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  1. Help me please
  2. + 250 mastery after patch
  3. 31/01/2017 patch and Steam issue
  4. Promo Mastery
  5. Out of Date..?
  6. Infinite queue for collection/race challenge
  7. Invisble clocks
  8. Trove translation rewards
  9. Out of date error
  10. no sound on trove Pc
  11. BUG: changing Club name
  12. game not loading
  13. controller lock out
  14. Pinata coins aren't deconstructable now?
  15. Emblems not working AT ALL (PS4)
  16. Pinatas not counting
  17. Magna Tectonia Bud is still invisible
  18. I'm not getting certain items
  19. pvp is not giving boxes and no exp
  20. Fishing bug with cascades on console (xbox one)
  21. item wont show in inventory
  22. Translate Rewards.
  23. Right click to sell Items behavior not consistent.
  24. Boomeranger passive broken
  25. Invisable enemies
  26. Real money wasted
  27. Name is bugged after using Rename Tag
  28. Help me to fix this bug
  29. Club Bug
  30. All class skills fizzling
  31. Searching uncollected items in the marketplace via Collections doesn't show results
  32. Minidump error
  33. Net from Dino Tamer does not stun enemies in the arena
  34. Bug that freezes you in place.
  35. Dragon Effigy glitch
  36. Destroying blocks with Bull Dozer and they keep reappearing over and over
  37. Mag Racers slowed down?
  38. Cannot unlock stellar aura
  39. Changed carachter, lost all inventory stuff
  40. Not logging in bug
  41. Not receiving the daily Diamond Dragonites
  42. account beug
  43. constant lag
  44. Inventory Glitched
  45. Glitchy-looking wings while dead
  46. Marketplace Issues / collecting issues
  47. BUG: Not being able to activate trove via Glyph or Steam
  48. I can't play the game
  49. All Allys look like Queb
  50. Ticket #830196 - Bug Mastery related
  51. Crashing when entering ST
  52. Mutithreading/chat related bug.
  53. LL passive ability bug??
  54. the weirdest bug ive seen
  55. Shadow "bug" Hunter
  56. Invintory Bug
  57. the invisible timer on the racing challange seems to be gone?
  58. Bountiful Emblem
  59. PT-BR Beta Translation Bugs
  60. Faerocious Facsimile
  61. Fancy Carpet movement speed
  62. Primo Dragons no longer giving PR boost?
  63. Store glitch
  64. Fae Trickster's Class Gem? Bug?
  65. Lunar Lancer with 3 major bugs since the newest update!
  66. Sound bug in Shores of Everdark
  67. Have to manually select the number of items you are putting into market
  68. Not getting 1-day patron for the tuesday daily login
  69. Socketed Empowered Gem Ability
  70. "Mods Loading is Disabled" What?!
  71. Certain sounds don't play in game after patch
  72. Rosy Ravisher Visual bug
  73. Bug - Quest Text - Formocite Spelling
  74. ST Cooldown bug
  75. System whisper
  76. the chat is broken
  77. The chat is broken
  78. Sound effects missing
  79. I can't open Trove!
  80. Heart-a-Phone Menu Button
  81. [BUG] Clubs dissapearing
  82. Asigned to World
  83. Donīt got the reward of the Valentine Day
  84. Pumpkin Seeds Not Growing into Pumpkins
  85. Didnt get hourly dungeon rewards. ( MUST FIX )
  86. Loading Screen Gets Stuck
  87. Portals and graphic issues
  88. Hole on the map
  89. Bug in market place currency chaos chest
  90. Empowered Gems Disappeared
  91. Fishing bugged
  92. "Get Heart-A-Phone'd" quest bug (HELP ME)
  93. Upgraded a gear and lost PR!
  94. No Weapon glitch
  95. Erro Handler
  96. Event quest misspell
  97. Keep getting disconnected (PC)
  98. Mouse reset? screen flicks to top
  99. This is a odd bug
  100. Gunslinger ping bug
  101. Ctrl-Drag Mouse Focus
  102. Inconsistent inventory persistence.
  103. Abilities go on cooldown with any world change
  104. Lag Chokes
  105. my class gem
  106. Mouse rotation/camera bug is still around
  107. Hard lags
  108. Description bug ---> L
  109. Wing bug
  110. Character moving on its own
  111. GunSlinger Ult
  112. Bug that causes crash when trying to sell item on market after PVP game has started
  113. 100% CPU Usage spikes
  114. Bug ~ Dying and trying to join a club world
  115. Store Glitch 3250 Credits and 2 Empowered Gem boxes
  116. ?????
