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  1. Unable to join club chats
  2. block textures messed up
  3. I cant have my club fixture back
  4. something broke again !!!!
  5. All items from the Officer and Club chest has disappeared after the server shutdown
  6. Mastery Reward bug
  7. It says my clublist is full.
  8. Cornerstone bug!!!
  9. Lost Conection every 5 minutes
  10. Costume bundle packs
  11. Sound Distortion
  12. Name change not working
  13. failure of clubs
  14. Club reset but not?
  15. Fishing Bug, Pls Help, Its giving me AIDS
  16. DCing every 15 mins
  17. Knight Ultimate broken
  18. Crashes in Forbidden Spires
  19. Terracotta Giants cause crashes
  20. Consecutive Days Glitch
  21. Dino Tamer Ultimate bug
  22. Club ownership and ranking after update
  23. I have not been able to reliably loot collect fish for over 12 hours.
  24. Pay Rent on Clubs that don't have paid Fixtures?
  25. Loot table bugged
  26. Quest bug.
  27. I've got gnarly ally from chaos chest but it's absent from my collection
  28. I reached Mastery Rank 420 and I didnt get my reward.
  29. Reward of mastery '420'
  30. Tough love aura not unlocked in collections
  31. New costume and weaponstyle for LL make me crash
  32. Max Consecutive Days logged in, but no last reward..
  33. Cant spend clubits
  34. Locked in a crashloop
  35. Steam refuses to run glyph
  36. 20-26 Weekly Leaderboard Contest Missing
  37. I Lost my golden title dragon egg.
  38. MotD Can't Be Seen
  39. Mastery 420 missing reward
  40. Not Getting Titan/Lunar Souls from ST Bosses, Not the First Time It's happened
  41. Blocktron can cause crashes
  42. frameworks dont work
  43. Minor Bug - Infinite Glowing Block Recipe (Untradable)
  44. Fishing Not Fishing
  45. Mastery Rewards not there
  46. Every time i scroll down Trove it crashes
  47. Club Quest Crash
  48. (Oversight) Unliking worlds without hearts
  49. PVP Trophy Dates not displaying on hover over
  50. Raptr Berserker's Heal sometimes not working
  51. Fehler Im Kaufsystem
  52. Tethering can't be turned off even when its off in the settings
  53. Incredibly slow to open boxes while having the game in Portuguese
  54. Few Bugs still stay with after Trove-Adventures-Hotfix-3 !
  55. 420 Rewards still not here even after Hot fix...
