Missing
  146. Didn't get my Light Chaos Vaults for the weekly ranked challenge.
  147. (Bug) 2 same clubs in 2 slots
  148. Please Fix the Market Bugg
  149. Suggestion for Trove - Rare Procs
  150. Lunar Lancer still doesn't do damage after transforming
  151. Lunar Lancer - Flask Not Used
  152. never got the contest reword
  153. Stuck Auto-Attacking
  154. Marketplace crash bug
  155. Boss Type monsters outside dungeons.
  156. Search function in marketplace not working
  157. Dragon Coin Tome - Essentials Pack
  158. Jade Clover Journal not working
  159. I won!!! Wait?...
  160. Screenshots often doesnt take objects in the scenes :(
  161. Candy Barbarian Icecreamless!
  162. Still didn't get my 50 dragon coins from the first week of contests
  163. Shadow Tower Normal Mode Displaying Completion Incorrectly
  164. Stinging curse and crits?
  165. Cannot see any items on market
  166. [Possible Bug] 2 - 50 dragon coin rewards
  167. Not a real bug but it's important to change this !
  168. New PTS Contest prizes bug
  169. [Bug] Revenant class gem still taunt
  170. Heuristic Haxstar and Rapt Beserker
  171. [Bug] Medieval highlands - Coliseum dungeon broke - Again!
  172. Damage bug in shadow towers?
  173. Opening Up The Game
  174. [BUG] Scintilla, spark of the key wrong movement
  175. Equipping Empowered Gems
  176. Steam payment error
  177. Loot drops in Elemental worlds is shot?
  178. Death Defying vial bug
  179. Ultra Shadow Towers and Healing Totems
  180. Pirate captain's first mate turrets
  181. Ring wisdom signet boxees ( loot bugs )
  182. Free Gem Boxes
  183. Trion? The drop rate for pearl are sick!!!!!!!!!!!
  184. Market with no results
  185. My patron wont work
  186. What's all this crashing about?
  187. I didn't get my patron*** 20 dollars stolen***
  188. Lunar Lancer Class Gem Bug
  189. Invissible bosses
  190. The infinite updating process of glyph client.
  191. i cant play
  192. Knight's passive not activating
  193. Ice Sage Class Gem Ability Bug
  194. Bug in referal dragon tooltip
  195. Still Missing Essential Edition Cubits
  196. I canīt play
  197. Fishing and No lava damage Bug
  198. mining bug
  199. Officer/Community chest
  200. Problem with trove mous
  201. Marketplace Bug - search on ANY ANY
  202. Super Magical Centaur bug.
  203. Essential Pack bug.
  204. Knights attack is bugged.
  205. Random Projectile Direction Bug
  206. Boomeranger "Boomerang" cooldown recover Bug
  207. /respawn in adventure worlds
  208. Shadow Tower Bug/Exploit
  209. Credits dissappeared
  210. Ring crafting
  211. Not letting me play
  212. Scoop n' Gloop, candy barbarians class gem bug.
  213. [SEVERE BUG] Dracolyte disabling Bug
  214. Lunar Lancer's ultimate not healing.
  215. Major Bug
  216. [Bug:Minor] Floating Red Ring of DOOM!
  217. NN bug
  218. Unable to backspace in chat.
  219. Knight AS bug
  220. [Sound Bug] Gunslinger ultimate (non gemmed)
  221. Lunar Lancer Ult not landing
  222. Ice Sage Bug??
  223. Blue/Purple floating flames bug
  224. Fae Trickstar --- no-damage-bug and DPS-decreasing gem ability
  225. Sound Bug
  226. Controller Camera Axis Bug
  227. Boss Kills me then Tp's with me to Rally blade
  228. [Marketplace] Item lost
  229. Failed to recieve contest items again???
  230. Did not get contest reward.
  231. Sound Bug
  232. [Bug] Ghost players??
  233. Minor dragon bug
  234. Dracolyte bugged again
  235. Candy barbarian candy crush bug
  236. 0 Damage on Moving enemies for ranged classes. A constant problem.
  237. My Mount changed while going into the Novice portal
  238. Cornerstone Won't Spawn In
  239. Gunslinger: Shots don't connect at times
  240. Dungeons spawning across multiple biomes; Filling with unintended terrain
  241. crashing and unable to relaunch game
  242. Stellar Auras
  243. Stinging Curse doesn't work with SH's Radiant Arrow
  244. Green Gatling of Chloromancer
  245. Gem Dust Box error
  246. Hacker?Bug?Special Player?
  247. Bug with the gunsliger passive
  248. Damage over 99999999!
  249. Credits and Cubits in Store
  250. Buying Bug