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  1. AS:Login
  2. I think we deserve at least
  3. Fishing Vanguardian Bug
  4. Lag inssues
  5. Bug report: jump reduced
  6. Trove Heroes Club crash
  7. Game keeps failing to load at 'Login'
  8. Not getting moon key fragments sometimes
  9. Bug in menu ofGLYPH
  10. Vanguardian has 4 jumps in collection challenges
  11. Bug: Find Swords in Medieval Highlands not advancing
  12. Spawned out of world on coin challenge...
  13. ST Compensation Rewards for Non-Patron while having patron
  14. Still can't do Shadow Towers
  15. Exp Potion not lasting
  16. Water Error?
  17. Vanguardian PR not adding to total PR
  18. Silver Badge: Rampage Challenge gives no cubits
  19. Trove Knight #1 skill visual bug
  20. Gem stats on CB not adding up correctly
  21. Vanguardian range mode bug !
  22. Trove is not opening
  23. 2nd cornerstone bugged/vanished + Clunky cornerstone switch-freeze/delays
  24. preso em um mundo
  25. Help! Everything is disappearing! What is happening?
  26. !!!Vanguardian Costumes Bug!!!
  27. EU Servers still have Login bug
  28. Whenever I start up trove it auto tabs me out
  29. Critical hits rarely not triggering at 100.1% CH
  30. NPC Snackle - Club quest bug??
  31. Lost Items in my inventory
  32. Hotfix didnt fix my primary club issue
  33. Fishing Bug
  34. Bug with dragon coins
  35. Disaeon Free Effigy Bug
  36. GEM obsidian badge : builder focus and upgrade gem
  37. Jade Fin Storage Problem
  38. Marketplace bug?
  39. Defeat Enemy Adventures Paying Less Adventurine than Intended
  40. Kami Animist + Vanguardian Resistor Helmets
  41. The Vangaurdian class and other items in the vangaurdian pack have not apeared.
  42. Rampage Bosses (Beacons) running away
  43. Vanguardian Melee Attacks Bugged
  44. bug fix update is breaking pc sounds !
