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  1. Rally Blade PNJ/Npc NARANDIR
  2. Subclass PR doesn't affect the Subclass badge
  3. Quest bug
  4. Laevantis Hoverboard VFX is out of place.
  5. My primary club changed without doing anything this is second time happening!
  6. Laevantis WV-4 Hoverboard Not in Promo Section
  7. Some problems with russian translate in language selection menu and marketplace.
  8. New CC loot - wrong name (again)
  9. Pvp banner
  10. Backward Mount Glitches
  11. Laucher Glyph doestn't open
  12. Please somebody help me!!!!! (starter class coin bug)
  13. Items lost
  14. BuildModePrevSlot hotkey bugged/broken.
  15. Im not gettting Shadow Shards in Shadow Tower
  16. The minions thrown by the pirate captain do no damage when they collide with enemies.
  17. Mastery Pinata Manuscript in the wrong section
  18. Please fix these bugs which always happens when I play Trove (PC)
  19. Gem Bug
  20. Double Experience Potion duration bug?
  21. message of the day bug
  22. NPC/PNJ NARANDIR ( problem )
  23. Robo raptor color bug
  24. Cornerstone Disappearing
  25. Cannot connect to Trove
  26. My cornerstone stuff is gone.
  27. [Purchase Issue] Purchase failed: Another order request with same product ...
  28. Wrong category of Valentine's Days event styles/stuff
  29. Shadow hunters old event costume
  30. XP potions are bugged
  31. New player login rewards - two granted at once?
  32. Bug in the dungeon to activate the skulls.
  33. Inventory Expander not working
  34. My basic attacks stops doing damage during a fight.
  35. Event daily rewards
  36. Shadow tower is broken (plz patch this)
  37. New player daily login bug!!
  38. Heartseeker Lure goes where?
  39. Cannot remove Rally of Heroes after terraforming
  40. 30+ account days (CLUB)
  41. Insane lag today (help/advice would be appreciated)
  42. My basic attacks stops doing damage during a fight.
  43. New Patch .. more of the same bugs
  44. Primary club keeps getting removed after coin collection challenge
  45. Event login rewards?? Missing?
  46. Backspace Glitch in Chat
  47. BUGGED CORNERSTONE! PS. for the second time omg
  48. Daily Login Rewards doesnt appear
  49. I try to join pts and it says that i need a update...
  50. Pirate Captain First Mate doesn't shoot enemies
  51. My cornerstone disappears
  52. dragon free
  53. Hellbugs in Love: Is this a bug or just me?
  54. Gunslinger Costume (Regal Rebel) Bug
  55. CB skill bug
  56. Bug or a feature?
  57. Club affiliation disappears/self-club disappears too
  58. Bug swapped my stellar sword for a legendary sword
  59. Don't work pts export
  60. Trove shuts down it self, what can i do?
  61. Weird Fishing Glitch.
  62. Timing problem
  63. club creation bug
  64. Club Spawn Point Bug
  65. Revenant Sale! FEB 20 - FEB 26
  66. Cornerstone Disappeared?
  67. Flying cannonbot trophies still don't drop
  68. Canít get any Spinner dragon egg fragments anymore!
  69. LS: Queue Position again.
  70. Bug Craft Class
  71. trove purchase failed: another order request with same product
  72. Trove Error
  73. Primary club got swapped
  74. First name is invalid.
  75. Highlands Fence
  76. Wrong trophy droping at the wrong place
  77. Bug double experince potion
  78. cant get loot out of chests
  79. [Bug] Prefab gamebreaking bug
  80. Camera movement is skippy
  81. Contest Rewards
  82. Bug: Dracantes not boosted
  83. Missing Moon key
  84. No anthentification key send
  85. this is not for me its for my friend
  86. Weird Sounds after 27 feb 2018 maintenance
  87. BUG On Fixtures of Club World
  88. It was not given to flux while making it in the marketplace
  89. Mouse 180 spin
  90. Map Bug/Glitch
  91. No Audio and I've checked what I could....
  92. CLub adventure bug???? ??
  93. [Visual bug] Skeye Stalkers aren't centered and clip through the player model
  94. Bug in my inventory
  95. Bug in my inventory and crafting
  96. I bought 6 credit pouches for 600k flux
  97. Gem badges not rewarding properly
  98. i need help
  99. Bless of Tyssaldria is blank since 3/1/18
  100. Trove DLC not work
  101. gylph never ending update
  102. None Chaos chests
  103. Players being able to join you in shadow towers
  104. My Cornerstone gone!!!
  105. Dont Get Titan Souls
  106. the controls go bad
  107. Didn't get lunar souls
  108. Unable to login
  109. Dear Sun Goddess, I hope these are bugs.
  110. animation glitch
  111. annoying bug and crash when opening welcome screen'error loading texture -2147024809'
  112. Can't remove Hall of Heroes in Club World
  113. Holding "S" before the wings deploy causes a bug
  114. Coin Challenge shift (dodge) bug
  115. twitch prime loot not showing trive loot but showing others
  116. Class Coin Vanished?
  117. Corrupted Club World Bug
  118. Trove crashing upon startup during the "Loading Player" phase
  119. Mag Rail Boosters Disappear
  120. Purchase bug
  121. Knight's charge gets him stuck at certain corners
  122. List of costumes that give incorrect mastery
  123. Shamrockin' Pinata Mount Bug
  124. Horizontal/Verticle Launchpad Jump Glitch
  125. Fishing Pole Glich
  126. Club World - Terraformer Glitch - Fixture Glitch
  127. Mispelling
  128. DOTM Hard no Lunars souls
  129. The missing stellar Ring
  130. Deleting Cornerstones
  131. beugged or usuless ??? NARANDIR (npc) please read me
  132. Bug in the sky worlds
  133. Didn't Receive Lunar Souls
  134. how do I stop getting vista error??
