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  1. Madball The Mad
  2. Corrupted Fae Guardian
  3. CupCake of doom
  4. The Pixeled Colossus
  5. Elemental Steam Giant Freezer Burn
  6. Sparky The Salamander
  7. Rocket Base
  8. The Giant Spider Boss: Aranea
  9. Dragon Like Titan
  10. The Great Magus of the Shadow Crystals
  11. The Puppeteer, Master and Jester of the Depths
  12. Q'bisthulhu, almost as bad as the real Q'bthulhu
  13. Shadow King / Q'Bthulhu Parasite
  14. The Shadowlock (concept art)
  15. Shadow Beholder
  16. Velkhar, the Fallen King
  17. Shadow Titan Entry
  18. ~Lich Of Umbrage~ (NOT inspired by the lich class recently released)
  19. Agor - Shadow Titan Idea
  20. [Shadow Titan] The Vortexius!
  21. The Shadow Colossus
  22. Gumball Titan
  23. Ted the Rampaging Gummy Bear
  24. Shadow Titan: Q'bthulu Fiend
  25. New Boss Brainstorm
  26. The Darkness
  27. Meowntus the Cute
  28. Giant Shadow Pinata Titan
  29. Shatterskull the Ankylosaurus-type Titan
  30. The Enigmatic King
  31. Shadow Worm
  32. But wait, there's more!
  33. Vome Calarook, The Rider of Darkness
  34. The Worldbreaker / The Soul of the Worldbreaker
  35. The Hound of hell.
  36. [Shadow Titan Submission] Dibyssus, the Shadow Titan
  37. [Shadow Titan] Yggdrasil, Tree of death
  38. [Shadow Titan] Uniroach, the plague
  39. Suggestions for new boss
  40. Vermis, Shadow Worm (Titan)
  41. Shadow Titan Concept: oaths to the Queen.
  42. I'm not good with names, but here's my bad idea.
  43. Kronos, father of shadow and chaos OR Hyperion, the mislead titan of light
  44. One word:
  45. Baha-moth, co
  46. Titan Boss | Please take a look at this and give opinions :P
  47. Shadow titan boss, by DjoThePanda
  48. Imatu - Shadow Brute of Ndul
  49. Shadow Titan: Q'bthulu's Emissary
  50. Queueb'tulhu the Queuestarian
  51. The Battle-Blast Monarch
  52. How do I install MagicaVoxel?
  53. Qubos, the Shadow Titan
  54. Shadow Titan Suggestion Mecha Dragon
  55. Buum - Bull of Doom
  56. Goliath The Feared
  57. Idea: Clockwork Core
  58. [Shadow Titan] Bottomless Eyehanger
  59. Legion, Eater of Worlds
  60. Titan: Shadow Crawler
  61. Scorpius
  62. Not so shadow-y titan: Titan of Chaos
  63. Shadow Titan: The Marionette
  64. Galaxior, the Neon Golem
  65. My Shadow Titan Ideas
  66. Vulpus Daemonian - The Demonic Shadow Fox
  67. Shadow, the Moving Dungeon
  68. Lets Make Him Happen!
  69. Super Shadow Titan (name pending QvQ)
  70. Shadow Titan: The Emperor Of Shadows
  71. shadian the radian boss
  72. The Great Devourer [edit]
  73. Musica the creator of beats
  74. Meofia, the Cat...errr...pillar!
  75. UF-Shad-O (The Mothership)
  76. Shade of Q'buthulu
  77. Golem/Titan Beast (Biome connected)
  78. Please review and comment!
  79. Champion Boss
  80. Champion Boss Right Here
  81. Updated!
  82. Dejvalen, The Great Shadow
  83. Updated thread!
  84. Puff | Lord of the Gentle Skies
  85. Not the best at concepts, but i can draw :D
  86. Grablox, The Hand Of Shadows (im not good at names :P)
  87. Cyrose the Shadow of Trove
  88. Pindracos - The King of the Dragon Pinatas
  89. Boneweaver, Lord of the Tomb (Tomb Raiser Titan)
  90. The World Cleaver
  91. My idea for a Trove boss
  92. A Dragon Like Titan
  93. DaggerBack Sentinel
  94. The Corrupt radiant commander
  95. Info plz
  96. Full raid boss Shadow Titan
  97. Shadow Titan (The spear spider)
  98. Shadow Titan- Elysian War Machine
  99. An Idea about clubs and PvP
  100. the grim baron
  101. Boss idea
  102. The Reaper of Fields
  103. Mad Titan
  104. Stinkbutt the Friendly
  105. The Shadow Titan- Destroyer of All
  106. VOTES!? Where do we put them?
  107. Camera/Mouse Bug
  108. U Mad Bro?!? v2
  109. Jack-in-the-box
  110. The Lost Ore Beast
  111. i have an idea!
  112. [Shadow Titan] Rift Monarch
  113. PvP Ideas
  114. Huoyan-shridlu X'alujan, the Black King of the Green Sun