  45. Random name change
  46. Vanguardian melee mode no deal damage
  47. Lava fishing in the hub
  48. Chaos chest Lost !!!!
  49. Mega Managerie pack does not start !!!!!!
  50. Hotfix but still I don't got my Helmets for the Vanguardian costumes
  51. /fxenable bug
  52. I lost a class gem and key
  53. Stuck at player Login
  54. Trove crashes after catching a fish in Plasma!
  55. plasma fishing is broken
  56. Decor lightning bugged
  57. People are destroying outposts and the NPCs
  58. Login Problems
  59. Eclipse Pack's Skysharks sounds.
  60. Double Experience Potion Bug
  61. Can not walk when going between two bottomless wall
  62. I can't run Glyph and Trove
  63. Rampage challenge does not give rewards
  64. Princess Prancy Prance gets no VFX from windtunnel wings
  65. 50-Plasmium Outposts are missing
  66. Got 0 Chaos Chest since 7 day ...
  67. Pack arcanium expedition did not come
  68. Amperium Robowraith v2.0 trophies don't drop
  69. Lost stellar ring glitched through wall!!!
  70. Dreadnought Normal map 2 is broken
  71. Personal/Officer/Club Chest Bug
  72. Sunday chaos chests “buff” bugged
  73. Invites didn’t get fixed with the glitch update
  74. Dlc problem
  75. Sentience Shard not Dropping from Beacon in Crowded Clubs
  76. Vanguard missing from weekly contest rotation
  77. Missing Chaos Light Vault
  78. Not receiving loot from boxes.
  79. Login Login Login world
  80. Not obtaining Titan Souls
  81. Cornerstone Randomly Reset
  82. Purple Water
  83. Patron not getting double speed on battle boxes.
  84. constantly CTD while fishing
  85. Medieval highlands npc bug
  86. Text descriptions bug
  87. Lustrous gem boxes
  88. Really.... annoying bug
  89. Lustrous Gem Box drop rate
  90. Water animation / loading bugged.
  91. Adventure Day
  92. Solo leveling a sub level 6 club
  93. My cornerstone is gone
  94. Camera problem
  95. Cursed Skulls Initiation Sund/Animation Flash
  96. Bank Bag Deposit
  97. Patrons not Receiving Increased Battle Box Droprate
  98. Lost my stuff..?
  99. Bug:The collected items arent showing up in The inventory
  100. Collection challenge map failing to load
  101. revenant has a head
  102. Recruits list is blank?
  103. Patron not working?
  104. Audio Outside of Trove is muted?
  105. I cannot equip a gem
  106. Map bug
  107. Ally: Shimmying Shamrock
  108. Joining club through hub moves spawn
  109. MY 2nd CORNERSTONE delete ( read me please ) richess in my home
  110. Chaos chest from someone else opening shadow vault.
  111. Problem PATRON PASS
  112. Update Problem
  113. Class Gem Bug
  114. ice dragon egg fragment bug
  115. crushing because minidump
  116. Store is empty
  117. Cursor / Camera bug
  118. Blocktor arm?
  119. Several Club World Bugs
  120. Sometimes partial VFX are missing
  121. Patron issue
  122. Tooltips to many interactable items are screwed up.
  123. Drastic FPS drops after 10-20 minutes of playing
  124. Spelling Error Bugbite vs Bugbute
  125. Every NPC in Trove is killable!
  126. Potential memory leak bug
  127. TP'ing to Friend in Another World
  128. Racing challenge bug
  129. Crashing directly after enter the game
  130. Buying Items from Luxion in the hub but no receiving them?
  131. Starter class coin bug
  132. AS:Login
  133. An error occured
  134. Broken Invites
  135. Names & clubs above characters disappear | mastery lvl up bugs
  136. I want to change my steam has linked account.
  137. Error the pc restarts
  138. Radiant Styles
  139. Error Message all the times
  140. Weekly Empowered Gem Boxes
  141. Ninth Life Did not level up lv 24 empowered gem
  142. Missing Pr and Stats
  143. glyph en negro
  144. Cubit reward display bug
  145. Bug Do not give Moon Soul
  146. Griffon Animation
  147. Level 21 Neon Ninja not upgrading
  148. finishing the hard shadow tower but didn't received the titan soul
  149. Class coin bug
  150. Clubits 500 instead of 1000
  151. Atualização infinita
  152. my shadow caches have been randomly disappearing when they go in my inventory
  153. Commands /club getportalsoptout /club portalsoptin /club portalsoptout don't working!
  154. Bushin Beatmaster Costume | Visor texture (glass bug)
  155. Dracantes mob quest
  156. Gloaming Guardian Costume bugged?
  157. Radiant gear can't equip aura
  158. club quest givers not always working
  159. Can't jump more than 2 times
  160. Where is my loot?! D:
  161. cornerstore issue
  162. Trove PC - Crash Unknown Reason
  163. PTS Bug
  164. PTS quest " Hatch Your Howlug " is bugged
  165. Players Harassing Other Players
  166. Meu jogo esta em dolar mais eu uso reais
  167. lost cornerstone
  168. PTS glitch with the market
  169. titan souls
  170. Club Heroes no longer play their sleeping animation
  171. Missing/Miscolored voxels on PWN-E & Sharp Shooter (SH Costume)
  172. Not able to fish Frog Prince
  173. Corrupted map in the club
  174. Attachmnet manager bug
  175. This can't be RNG
  176. Rampage challenge finished after 2 bosses
  177. Jelly knight
  178. PvP Trophies Bug!
  179. Half of my club is just...gone?
  180. Error in Loading Profile
  181. Trove Needs a South America Server!
  182. [Bug] Club Lost Isles Adventures
  183. Loading Player
  184. Club Fixtures and Spending CLubits
  185. Box and Cache carma BUGS
  186. Shadow Tower Bug
  187. Possible Bug Needing Help
  188. I dont get in game Botanical Blaster Pack
  189. Shop bug
  190. Cornerstone corrupted bug
  191. Untradeable Chaos chest karma.
  192. Crashing a lot when trying to open officer/club/personal chest
  193. Mouse 180 bug (Help)
  194. Missing Executable (pc steam)
  195. HaP doesn't always make the (whitename) target red
  196. Heart O Phone didn't give red name
  197. use the rename text and name not rename and rename text is disappear
  198. 15 days patron status got expired when there are still 4 days left !!
  199. Dino tamer bug
  200. Shadow Tower Adventure Glitch
  201. Trovian Triple Ace Glitch !!
  202. I have a problem
  203. Wings Of Darkest Night are way less intense?
  204. Vanguardian clips through mounts and mag riders
  205. spawn club AND rename club (2problem)
  206. Coin challenge bug
  207. Tooltip scaling bug?
  208. 0 Lustrous Gem Box
  209. adventure boxes not dropping?
  210. Cinnabar and miner's chest
  211. (Just a tiny bug) not sitting correctly on the Frolicksome Fox Spirit.
  212. Trove crashing at loading player - temporary solution utill fix by devs
  213. 16x16 "chunk" missing from club world
  214. Trovian Triple Ace stuck at 40 movespeed.
  215. Ghost players
  216. Primary club changes on its own
  217. Sunseeker Rowan NPC abuse
  218. Special Event Quest Chain Broken
  219. Rise of the sunseeker last quest
  220. Missing call in uber Cornerstone
  221. NPCs poof when you use pads near the height limit
  222. [Chaos Core Crafter] No class after crafting it
  223. Game wont work
  224. Dream Code Error
  225. Cornerstone Missing 6/16/2018
  226. Weird bug I got with the Golden Chaos Chest (Maybe even with Chaos Chests, too).
  227. Event bonus quests and no rewards due to Outpost type of quest.
  228. Boulevard Brawler
  229. My camera flings around randomly...
  230. Missing plasma rare fish
  231. Not getting lustrous boxes
  232. Loading Player Crash
  233. [BR] Minha casa desapareceu e tomou forma do último terreno
  234. my house has disappeared
  235. cursed skylands infinite void
  236. fae trickster glitterbombs bug
  237. Tomb Riser can spawn few big goliaths
  238. Shadow Tower Double Reward BUG!!!
  239. Lag galore
  240. Deleted Cornerstone
  241. The game cannot load
  242. Not able to use Fae's Blink ability in coin collection challenges
  243. Retroactive Club xp Missing
  244. Trove crashing every time I try to open a reliquary.
  245. Dragon Fragment Loot Collect Rate Decreased Alot
  246. Issues after Maint
  247. Missing Reliquary
  248. The Token Realiquary open in 5 dias not 15s
  249. Crash on Style Saver use
  250. Major quest line bug!!!