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  1. Intro Cutscene
  2. Switch Login issues
  3. Switch NEEDS! Signs!
  4. we need online dater and pedo and spammer banned from trove
  5. Can't login into game
  6. is bard coming console
  7. Failed to auth server on Nintendo Switch
  8. Information covering requirements
  9. Idioma Espaņol para Nintendo Switch
  10. Trove Class concept Neanderthal Class And Jurassic Jungle upgrade
  11. we need mods on tove for switch
  12. Christian Club claiming to be a church
  13. Thanks!
  14. Role play Chat channel is out of control
  15. No Halloween for us?
  16. So. Quick Question.
  17. Luxion needs to bring signs!
  18. Bring more events to Switch Trove
  19. Graphics commande
  20. A few suggestions