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  1. Loading Player Crash After Geode Update
  2. Trove Geode- Lost connection to the server
  3. Crashing when upgrading equipped Radiant to Stellar
  4. Lost Shield Sparker in Geode
  5. My howlug egg disappeared
  6. Metamatter
  7. Game Abuse in Bomb Royale
  8. The Uncompletable Geode Expertise Quest
  9. Bomber royale needs updates!
  10. Geode main quest line
  11. Howlug Egg hatched.. Quest wants me to hatch egg (Geode)
  12. Geode update bug
  13. The revenant is broken!!!!
  14. Bomber royale wont despawn water
  15. Companion Stat
  16. Teleporting ontop of Sunken Sun-vault
  17. Trove Geode Reliquary Quest line Bugged
  18. Egg bugs in geode and quary
  19. Cannot upgrade fixtures in our club - bug?
  20. Cogwine misplaced?!
  21. Level and Mastery bars are wonky
  22. Reliquary stock on Revealer (Not letting to open it)
  23. Replenish gas in cave
  24. Sunseeker AI
  25. Geode liquid bug
  26. You can build around the hub Geode portal
  27. Player Crash If I Join The Team Pixel Club World
  28. Double experience potion bug
  29. Empowered gems don't work???? HELP!!
  30. Prospecting Platforms let you leave the map
  31. Exiting the game as you die in Geode traps you in the cave when you come back
  32. Thumper & Jeltolt's -% Cooldown
  33. Excessive mastery notification
  34. Respawn Glitch
  35. a lot of emblem are no longer available in the store
  36. My luxion and geode loot collectors vanished
  37. Bomber Royale Game Won't End
  38. Style saver crashes game
  39. Bug connection to a Trove club
  40. Infinite GAS Exploitable Bug for Trove Geode Update
  41. Didn't Receive Chromacycler from Geode Questline
  42. Can't place level 3 fixtures in club
  43. Temporary loading character error
  44. I'm not receiving the monthly token.
  45. unable to switch allies
  46. New chaos chest top loot Fluttering Chaos MR !!
  47. Adventurine Potion consumable missing from crafting list
  48. Geode Sanctuary NPC walking Into Wall
  49. Vanguardian Plasma Blast skill problem
  50. Game wont update
  51. My Neon Ninja class gem (air elemental) can not be socket, something is happening.
  52. bug na gema
  53. I can't see my abilities !
  54. Trove Crashes when "Loading Player" pops up on the loading screen
  55. Club exp stuck before daily cap is reached
  56. Bomber Royal Jump Bomb not working.
  57. game crashing
  58. Character Sheet - Mastery mouseover display
  59. Geode is dead to me....
  60. My item is gone plz help
  61. Bomber, game never ends
  62. Bomb Royale: minor bug
  63. Vault club not usable
  64. Bomber royale bomb jump bugged
  65. Bug lesser dragon cashe
  66. Bug in bomb royale
  67. Novo bug
  68. Dodge cooldown
  69. Bug in the geode questline "Check out the egg incubator"/"Hatch your howlug"
  70. revenant bug
  71. Relic styles not dropping
  72. I can't purchase a pack in the store in game by using steam .
  73. everdark vault empty
  74. Stuck on "Open your reliquary" mission
  75. Geode (softlock?)
  76. Geode Barrier Generator Quest
  77. Sunfest bomber royale quest bug
  78. Throw Big Bombs in Bomber Royale Bugged
  79. Dodge Bug (Hotfix: Before and After Bug)
  80. Store bug
  81. Disappearance of game things and characters
  82. missing egg and reliquary
  83. bug of maestria
  84. Ember Cragglepod causes wrong range display for Climbing Claw
  85. max amount of clubs reached
  86. Bomber royal ruined PvP????
  87. PVP bugged
  88. Thumper bugs
  89. Bovine Buildmaster doesn't work in Cyberian Tundra
  90. mouse bug
  91. Balefire Wings - Not visible to others
  92. Shadow tower feedback
  93. Extended Egg and Reliquary Incubation time
  94. Loding player error
  95. Kami Dragon Egg Fragment
  96. Everdark - Invaders spawn on colosseum walls
  97. Decommissioned Thumper Chassis not crafting properly
  98. Dashing Into Fireballs Makes Them Seem To Disappear
  99. Crashing while starting up the game
  100. Start up crash fixed!!!!!!!!
  101. Golden Chaos Chest not recieved from Radiant Merchant
  102. Cant Fish in Chocolate with any Fishing Pole
  103. can't join any club world
  104. Cornerstone won't appear
  105. Stuck!
  106. Neon dragon soul glitch
  107. Bomb Royale Wrong Winner
  108. No copmanion eggs
  109. Golden Glaivesinger VFX Bug
  110. Geode Out Of Bounds
  111. Сrash games after closing the inventory window and character window
  112. Continuously facing position adjustments, mostly downwards
  113. I can not insert an improved gem
  114. Class not unlocked after being crafted
  115. Another case of a cornerstone not appearing.
  116. Multiple bugs. 180 bug and gemboxes
  117. One more case of a cornerstone not appearing.
  118. bugged socketing empowered gem
  119. Legendary Tome - Day drop BUG
  120. subclass badge bugged
  121. CornerStones not spawn
  122. Interface Bug
  123. PTS no weapon report
  124. Health Decreases when using teleport portals
  125. Bug or what on Bomber Royale?
  126. bypass level limit on trial class
  127. club exp not capping
  128. 2 Bugs on bomber royale?
