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  1. Bug - Rock Riot Dock can't be used
  2. Erel, the ironbolt - MF Bug
  3. New Mag Rider plays Dance Pad Music
  4. Fireball Turrets Disappearance during PvP
  5. Cant Open Trove (cry)
  6. Daily Loot Chest + Cubit Bar?
  7. Friends List Bug
  8. My Club World
  9. Neon City with Non-Neon Recipe
  10. Hide bug
  11. Battle Arena/Selling Item Bug
  12. The game keeps disconnecting!
  13. Races - Impossible to complete in timely manner / server lag issues
  14. Flux dissappeard
  15. Hub is wrong
  16. Golden Glaivesinger Bug
  17. marketplace bug
  18. Bug With Inventory
  19. Dragon eggs
  20. Chloromancer transparency problem.
  21. Crashes when fishing.
  22. Refund
  23. Mouse randomly flicking upwards (etc)
  24. Coin/time challenges should give you the prize even if the challenge time is up
  25. Market bug
  26. Description in F1
  27. Restless eye tail
  28. Cornerstone magrail changing directions bug
  29. Used the In game store and it took my cubits and never refunded me.
  30. Club World is Glitched
  31. What in the world is this
  32. Tutorial World is a void with no escape
  33. Portal took me to another shadow tower while completing Ultra Weeping Prophet
  34. Skill bug
  35. Only 19 Magic Find from Albairn!
  36. Bug with my trove resolution
  37. Visual Bug
  38. Weeping Prophets are invading the Everdark!
  39. Didn't get rewards from weekly contest
  40. Empowered Gem Box Edition Tome Bugged
  41. No weekly or daily rewards
  42. Fishing Rod Bugs
  43. [ULTRA MEGA URGENT] Glyph Update ERROR
  44. rightclick bug?
  45. I lost four lures...
  46. The game crashes so much that its nearly unplayable
  47. Karma Bar Bug
  48. Mod List Bug
  49. Fidget's Bug Thread
  50. Text Visuals Glitch Out I CANT PLAY AT ALL!
  51. Missing ~1500 PR - Dragons not rendering?
  52. Flask and emblem bug
  53. Unable to attack \ interact as Dino Tamer after using Ult.
  54. Not Receiving My weekly's
  55. Build mode bugs
  56. Officer Chest to Inventory Bug
  57. Please fix the fae trickster hub animation
  58. Collection tooltips at wrong position
  59. Bug when you cant delete what you write
  60. Shadow tower says 0.00 seconds
  61. MEGA Chaos core
  62. Terraformer Bug
  63. Market glitch... Unable to search for items
  64. Bug whit trove of wonder
  65. Golden Gem Key Bug
  66. Light Chaos Vault?
  67. Cannot add people to club
  68. Bitty Bayou Bitter (new top loot) recipe
  69. Item not redeemed
  70. Archeoceratops in the desert
  71. i used 10 dragon souls and didn't get my dragon
  72. Fulguras mastery + Hungry Hydrakken Hatchling
  73. Why is Fulguras getting no love?
  74. Cannot fix Trove zoom bug at launch screen
  75. Fishing is Bugged
  76. New SH costume bug
  77. Bug make event quest chain award more patron than intended
  78. Daily challenge reward
  79. Skysunder Sniper Is missing a leg!
  80. Royal Ranger bug
  81. Hexflame Harrier Two Left feet
  82. Typo on Corgi Dragon
  83. Unwanted karma animation while switching lootboxes
  84. Typing /joinme command crashes the client while loading worlds
  85. Fulguras is missing a foot
  86. Crafting Bench with bug of no craft
  87. Any of you feel like Trove crashes frequently and has this weird sound distortion?
  88. Mastery Leaderboard bug/exploit
  89. GS Class Gem VFX Not matching costume
  90. Quest Trouble: "Claim Starter Token" - I already did earlier!
  91. Jumps lock to 2 !
  92. Empty leaked Wheel of Seasons section
  93. Can't access the Store.
  94. Can't move please help1
  95. Missing Items in Trading Post
  96. I Lost Radiant Shards
  97. Tutorial glitch
  98. 2 computers on same network issue
  99. Candy biome "donut" lair overlap issue
  100. 1 day patron = 23hours?