  135. Wings of Dark Pegasus
  136. No lunar souls received after opening the chest in UM DOTM
  137. When changing language, Spanish is listed as "Ingles" instead of "Espanol"
  138. Can't orders club adventure
  139. Trove glitch qubeslick's quest event glitch
  140. A hole in the clubworld
  141. Unable to get Subclass Badge
  142. different mount name
  143. Unable to load in to trove??????
  144. Daily reward bug... pls help me
  145. I use MOL to buy a TROVE BUNDLES and credits but i diden't get anything
  146. EU servers |Stuck in log in
  147. Shamrockin' Pinata Mount Bug
  148. Shadow tower issue
  149. cant do the event.
  150. Dungeon-looted and store-bought LED recipes don't stack
  151. Market Problem
  152. Liquid blocks not falling
  153. My cornerstone disappeared
  154. Can't remove Rally of Heroes from Fixtures
  155. Cornerstone Framework bug
  156. Where Did my Cornerstone go?
  157. Newer clubs can't be /joinworld by name
  158. Completed Hard ST this week and didn't get any titan soul
  159. Can't connect to the auth server
  160. sudden not normal Long loading times from out of no where.
  161. My XP Potion Problem.
  162. Bug: The fixtures just disappeared
  163. Xp Potion not working well
  164. no aparece mi casa
  165. Heavy Translation issue in German language
  166. Upgrading a gem with a ninth life
  167. No portal on ST UM Hyddra to 3rd floor
  168. Free dragon or free effigy
  169. Frameworks auto unlocked
  170. I lost my flux
  171. Visual bug - lava doesn't emit light
  172. Visual Bug (Ores are not correctly shown)
  173. Vanguardian Ground Destroying Passive Was NOT Turned Off In Clubs!
  174. Vanguardian Ranged M2 Plasma Blast not connecting
  175. Beacons donít work for badge
  176. Class Coin Vanguardian
  177. Marketplace bug
  178. Level 30 Neon Ninja only giving +1 jump for subclass after update
  179. Vanguardian power rank Bug
  180. Minha conta resetou
  181. Vanguardian energy regeneration.
  182. Missing PR
  183. New Costumes from Resistor Bench
  184. Visual glitch with Water
  185. trove class swap PR bug
  186. Club Fixture Issues
  187. Rampage challenge screen alert missing
  188. Glowy Gum Drop Glitch
  189. Luminopolis Terraformer isn't really what it seems...
  190. Gem Dust Cost Reduction Not Working
  191. Degrading FPS During Long (30 min+) Play Sessions Post-Heroes
  192. Fixtures not showing up on Club Map
  193. Bug/glitch: Knight class gem spam
  194. Challenge bug
  195. Club Eclipse Guardians was Harassed
  196. I Cant Enter The Game..
  197. Can we get a solution to the Rubberbanding?
  198. XP Potion vanishing bug
  199. Boomer bomerange bug
  200. My primary club auto change
  201. (Bug) FPS Consistent Drop
  202. (Bug) Crash opening chest
  203. Vanguard Total Pr Bug
  204. Resistor Vanguard Costume unlock bug
  205. Vanguardian range glitch
  206. Crash Upon Joining World Still is a Problem
  207. Cant Use Skill 1 and 2
  208. Luminopolis 3* Dungeon Bug - No Boss
  209. Error when starting
  210. Find Swords in the Medieval Highlands
  211. Cornerstone DELETED!!!!
  212. This game must be repaired!
  213. Server issues : EU U9 crazy lag + login timeout + crash
  214. 3 unbreakable blocks in club world
  215. Error at loading character
  216. DLC purchased from Steam is missing
  217. Vanguardian Fishing is Fishy.
  218. Lost Jumps Randomly
  219. Map regenration bug (Infinite symbol).
  220. Loot day chaos chest
  221. Heart a Phone didn't work
  222. Mouse problem
  223. Patron Shadow Tower Souls Bug
  224. Trion does not test things enough.
  225. Primary club selection has been reset.
  226. So many glitches
  227. Rhom-10 bug
  228. EU U9 crazy lag
  229. Primary Attack Bugs Out
  230. A list of bugs as of Monday the 2nd.
  231. Cursed Skull Sounds Off
  232. Can't build.
  233. Missing Kami Animist Stonehelm
  234. VFX crash
  235. Wonky Darknik Dreadnought fire VFX
  236. Daily Bonus Image
  237. Using Vanguards Shooting Attack, You cannot break orecoin.
  238. Launch Pad Bug (Vertical)
  239. Double Experience Potion Bug
  240. Rampage
  241. Item Randomly Disappeared from Inventory
  242. No loot from drop boxes
  243. Lighting bug
  244. How to use the class coin to unlock Vanguardian
  245. Tilt mode activated
  246. Lustrous Box Bug
  247. Where are my lustrous boxes drops?
  248. Gem Day
  249. Getting more lustrous gem boxes than you're supposed to.
  250. trove sound bug