  129. PTS Critter Bug
  130. Broken wings
  131. bug in collection challange
  132. Trove likes to tab in and out repeatedly at random times?
  133. My Trove Vanguardian was on trial, yet is at level 5
  134. Dracolyte Ultimate - Visual Bug
  135. Report/ignore issue
  136. Geode World G.A.S "lag damage" and Rocket boot cut off.
  137. Tutorial
  138. Teleporting Glitch
  139. still crashing many times
  140. Crash when using egg incubator
  141. Bug!! Crashes whenever I use the barbershop
  142. Game crashes when I use reliquary revealer
  143. Shadow teleporters during dungeon send me on top of the entire map
  144. Bovine Buildmaster Problems
  145. Cornerstone wont't show building after erecting .
  146. Crashes trying to use Egg Incubator
  147. My cornerstone have been "Deleted"
  148. reappearing coins in ccc
  149. egg incubator in geode
  150. when I click F1 I crash
  151. World: Login and requesting slot bugs are back.
  152. corner stone was reset automatically
  153. chaotic conk buster staff skin bug
  154. My mouse spins around the screen.
  155. Fire Gem won't equip lvl 22+
  156. I received items that i didn't buy
  157. Keep Spawning on top of the shadow tower
  158. I want to change my currency at trove
  159. Game Crashes when playing on full screen
  160. Game randomly losing focus
  161. Geode Spaceship Platform Bug
  162. Problem with the Reliquary Revealer
  163. Vanguardian bugs
  164. Dino Tamer's Damage
  165. Pearl of wisdom market crash
  166. Didn't receive my item from marketplace
  167. Bug in Market "N"
  168. My stats changed!
  169. Mana circle showing as permanently empty
  170. Boomeranger Boomerang Rampage Boss Black Hole
  171. /hide Glitch
  172. Quitting trove if this mouse bug continues.
  173. Crashing every time I open trove
  174. Where's my reward?
  175. Club vault bug
  176. Hatch Your Howlug Geode
  177. Not getting Gabbro's Adventure
  178. White hot wings
  179. getting a prime u9 gem chests while farming u9 gems worlds
  180. White Hot Wings - outdated icon and description in inventory
  181. Club spawn point bugged
  182. game bug
  183. Gem trouble
  184. UI Clicking Bug
  185. No depsoiled divinity ?
  186. [Bug] Experiencing club
  187. [Bug] [Language] Missing importants texts
  188. Black Screen
  189. Rip 15 days patron ( ty trove)
  190. Trove crashed during Racing Challenge but gave me full rewards and timer was stuck
  191. Bomber royale waterfall bug
  192. Bomber Royal - Not put in proper spot
  193. Crash on exit. Mac.
  194. Bronze Egg takes 24 hours to hatch, apparently.
  195. Didn't receive rewards for hourly racing challenge
  196. Geode Jetboots for shadow hunter
  197. [Bug] Dormant Lightning Dragon Egg
  198. XP Potion Bug again
  199. Bomb Royale players throwing bombs and leaving sky box before match starts.
  200. Blocktor Extra Life Costume has a missing shoulder when using ult
  201. Trailblazing Emblem problem
  202. Bovine Buildmaster DOESNT WORK
  203. Bug 8 lvl on trial
  204. Tier 1 Rally of Heroes - invisible indestructible block
  205. Loot Day is Buuged
  206. Log-in Crashing Bug/Legalize Sunlight Bulbs
  207. Trove freezing and softlocking my ps4
  208. account error
  209. There's a new BR flight glitch
  210. Can't claim flux from sold items on the marketplace
  211. Geode Critter dont give Reward
  212. Farming Glitch
  213. Pirate Captain's First Mate turrets keep disappearing
  214. After QoL Update
  215. Stuck in my market
  216. Incorrect item name
  217. Mistake (Probably) in the chaos forge crafting's recipe
  218. Mistake in the forge
  219. Pirate captain's first mate dispawn even when you give them doubloons
  220. Sometimes Mag Rail doesnt work
  221. [Bug] Taking screenshot
  222. Club adventure bug After QoL Update
  223. Unable to claim market sales
  224. Tome character page
  225. Crafting tooltips even more broken with QoL update
  226. New Hair Styles in the Barbershop?
  227. All of my Hat styles are gone and BR powerups broken.
  228. Fish Octo-BUS Drone bug
  229. Bomber Royale Kill Credit
  230. Cant claim sold item in marketplace
  231. Can't use resell button
  232. Auto-open Oversight?
  233. Dead-Alive
  234. MAJOR incident with in-game market (PC)
  235. Shadow Hunter ultimate is not working
  236. Trove Mastery Leaderboard
  237. Wing Glitch
  238. Club xp bug
  239. Energy in geode is bugged?
  240. Can't connect to the server.
  241. error #2025 steam . impossible login
  242. F12 error
  243. Bug with Dungeon Bosses
  244. Trove white screen
  245. Where my box?
  246. TR's Personal Pop Parade music no longer plays
  247. World Gen Bug
  248. I didn,t recived my free dragon effigy.
  249. Market Sale
  250. I didnīt get my free dragon effigy or other loot..