  101. [PC] Fishing Bug
  102. Cannot claim "xp potion" from "Dino Attack" scenario.
  103. Trove of Wonders karma bar
  104. Floral Fantasy Aura Does Not Unlock for Use
  105. LAva/water doesn't show through glass anymore
  106. Daily Golden Chest
  107. july 13 2017 hotfix bug
  108. The new glyph update
  109. Quest bug
  110. Experience potion bug.
  111. Trove/Glyph not launching correctly.
  112. Purchase keeps failing
  113. My account bugou me in the trove.
  114. Missing chunk in my clubworld... Backup error? Data corruption? :o
  115. A transportation portal has been overwritten by terraforming but is still active.
  116. Gear bug & Glyph Client bug
  117. Some in-game volume is missing
  118. Glyph client auto logins and launches game of last account used.
  119. Lunar Lancer Lunacy Fishing Bug
  120. Tome bars messing up after changing worlds quickly
  121. Floral Fantasy - Bug Problem
  122. Auction house (marketplace) bot?
  123. Can't login (background update process error)
  124. Game freezing between floors on ST
  125. No Weekly Rewards
  126. Mount bug,
  127. Steam = account link #fail
  128. stuck on loading screen
  129. Weekly deal not appearing
  130. I immediately joined a club that does not exist without and can not leave
  131. temporary error loading character trove
  132. When I enter a club, I also enter clubs that do not exist
  133. Jungle Lair in Candy Biome
  134. Forums Broke. but only somtimes
  135. Treasure Isles Terrain Generation Bug
  136. Bug when I created a world club
  137. The Problem with the Camera in the game
  138. Missing Eggs?
  139. Club kick issue (Player remain in the club after being kicked)
  140. I bought a skyle and it was not delivered.
  141. Princess Prancy Prance & All Dragons
  142. Trove Vsredistsetup.exe Bug
  143. Albairn Audio Glitch?
  144. mac freezes and disappearing blocks
  145. What with this sigils?
  146. Lag between shadow tower floors
  147. Gem Double Upgrades are buggy
  148. Bug - Equipped Gem Destroyed
  149. Collected Items Don't Show Up In Inventory
  150. Shores of Everdark Class Gem Bug
  151. Jungle Lair in Medieval Biome
  152. Coin battlebug
  153. Lost some progress after update.
  154. Desert Dungeon Terrain Generation Bug
  155. Skysunder Sniper missing a leg
  156. Missing Clubs
  157. [UI Bug] Lunar Lancer's M2 Icon growing smaller
  158. Golden Thread and Challenge notices on Left Side
  159. Marketplace bug that I found today
  160. World spring dragon egg disappeared?
  161. Double XP potion expired after maybe 15 minutes?
  162. PC Console UI Bug
  163. Error 2025 is unfixable trash
  164. Every monday happens the same thing: Lags.
  165. cant login, stuck @ LS; recieved us acknowledgement
  166. Weekly contest is bugged?
  167. Build Mode Auto-Equips Drops
  168. I'm always amazed when i do marketplace sales and the game doesn't crash
  169. New Wings are Bugged Again
  170. Radiant Dayspring bug
  171. Mounts gone
  172. The Gathering Light ended early?
  173. Are the double weekly contests giving rewards?
  174. My cornerstone literally disappeared whole :o
  175. Release a sun-touched shimmerwing bug
  176. Stuff disappearing after emergency disconnect
  177. Inaccurate descriptions
  178. gliched?
  179. Bug on mission Gathering Light
  180. The flask cooldown and speedruns: completely broken
  181. in-game issue
  182. Didn't get diamond dragonite.
  183. Patron DELETED My Chaos Chests
  184. Bug with login
  185. Crafted Wings Of Wizardry Not Showing In Collection.
  186. I am Missing 4 Crystallized Sun Spark's
  187. Bug with dancing and allies
  188. Clubs missing
  189. Gathering light bug still not resolved
  190. Crafting Bug
  191. dracolite Bug
  192. Farmed my Knight to 5,029 yesterday at 10am, woke up today being told that I was 4k?
  193. Primordial Dragon
  194. Lunar Lancer Costume VFX bug
  195. Skysunder Sniper costume bug
  196. Crafted The Floral Fantasy and i didnt get anything..
  197. My Cornerstone is missing the half of it...
  198. Club and Shadow Tower lag
  199. Can't craft Mysterious Portal
  200. Everdark lava
  201. Store crashed???
  202. Items I listed during the marketplace crash are missing
  203. fractal fighting fork? Spear or Melee?
  204. Trove Portal to Darkness Event Bug Quest 2/8
  205. No option to loot items uderwater
  206. Boss health not going down.
  207. rarely getting gem boxes in U9
  208. Atoll of Madness - Turrets acting untypically
  209. Plasma Sponge Bug
  210. quest bug
  211. Floral Fantasy Crafting Bug!
  212. Crafted The Wings Of Wizardy and It's not popping up bug
  213. Fishing bug
  214. Loading screen crashes in Shadow Tower.
  215. Dino Tamer Ultimate Bug
  216. Coin challenge bug (?)
  217. Black Screen of Death
  218. Logged out every time I press play
  219. Store crash/bug
  220. Hungry Hydrakken Hatchling Has Only One Head
  221. Why does the hydrakken ally have only 1 head?
  222. Everything is Black: Visual Bug
  223. Pvp Crash
  224. Obsidian Total Days Logged In Badge
  225. Sound Bug
  226. Cant invite anyone to club
  227. my gem bug
  228. Coin Challenge bug - does not appear on screen
  229. Mouse cursor coming off game
  230. Lost mastery points when I read a recipe?
  231. Trying to download Trove
  232. HM DOTM Bugged
  233. HM Dreadnik Dreadnought - no completion rewards
  234. Problem with Login
  235. New Dragon Frags Really drops?
  236. Empowered Gems
  237. Book of Bound Brilliance
  238. Failed to connect to auth server.
  240. Shadow tower boss HP and Damage
  241. I suspect Gem Rerolling is bugged
  242. class gem broke
  243. Shadow key fragments really drop? 2/10
  244. Marketplace comparison bug - Waiting on a response from marketplace server forever
  245. Gem Reroll produces wrong damage type
  246. No Subclasses for Me
  247. racing challenge jump pads doesnt always jump
  248. Subclass effects are not working in ST
  249. Subclass and Builder's Focus
  250. ST problems when changing floors. Going to a different ST.