  56. Candy Barbarian ult does not heal allies
  57. 420 Mastery Reward still not recieved
  58. Signs are still bugged.
  59. New /club portalsoptout and /club getportalsoptout commands do not work
  60. PvP Powerup Bug
  61. No Dragons Coins after event
  62. Pirate Captain dont damage enemies when its "minions" hit them.
  63. Tether bug
  64. pirate capitan ultimate bug
  65. Bugged Shrine of Resilience?
  66. Daily Club Adventures
  67. Stellar gem achievement not working, PLUS Primary Club keeps changing
  68. "Lost connection to game server" after Invitation to join
  69. Mega Chaos Core DIsscapearance
  70. Club xp “daily uncap”
  71. Coin collection challenge
  72. Major removed from all club bug!
  73. Atlas infinite scroll
  74. Mount Menagerie - Hyper Pinata Ex - Minor Bug
  75. Bears and Birds Bug
  76. Dino Tamer in Costume Cyberian Survivor Ultimate Ability broke.
  77. /renameworld and motd in club world - display issue
  78. CB bug when using LL as subclass
  79. Bronze Badge: Builder's Focus
  80. EXP Potion expiring prematurely
  81. My club is getting xp reset twice a day
  82. Clubit King knocked from tower
  83. Primary club removing itself and locking
  84. Claim Tab issue with dragons
  85. Coin Collecting Challenge Bug/Glitch
  86. Can't search in the marketplace
  87. NPC not being removed from fixture
  88. Bomb crafting bug
  89. Racing challenge rubberbanding
  90. Crescent Chloromancer VFX
  91. Problems with collecting challeng
  92. Important bug after mastery level up
  93. Terraforming Bug
  94. Can't buy Starter Pack without a Credit Card.
  95. Some costumes give too little mastery
  96. The Green Gatling isn't showing on the two new Chloromancer Costumes
  97. Rally of Heroes Invisible Block
  98. Purple Glass and hub
  99. "fun" coin bug
  100. Shadow Trower bug
  101. Does the Travelling Merchant even Require Rent?
  102. Lost connection with a queue to get back in has returned
  103. The queue in the game
  104. I can't login this game
  105. Mastery/Battle Rank Rewards not visible
  106. Shrine of Skill Tier 2 Giving Incorrect Crit Hit Amount
  107. Daily Cubits
  108. servers broken
  109. XP Potion Expiring Early During Shadow Tower Farm
  110. No damage increase for Revenant`s "1" Attack at Hard and Ultra Shadow Tower
  111. Error Handed
  112. Inventory Bug
  113. Purple water in Desert Frontier from Water Tower lair
  114. ST Changing from Ultra DOTM to Normal WP
  115. Disconnects
  116. Hiveoponic Horticulturist and class gem
  117. Obsidian Consecutive days
  118. Knight class ability doesn't work
  119. Throwing Bomb Glitch
  120. How to fix this ?
  121. please go back because of my 11 enchanted scale im bug
  122. Please Fix this Gem Bug
  123. Waiting for x Players UI Menu Remains when Forcibly Switching Worlds
  124. Crashed during hydrakken fight
  125. Club Progress Blocker: Rally of Heroes Requires Club Level 1, but Club is at Level 0
  126. Error code 1016
  127. Steam DLC code not added
  128. Previously owned classes locked after not playing since Alpha
  129. Killed DOTM for first time this week but no souls/divinities given
  130. I created a club and was away for a while and now someone else is the president
  131. help me pls
  132. Command setzonedamageable dont work
  133. Snowfest 2017 Help Please
  134. I didn't get all of my weekly rewards.
  135. Don't get all weekly bonus
  136. Gem bug (Deleted gem and game says you still have it)
  137. disconnected everytime i sell something on the marketplace
  138. Tomb raiser's class gem, Beckon banshees.
  139. I want my poop pet! D:
  140. GS bug
  141. Switching to different window crashes game
  142. Missing cornerstone
  143. trove in maintenance, I can not start the game
  144. I lost 20K cubits to 1 emblem (It should cost 10K cubits)
  145. Trove me roubo
  146. I spend 20k cubits and never got my vial
  147. I just bought these two packages,but no dragon eggs.Why??????
  148. Broke the tutorial?!?!
  149. Bought the double dragon pack and didnt recieve the dragons
  150. i just craft a neon ninja ,but it doesn't unlock
  151. Invisible Dragon Bug (with video)
  152. Bought 12 Credit Pouches, my money is gone and didn't receive them.
  153. Subclasses badges bug ?
  154. There is always this lag/glitch
  155. Plasma "source" blocks aren't as glowy as flowing blocks.
  156. Streamer Dream Box Problem
  157. I Can't Join My Club Chat!!!
  158. Cornestone Bug | Please Read
  159. Crashing Everytime Logging in
  160. Steam Trove Launcher
  161. cannot access to alpha clubs with portal
  162. 2 bugs Effigy of Echoing Strikes
  163. Signs cannot be looted
  164. I can't jump!
  165. Staff disappeared
  166. Minor Description Error for Starlight Dragon Stats
  167. Titan Chest Not Recieved When Inventory Full.
  168. "Weekly World Boss Defeats" also tracking elite enemy kills
  169. Bug Battle BOX
  170. XP for club dont work
  171. Delayed stamina update cancelling charge attack
  172. Crash and Visualization Bug
  173. Sesion.
  174. Club Power Rank Leaderboards broken ?
  175. Fae Class Gem's Extra Hit not Recharging Unless Passive goes Entirely Down
  176. AS and World Login Problems
  177. PvP Course Floor Bug
  178. The Week Ended But Not All Rewards Given
  179. Pvp Rewards
  180. Empowered Gem Box Disapears
  181. Faulty PvP Floor
  182. Chaos Chest bug/problem...
  183. Club leadership taken to another player
  184. Dungeon Run Bug (can't start the boss cursed skulls)
  185. Cornerstone Shrine Advanced Framework unplaceable in Cornerstone
  186. Fast Fishing Bug
  187. Minha Casa foi apagada
  188. 3 Day Patron Pass Bug
  189. fails with the purchase of fae, chaos core crafter
  190. lure bug (please fix)
  191. A really weird bug.
  192. Bug on patron
  193. scam?
  194. Erro na minha casa
  195. Knight's Iron will not working properly
  196. Transparency bug
  197. Do not enter "Sky Portal Islands", world is corrupt.
  198. Constantly losing connection
  199. Add Korean in Crowdin.
  200. Heroes won't leave at Rally of Heroes
  201. ввожу 2 разных промо кода для игры Trove и пишет 
  202. problem
  203. Servers keep crashing
  204. Just because I use razer I cant play the game?
  205. Tether is still in the settings menu
  206. Can't play trove because of crashes
  207. Cornerstone reset bug
  208. Club Gardening bug.
  209. Opened a racing raptor from chaos chest
  210. Melty Ice blocks can't be placed
  211. My primary club was removed after teleporting to the hub
  212. I can not log in to my account because it says that I lost the connection to the auth
  213. Bug de perca de atributos e erro de conexão
  214. Bought Patron- Didn't get it
  215. Starter Class Coin Didn't work?
  216. Gear gone.
  217. Can't join any of the Clubs I'm a member of.
  218. Erreur : Trove has encountered an error
  219. Graphical (?) Bug With Ghost Blocks
  220. Havent recieved the items from hourly challenge
  221. I Purchased "Super Starter Pack" but I didn't get it
  222. I Claimed some Leaderboard Reward Chests but they didn't show up
  223. Incorrectly named item
  224. Glitched out Objective
  225. I can't play, stuck in AS Login or World Loading 0% (EU Server)
  226. Some bosses don't spawn adds
  227. Fishing problems... again...
  228. Moon key disapeared
  229. Quest bug
  230. Obsideon Consecutive Days Logged in Badge
  231. Bug: No experience earned
  232. Clubs go over level 10
  233. Irregular Chaos Chest drop behavoir
  234. Store displaying incorrect wing stats
  235. Wings of the Phoenix wrong flight speed in store
  236. Most classes missing all their items?
  237. Reached mastery level 92 and did not receive my reward.
  238. Terraformation does not end.
  239. Missing rewards from weekly challenges
  240. Plasma fishing.
  241. Broken market place?
  242. Gem augment broken
  243. Didn't get the free class coin in the store for buying a Deal
  244. Tomb Raiser bugs
  245. Rally of Heroes/Terraformer issues
  246. My Screen goes blue when i start up the game.
  247. Didnt get twitchprime rewards
  248. I Dont Understand
  249. My camera keeps spinning when i move my mouse.
  250. Modelling errors