  117. sound bug: missing sound effects
  118. Class Gem Key
  119. Total days Badge error
  120. Leaving the Metaforge
  121. Why don't I have the valentine's quest on my account?
  122. exploit found from race game challenge
  123. Lag when Crtl + C in market.
  124. Freeeeeezeeeeeeee
  125. Carpets dont have proper stats
  126. When experiencing lag, mouse sensitivity goes berserk
  127. i lose 1mil flux after a trove crash "what to do"
  128. Error 2027!
  129. Personal chest - random button
  130. Forge is bugged?
  131. Trove Keeps giving me a error
  132. Obsidian Total Days Logged In
  133. Cannot use Numpad to enter amounts for item transfer
  134. Rally Blade not even CLOSE TO RANDOM!
  135. major laggs when you do things first time
  136. Already active players got extra life pack fo free
  137. Dreamolyte tail model
  138. Club invite bug!
  139. Saving Multiple Accounts
  140. Can't socket a gem
  141. Bug in Hellbugs in love 1/9 [fix plz]
  142. Trove is unplayable, crashing after startup out of nowhere
  143. My game is always minimizing!
  144. Challenge bug
  145. I did not got a Radiant Cache
  146. Items not collected
  147. Mastery Point problem
  148. Pumpkin not growing in club
  149. Graphical Glitch in Collection challenge
  150. Pvp queue and unable to match find
  151. PVP Powerup bug
  152. Friends list glitch
  153. Uhm... wheres the portal in the 2nd DotM dungeon?
  154. Barbershop is Completely Broken
  155. Weekly Contest Loot Bug
  156. Character's 1 and 2 skills have timer triggered entering portals
  157. New DOTM dungeon bugged?
  158. DOTM ST is bugged, please fix it :)
  159. Racing challenge exploit
  160. Multithreading Freezing issue. STILL.
  161. I have bug.
  162. Pvp item bug - nothin new but rlly annoying
  163. Fishing bug
  164. Auto Crash when item listed in market place is sold.
  165. Dino Tamer Ultimate
  166. Neon Ninja Class Gem bug
  167. You broke the Feisty Flamedancer.
  168. Gem Replacement Bug
  169. Feisty flame Dancer bug
  170. Game Crash after Death
  171. Boomerang + Volatile Velocity = No stun or CDR at short distances.
  172. Some slight Clipping on the Orange Battle Tiger mount
  173. trove bugs... add more to my collection
  174. Crazy 180 Mouse
  175. Mini Boss BUFF are bugged in Shadow Tower???
  176. Neon Ninja Nightshade
  177. Club invites stop working randomly
  178. Marketplace Selling Bug
  179. Welcome message is still hellbugs in love
  180. PTS-US PROBLEM : Can not find a file required to start
  181. PTS-US PROBLEM : Can not find a file required to start
  182. Dracolyte bombs not changing with costume
  183. Saving Multiple Accounts on Steam
  184. Dungeons not counting for hourly events
  185. Crafting collectibles tooltips are not showing whether they are in your collection
  186. Thanks for dino tamer...
  187. Challenge tooltip sometimes moves when switching worlds.
  188. Three star prime world gem boxes
  189. Pumpkin Seed tooltip/description not updated
  190. Runecrafting Bench description
  191. [Visual Bug] Dino Tamer net charge not showing up on his hand
  192. Grass in Dino biom is bugged!
  193. Pirate Captain Cannon going through ground
  194. Lesser dragon caches not rewarded
  195. Update added input lag
  196. No weekly contest for this week?
  197. Textures are bugged
  198. Can't get out of Dino's ULT until time is over.
  199. Shadow Tower poison gas boss aura
  200. Certain Boss Skills Bugged
  201. PC Bugs
  202. PvP Bug (No rewards)
  203. failure to connect to game server
  204. I think my club world crashed and doesn't allow me to load the game
  205. Assigned to the World and Diamond Dragonite
  206. [bug report windows]
  207. Club World Bugs?...
  208. Jurassic jungle glitchyness
  209. Soo my wings keep glitching back and fourth on my back.
  210. What the heck is with this lag!?
  211. 'Welcome' chat message typo
  212. Problem with Dino Tamer Ult.
  213. Fishing Pole Glitch
  214. Join/Invite buttons dissappear from friendslist if you have pending requests
  215. Major exploit going on right now- somebody fix it fasti
  216. Revenant wraith bug
  217. Double XP for Patron not stacking...
  218. Dying in the Jurassic Biome crashes the game
  219. Obsidian badge not working :(
  220. Cornerstone suddenly empty
  221. Max Health Display Bug
  222. Blocks flickering behind glass
  223. Can't stop attacking
  224. Deals dissapeared
  225. MAC i can't connect for the new maj
  226. Missing 100 magic find?
  227. Free class coin for new accounts
  228. Marketplace value positioning
  229. Candy Barbarian Ultimate don't working properly
  230. golden gem keys cannot be right clicked to move to your personal chest
  231. Suddenly Unable To Use Mounts
  232. Cornerstone Bug
  233. :mad: SHOP GREATER DRAGON CACHE :mad:
  234. You reintroduced a new bug to NN Class Gem.
  235. Loot collector appearance bug
  236. Marketplace glitchy
  237. St Qubeslick ally : not enough PR ?
  238. Trove Event bug! HELP PLS
  239. [BUG] Newbie Quest: Go Shopping (most recent patch)
  240. A bug with Boomeranger
  241. NN BUG... again
  242. Enemy hp bar
  243. old gem keys and Twinkling tome are gone
  244. Console Command Bug
  245. Inventory and jump issues
  246. Timeframe when using an ability right when last one ends cancels new one
  247. Cubits and Credits Disappeared from Store
  248. All Credits and Cubits are gone...
  249. Currency Unexpectedly Changes in Marketplace
  250. Suddenly Had a Purchased Class Not be Available